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Akouphenom: Flesh Sublimation

March 31, 2017

Hailing from Spain is AkoúΦenom and in 2015 they released Flesh Sublimation, a five track EP that is filled with disease ridden and death riddled blackened death metal. This EP is pretty lengthy for an EP as three of the five tracks clock in at over ten minutes which gives AkoúΦenom plenty of time to bombard you with their raw and dissonant brand of blackened death. Each song is pummeling, unforgiving and pumped full of wrathful evil that seems to seep out of your speakers when listening.

All five tracks are raw and dissonant and have a certain biting edge to them. Whether they meant to or not, each of their songs has an atmosphere that is wholly blackened and sinister. So not only are you being bombarded with sickening blackened death but you are also being subjected to twisting and ever blackening atmosphere.

More than just the atmosphere, AkoúΦenom provides you with slashing riffs, tumultuous drumming and dissonant and hellish screams to provide you with a chaotic and wicked listen. Once you press play you get ran up against a wall of blackened death mayhem. Flesh Sublimation does a great job of not only making the hair on your neck stand up from their sinister atmosphere, but they get you to bang your head and twist your neck all at the same time.

While Flesh Sublimation isn’t a release that is revolutionary, it still is a solid release none the less. Each track on this record is unique in its own way and each track is as heavy as you would like your blackened death metal releases to be. Overall, this is a solid release that provides you with plenty of content to listen to, and at the end of the day this will please the ears of blackened death metal fans.

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