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Incontinence: Prey For Us

March 28, 2017

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Arising from the depths three years after releasing their debut full length Infecting Paranoid Minds, Incontinence is back this year with Prey For Us. This new record is riddled with eight new destructive and skull grinding death metal tracks for you to break your neck on and bruise your brain to. Prey For Us isn’t just deadly death metal as it does have a powerful theme to it. “The biggest underlying theme of the album is the theme of being under control, losing control and misery in lower-to-middle-class America”, states the band. So not only is Incontinence wanting you to bang your head into oblivion, but they are trying to get an important message across all at the same time.

Not only are they trying to tell the masses of the oppression and control that the government has over the lower and middle class, but they also have a song on this record titled Escape to the Slaughter. The band states that this track here is based loosely on events that have happened in real life where some bison had escaped from a meat farm only to be cornered and slaughtered anyway. So, again, Incontinence is dealing with some topical issues within this record and what better way to do that and try to get a message across than to do it with some seriously devastating death metal?

The messages and lyrics in this record are huge and certainly important, but they aren’t the only thing that is on this release. Prey For Us also sports excellent musicianship with technical twin guitar assaults, bone smashing blasts, rumbling bass lines and monstrous growls that seem to bellow up from beneath the earth. Each instrument and each musician is on point on this record and when it all comes together it comes at you like a train and hits you like one as well. Each note can be felt as soon as it comes out of your speakers/headphones and before you know it, you yourself are bloodied and bruised from the listen.

You aren’t getting hit constantly with nothing but pure unfiltered death metal as Incontinence does throw in some progressive elements as well. Every now and then such as in the song Capitalist Martyr they break the song down, slow it down and provide you with some menacing calm for a few seconds before they break back into a full on death metal assault. Prey For Us is a varied record and it does provide you with tons of content to listen to over and over again.

This is a solid death metal release that is incredibly heavy and bone breaking and all at the same time it touches on certain issues that are happening here in the good old U.S of A. Prey For Us certainly is a record that needs to be played at the highest of volumes and as often as you can as it is one hell of a solid record.

Prey For Us will be released May 15, 2017 through Ultimate Massacre Productions.

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