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All Else Fails: The Forever Lie

March 28, 2017

All Else Fails - The Forever Lie Front Cover.jpg

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is All Else Fails and four years after their acclaimed EP Fucktropolis  they are back with six brand new tracks on their new EP titled The Forever Lie. Much like their releases in the past, All Else Fails brings forth a brand of metal that is hard to pigeonhole into any single genre of metal as they mix together numerous. That being said, it isn’t my job to label them as any single thing, but to look at the music as a whole, and what The Forever Lie is is one hell of a solid release.

Each song on this release is excellently crafted and put together to provide you with a very heavy and memorable listen. There isn’t a song on this release that you won’t remember once you stop listening and ultimately you feel compelled to press play over and over again. From the very first note you know that you are in for a heavy, dark and melodic listen and through all six songs All Else Fails doesn’t skimp on any of those attributes.

From song to song you are greeted by pummeling riffs, heavy blasting drums, thick bass lines and vocals that transition between menacing and deadly growls to soaring and highly intoxicating cleans. Before you know it All Else Fails has you headbanging and singing along to each of their songs. They get you involved in this record nice and early with their powerful metallic anthems and they keep you listening all throughout without you ever thinking about skipping over a song.

All Else Fails does a great job with sewing harsher more devastating elements with the more melodic softer elements to provide you with a unique, captivating and wholly memorable listen. You are never completely bombarded with shredding metal nor are you completely struck by the softer tones either as All Else Fails does a great job balancing the two. The Forever Lie is a solid and well  rounded release that you can sit and listen to on repeat without tiring of it at all.

After their acclaimed EP Fucktropolis, All  Else Fails follows that up with another killer EP for everyone to sink their teeth into and really enjoy. Overall, this is a great listen that everyone should keep their eyes open for.

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