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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Satanize: Death Mass Execution

March 19, 2017

LAR-006 Front.jpg

Death Mass Execution is about an appropriate title for a barbaric black metal record as you can get, especially with the sound that Satanize provides. There are three tracks on this release that are pure and utter terror and destruction. Death Mass Execution is mayhem at its finest and with only three tracks, this EP does a great job of snapping your neck back before you even get the chance to press play. This release is barbaric, bestial, chaotic and everything else in between to provide you with a carcass carving and soul tearing listen.

Death Mass Execution leads with Purge Sacred Blood which supplies you with ominous sounds for about a minute before it completely pushes you into the shredder. After that one minute is over your life may as well be too as Satanize rolls out three tracks of utter defleshing black metal. Once you begin listening you get trapped in a razor sharp vortex of blackened metal that does its best to tear you limb from limb and won’t stop until that has been achieved.

Each track on this EP is just as tumultuous and soul burning as the last. And even though that is definitely the case you can’t help yourself but to headbang and bash your brain against your skull quite often while listening. Death Mass Execution rolls out three ripping tracks that seem to have been submerged and marinated in bubbling evil and that certainly can be felt all throughout this release.

Overall, this EP is a solid head caving one that is sure to please the ears of not only Satanize fans, but fans of bestial and barbaric black metal none the less. Each track is solid, headbang worthy, twisted and purely sinister which ultimately provides you with a great blackened listen.

Death Mass Execution will be out May 17, 2017 through Larval Productions.

Check out Purge Sacred Blood.

You can check out everything Larval Productions right on their website and you can find them right on Facebook and Bandcamp.


Distilator: Summoning the Malicious

March 17, 2017


Two years after their debut record Revolutionary Cells, Distillator brings forth their second full length titled Summoning the Malicious. This release is nine tracks long and the record as a whole is concept album about freedom across the globe. Summoning the Malicious a thrash metal enthusiasts paradise. Each song is headbanging, face melting and to top it off Distillator has that old-school thrash feel about them but twist that sound a bit to make it fresh, new and a sound all their own. This is a thrash release through and through and it no doubt will get you twisting your neck before you know it.

Distillator starts you off quick with Blinded By Chauvinism and keeps that pace going throughout the entire record. There is no compromise, fluff or filler in this record as what you get is nine straight chaotic thrashing tunes. Distillator roll out track after track without so much as a pause in between which means you just get zero breaks from the all out thrash assault. As this thrash tirade rolls on you can’t help it but to nod your head and headbang as much as possible and by the end of the listen you just might need a neck brace.

One right after another you are provided with solid song after solid song. There isn’t a song on here that drags the record down or seems misplaced. Each song plays well off of one another and each song is well crafted and executed to provide you with and intense thrash listen and experience. The musicianship is tight and technical and the vocals are high pitched and spot on and the production of this record is right there as well and all together it creates a great, thrashing and neck twisting listen.

Summoning the Malicious has a great overall sound to it as it draws from old-school thrash but twists in some new age thrash as well to have the sound not just be a clone. Each song on this record is unique and different in its own way which gives you variety and diversity within this record. This is pure thrashing madness and a very entertaining record to listen to and sink your teeth into.

If you are a thrash fan or just a heavy metal fan in general, you can’t really go wrong with this release. It is filled with nine ripping songs that you can easily listen to for large amounts of time one end without wanting to stop. Overall, this release is solid and provides you with enough headbanging tunes to give you permanent neck damage.

Summoning the Malicious will be out May 1, 2017 through Empire Records.

Skeletoon: Ticking Clock

March 16, 2017


If you are looking for a pick me up or just some straight up entertaining metal, then I think a dose of Skeletoon will do you some good. Ticking Clock is the name of their recently released record and within this release you are provided with nine total songs that take your mind on a whimsical and highly entertaining listen. This record makes it really hard not to break the air guitar out and sing a long as each song is catchy and very memorable. From the second that you begin listening you just end up having a feeling that what you are about to listen to is something that will just entertain you to no end and make you jam along throughout the entire record.

Ticking Clock is simply metal that is suppose to be fun and be heavy at the same time, and this record is both very much so. Skeletoon mixes the heavy up from time to time as they provide you with scorching tempos as well as a slower more stomping tempo such as in the song Drowning Sleep. Not only that, but Skeletoon slow it way down with songs such as Watch Over Me as well as Falling Into Darkness. Watch Over Me is filled with prominent pianos as well as orchestral music and strong soaring vocals. Falling Into Darkness is an acoustic track with softer yet strong vocals, and yet after both of these songs, Skeletoon kick it into high thrashing gear once again.

Each track on this release is a solid one and each one gets you involved one way or another whether it be by headbanging, soloing with the guitar solos, belting the lyrics out or just simply getting sucked into the slower melodious songs Watch Over Me and Falling Into Darkness. This new release from Skeletoon keeps you listening and gets you to listen many more times than you thought you would. Ticking Clock is an incredibly fun record to listen to and get into. Nothing is over thought on this release as this is just straight forward, head nodding heavy metal.

Ticking Clock ends up working its way toward the ten minute closer titled The Awakening which incorporates everything that Skeletoon as thrown at you since song one. This track features the thrashing elements as well as the more stomping sections, acoustic elements, soaring vocals and more to present you a great closing track to Ticking Clock. Overall, this release is a solid one that provides you with a lot of music, a lot to listen for and most importantly, some great heavy metal.

Fell Ruin: To The Concrete Drifts

March 15, 2017

Hailing from Michigan is Fell Ruin and their debut full length is titled To The Concrete Drifts which sports five blackened doom tracks. The combination of black metal and doom creates a raw and purely punishing and unfiltered sound that you ultimately have a hard time forgetting. Through this five track release you end up getting submerged in bitter darkness and abyssal atmospheres from which you cannot find your way out of. To The Concrete Drifts is a lurching, head stomping and sinister release that you have a hard time putting down once you begin listening, and the more that you listen the more that you get dragged asunder into the every blackening abyss.

To The Concrete Drifts begins with a one and a half minute opener before you get into the meat of the record where Fell Ruin accosts you from all sides with their twisting brand of blackened doom. Fell Ruin does a great job of mixing both genres together to create a wonderfully grim and cohesive listen that catches and keeps your attention right away. This is a hard record to stop listening to and if you do you end up coming back to it quicker than anticipated. The abysmal atmosphere that Fell Ruin provides for you is so inviting and enchanting in its own sickening way and before you know it you have been listening for hours on end.

Not only does Fell Ruin tie black and doom metal together very well, but they also incorporate acoustic elements into their music as well that end up working very well with the style of music that they play. These acoustic elements are a welcome sound in the wall chaos that is normally at play throughout the record. This adds diversity and variation within each song that are already filled with variety and diversity and it adds another element for you to listen and keep an eye out for. Bottom line is that Fell Ruin incorporate many elements to create their overall sound and they all work together seamlessly to create a sickeningly twisted and great listen.

With poisonous and searing black metal riffs, heavy rumbling doom riffs, bone shaking bass lines, solid drumming and hellish vocals combined with great production you get an unmistakable, solid and ultimately heavy sound that you just can’t shake. Each song is solid and holds your attention all throughout and each song gets you headbanging with fervor as well. Overall, To The Concrete Drifts is a solid record that is well worth listening to for hours on end and just leaving on repeat for some time to come. Doom and black metal lovers beware, as this album is set to release March 17, 2017.

Soulrot: Nameless Hideous Manifestations

March 13, 2017

Soulrot cover 1000 x 1000.jpg

Barreling out of Chile with murderous intent is Soulrot and in a short time they will be releasing their debut full length Nameless Hideous Manifestations. After releasing a demo in 2014 and an EP in 2016, this full length has appeared out of the fetid crypts to bless us with ten songs of bulldozing and flesh ripping death metal. Soulrot bleeds old-school death metal it seems as their sound comes straight from the nineties just to punish us twenty years later.

Nameless Hideous Manifestations is a malevolent, malignant and head crushing behemoth of death and it certainly has the kill now ask questions later mentality. Right after the twenty second intro Soulrot gets right into the rotted meat of the record supplying you with droves of gut ripping and entrail spilling death metal. Nameless Hideous Manifestations is a heavy and fetid slab of death and even when you hold the record in your hands you can get a whiff of putrefied death.

This entire record is as brutal as they come and it does its very best to rip you to shreds and stick your head on a pike somewhere. Not only is it brutal though, but Soulrot has a certain sound about them that makes each song sound just so fucking sinister and twisted. Each song is just as gnarled and bloody as the last and before you know it, you yourself are just as gnarled and bloodied. Nameless Hideous Manifestations  is a sickening record that aims right for your throat right out of the gate and doesn’t stop until it has been slashed.

Each aspect of this record from the musicianship, to the demonic vocals to the raw production is entirely on point. With each element sewn together you get a chaotic and deadly listen that gets your head banging with ease until you break your neck. This release is death metal through and through with no fluff or filler-save for the intro-at all. You get ten straight tracks of demonic, blood letting and face melting death metal.

Nameless Hideous Manifestations is a solid record to say the least and for it being their debut full length it couldn’t get any more solid. Each track is great and so is the entire record of course. There is no way that I could imagine a huge death metal fan or a death metal fan in general being disappointed in this record. Keep your eyes wide open for Soulrot and their record Nameless Hideous Manifestations.

This release will be out through Memento Mori April 24, 2017.

Check out the track From My Grave from the upcoming record.

You can find Soulrot and throw them a like on Facebook.

And you can check out Memento Mori right on their very own website and you can find them on Facebook as well.


March 12, 2017


Merdumgiriz and everything that comes out of that camp is no stranger to darkness, oppression, obscurity and nihilism; and with the release of that certainly still remains the case. When this album was brought to my attention it was called their “best album ever”, and I have to agree. still follows the same formula that the other works that Merdumgiriz has come out with but this one seems more tightly knit and cohesive. Each song on this record plays well into one another creating a cohesive and damning listen.

Much like other works that Merdumgiriz has released it still has a chaotic and sinister edge to it and yet the majority of the songs on this record sport a sort of melodious nature all at the same time. Once you press play, you know what you are getting in to, and that is a twisting, dark and purely blackened listen that tends to stick with you well after you are finished listening. Each gnarled note is felt and each lyric and vocal is heard and through ten songs you are presented with a unique and wholly soul shredding listen.

Yayla crosses many different genres never sticking to one for very long. There is everything from doom, to black metal, to death metal and more and they do a good job of mixing everything together to create a cohesive listen. takes you into the abyss of your own mind, into the darkest reaches that your mind has to offer and makes you face that darkness all on your own. Once you begin listening you become shrouded in misery and pure darkness, and even so you enjoy what you are hearing and want to keep listening.

Even as sinister and twisting as this release is you just can’t seem to turn away. There is something about it that is very inviting and before you know it you are multiple listens deep. From full fledged metallic assaults to pure instrumentals and everything in between, provides you with plenty of diversity and variety and you never really know where Yayla is going to take you next. This release keeps you guessing from note one all the way through and keeps you interested and listening all the way through as well.

The longer run times on this release play well for Yayla as it gives them a chance to soak you in all of the poisonous and bleak atmosphere that they provide. They take you on a twisting journey through the darkest reaches of the soul and mind and spit you back out the other end. is unforgiving to say the least, and even so you still feel mightily compelled to press play and listen to what darkness awaits you around the “play” button.

Overall, I have to agree with Merdumgiriz with this being their most solid release to date. It has everything in a trademark Merdumgiriz record and then some which ultimately provides you with a thought provoking, heavy and memorable listen.

Ensnared: Dysangelium

March 11, 2017

Ensnared Dysangelium cover.jpg

With a demo and an EP behind them, Ensnared set out this year with their debut full length titled Dysangelium. This release is an eleven track debut that gifts you with corrosive and ripping death metal. Each song-including the five interludes-is raw, unfiltered, filthy and incredibly heavy. Since coming around in 2005, Ensnared have put in the  work and the time and toiled away at their craft, and now twelve years later they bring forth their burning cauldron of hate. Dysangelium has the sound of death metal bands of old and yet Ensnared twist it to create their own disease ridden sound.

Ensnared start out with Crushing the Meek of Heart and from then on they don’t look back and keep the death metal bulldozer rolling. Dysangelium bursts at the seams with energized death metal that melts faces, tears flesh from limbs and leaves you lifeless in a shallow grave. This release is a sonic representation of death and when you end up listening to this record you can get a tepid whiff of  the stench of death. Dysangelium oozes death metal and through eleven songs they make that very apparent.

This release is a flesh carving and neck snapping good listen and the moment that you hear the first note come through your speakers you know that it’s going to be a hellish ride to the end. Ensnared is uncompromising in their approach to their craft as they bash you over the head over and over again with disgustingly fetid death metal. You can’t help but to feel grimy and disgusting yourself after you listen as Ensnared bury you under countless bodies while you listen.

As mentioned above, this release does have five interludes but they play extremely well with the rest of the record. Each interlude is haunting, damning and sinister and they end up providing you with a sort of mysterious and malicious atmosphere. Generally, I don’t like interludes too much as they seem to break the flow of the album, but the ones that these guys have included in this record end up working very well and cohesively with the rest of the record.

Burning with malevolence, hatred, and pure twisting darkness, Dysangelium provides you with sickening death metal that you can’t get enough of. The old-school sound throws you back some thirty years but with modern twists Ensnared make this chaotic sound their own. Overall, Dysangelium is a great death metal record that will please fans of old and new-school alike.

Check out Apostles of Dismay. You can find and throw a like Ensnared’s way on Facebook and you can also check Invictus Productions on Facebook.

You can find everything Dark Descent Records right on their website and you can find them on Facebook.

Dysangelium will be out through Dark Descent and Invictus Productions May 12, 2017.

Horte: S/T

March 10, 2017

horte - cover_media.jpg

With a doomed out style of play, but not quite doom and not quite anything that you can really put your finger on is Horte. Horte is one of those bands that you have a hard time containing to one single genre as they bend numerous and transcend what is real and what is not. Whether you can pigeonhole them into a single category or not is not the main concern however. The main focus is the music as always and the music that is presented within this self titled release leaves you in a trance. This release is enchanting and snags your attention from the first note and keeps it all throughout.

It is hard to turn away from this record once you begin listening. It is obscure, thought provoking, memorable and unlike anything else that you have heard before. Horte have created a sound that is wholly unique and all their own and if you heard this record from feet away you would be able to identify it as Horte. This self titled release is smooth, melodious and captivating in every sense of the word. Once you begin listening you get pulled into the obscure world of Horte and for nine straight songs you just don’t want to leave your speakers.

This record isn’t just doom, nor is it electronic, death metal or any other subgenre of metal, it  just simply is. The sound that Horte has is all their own without identifying with any single genre or numerous genres for that matter and that is the beauty of it all. This release is just a stream of music for you to get lost in and revel in all of its ambiguous glory. With its substantial run times, this self titled release provides you with a great listening experience that has you delve deep into your mind and just enjoy what is being played for you.

The soundscapes that Horte provide are wondrous and vast and ultimately Horte makes your mind drift and wander through these soundscapes whether you are aware of it or not. This record has an innate ability to capture your mind and take it through soundscapes that have been unseen before. Through and through this record impresses and no matter which song it is that you are on you just cannot find yourself able to skip a single one as each of them are powerful and memorable in their own unique and intriguing way.

Horte is an interesting band, one that you can’t really begin to describe and when you can’t really describe a band or a sound you really venture into interesting territory. This record was unlike anything that I had expected to come out of it and what I got from listening was as wondrous, intriguing and a wholly unique listen, one that I will remember for quite some time.

This self titled release will be out through Svart Records April 7, 2017.

Sigil: Kingdom of The Grave

March 9, 2017

Album cover - Sigil - Kingdom of The Grave.jpg

Hailing from Texas is Sigil and with their new record Kingdom of The Grave they provide you some filthy face ripping death metal. This release contains eight total songs that are as heavy as you can imagine and just as head stomping as you can imagine. From track to track you can expect nothing less than destructive, headbanging and intense tunes for the next thirty plus minutes. When you press play the sound that you get sounds as though it is coming from a musty tomb and you immediately know that you are in for a deadly and poisonous death metal treat.

Each of the eight tracks on this record are incredibly strong and well put together. There isn’t a weak song on this record and there certainly isn’t one that you would want to skip either. Every song is a bulldozer of death that gets you thrashing about like a mad man until  the closing track has ended. Kingdom of The Grave has a great old-school sound to it that certainly does draw from our death metal greats, but it also has its own twists to make the sound its own. The fetid sound that you get when listening is sure to please both old-school death metal fiends and new-school death metal fiends alike.

Kingdom of The Grave is riddled with great musicianship and great vocals that are both monstrous and understandable. All throughout you end up being peppered with slashing riffs, bone shaking bass lines, solid drumming and blood thirsty vocals to ultimately create a deadly and flesh consuming record. Even when you are done listening to this record you can still hear it playing in your head as it has a knack for just getting stuck to you. Kingdom of The Grave is a striking and piercing record and it does a great job of sucking you in and keeping you along for the twisted listen.

With their mixture of death metal and D-beat, Sigil provides you with a heavy and entertaining listen that is reminiscent of the old and yet finds a place in the present. If you are a fan of old-school death metal or if you are a fan of new death metal, then Kingdom of The Grave is an album that should please your tortured ear drums. This release heaps on the heavy and does its best to stomp your head in the dirt, and really what else could you ask for in a death metal record?

In conclusion, Kingdom of The Grave is a great death metal record that provides you with damning and neck twisting tunes. If you are a fan of death metal, you should keep your eyes peeled for this release.

Kingdom of The Graves will be out April 7, 2017 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

You can pre-order the physical copy here or on Bandcamp.

Dead Earth Politics: The Mobius Hammersmith

March 7, 2017

Dead Earth Politics - The Mobius Hammersmith - Front.jpg

With plenty of groove, melody and some down right crushing tunes, Dead Earth Politics forges forth with The Mobius Hammersmith. Mixing traditional heavy metal with some death metal and thrash among other genres, Dead Earth Politics provide you with a great listen once again. Dead Earth Politics show that they can bend genres and mix them to create a cohesive and heavy sound that gets stuck in your head and has you headbanging immediately even before you pres play. The Mobius Hammersmith is five tracks long with two bonus tracks of nothing but great headbanging heavy metal.

The Mobius Hammersmith is one of those records that you can get into immediately. This EP is a great and smooth listen and before you know it you are numerous listens deep, and really this release deserves well more than just one listen. No matter what you do each of these songs gets stuck in your head whether you want them to or not. Each song is incredibly memorable and has you air guitaring and singing along before you know it.

This release is an all around great performance from Dead Earth Politics. The musicianship is spot on and the vocals are powerful and clear and when listening you just want to keep doing so so that it just doesn’t end. Even though there are only five songs on this release you are provided with plenty of content and plenty of variation between songs to keep you listening and to keep you headbanging all throughout.

With this EP, Dead Earth Politics has created one smooth yet heavy fucking listen.From the great musicianship, to the production and vocals you get a well rounded and comprehensive EP that you just cannot put down. Dead Earth Politics provide you with a highly entertaining and intoxicating listen that you’ll never seem to get out of your head. So with that being said, crank this record, headbang until you just can’t anymore and just enjoy the hell out of this EP.

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