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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Featured Interview: Lectern

April 27, 2017

In their eighteen year career, Lectern has been on a tear releasing a handful of EPs and two full lengths with their most recent full length popping up last year titled Precept of Delator. Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Lectern some questions I had for them and they were awesome enough to answer them. Below you will find the interview with Lectern, enjoy!


For those who may not have heard of Lectern before or for those who are just now finding Lectern, can you tell a little bit about the history of the band and how it became to be?

Fabio: Ya! Lectern is a death metal band active since the end of the Nineties, which had a long stop for ten years, after the first demo made in 1999, we recorded another couple of extended plays before the first full length was released.  The band has been left behind for a long time, so, when I decided to take it back, I cannot realize as well, that all the years were passed by! Beginning to have our space in the underground, we grew opening for big acts like Sepultura, Angra and Incantation and playing a bit through Europe. Good reviews and responses made Lectern known more than well, we also have a  respectful number of followers on Internet, and we used channels like YouTube and official video clips maybe more than in the old school way.

Can you tell me about the writing and recording process of this new record and how it was different from past albums?

FabioFor this record we worked at six hands instead of two only. Enrico was the only responsible of all Fratricidal Concelebration songs. For Precept Of Delator Pietro wrote all the stuff, and me and Marco added some arrangements. We used also things like effects in the songs to improve them, as the reversed voices in the intro of the title track.
Important choices were also things like the layout and photographs all made by Francesco Tacconi. We recorded at The Outer  Sound Studios produced by Giuseppe Orlando, with the wise help of Alfonso Corace. Step by step we made it finally.

Marco: The first album, was the result of the rush and our wish to show our abilities with the instruments and let the world  know about our existence. It was fast, nervous and raging. The second has been recorded with much more feelings and patience,
leaving nothing to the case. I personally took care of the effects, voices and sounds you hear in the middle of the songs. We focused on a more atmospherical feel for this one.

What are some themes that run through your new record?

FabioThe title, means to spy as a coercive deed the Christian Lord! There is a new rebellion in Hell, and Satan sent all  his demons to capture the secret of God’s divination to restore the evil order. To be against God, the lack of  reason, being controversial towards all the established things, there is a new order coming from below. I think the
front cover illustration explains that quite clearly, even if it is very difficult to be expressed in words. You can see Lucifer in throne, that is loosing the aspect of God, the angel wing is turning into a demonic one!

Marco: There is a deep study of the sacred books behind the themes of our songs. Everything from our interpretation of the Apocalypse, the demons’ behaviors, but also the attack against the Church and the priests, like the song Palpation Of
Sacramentarian. Track and video are about pedophile priests and their victims.

How has the reception of your new album been so far?

FabioVery exciting, but many reviewers don’t realize at all some archaic words and sentences, taken directly from theological concepts and lexicon of the lyrics. Even Piotr, the boss at Via Nocturna, criticized me asking for short and more simple syntax! It’s funny, days ago I discovered on Facebook, as a famous death metal band, whose name I won’t mention, copycatted some verses of Lectern lyrics! Unbelievable! We are already an influence!

Marco: Pretty good standings to the sells, but a lot of people still find hard to understand our use of archaic words in our lyrics and titles, simply labeling them as stupid, or senseless.

FabioIt’s a sort of hallmark and brand! You will never have stupid song titles or foolish Satanic lyrics from Lectern! Why should we?

Since being around for eighteen years, how have you seen the genre of death metal change, and do you think it has changed in a positive way?

FabioFirst of all let me say, how it has been a fortune being there as Lectern after all this time, and that I had the opportunity of seeing the best things of the heavy metal years, end of the Eighties and all the Nineties! Unfortunately, today it’s very complicated to be part of a tour, even as an opening band. Times of new sensations, incredible outfits, festival and gigs are over: the quality was over the top in many cases from 1983 to 1994! Marco was asking himself in Gabriele’s car, going back from Lectern rehearsals, if we will live again some classics someday again! How much the scene misses a band like Death for example? Will we have another Painkiller from Judas Priest or whoever? The answer is: not! Or better, I don’t know! And more: do we need this again? Living in the past for being in the present? And the future? Now opportunities come and go, and you have to be smart to catch all of those! Also labels, are not so close to the artists like before. Twenty years ago, they worried about promotion, merchandise and gigs. Why? Because the market was more interested to the new ones, and money was not a problem! Now, you’re lucky if they fit you into the first aspect I have just listed! That’s why, people don’t buy records anymore. Now you have your computer and you can surf anywhere, hear everything and buy nothing! The only aspect you cannot change is a concert! You have to be physically part of the audience before the stage, but if you waste your time with your mobile camera, you are gonna miss the essence! It’s not everything a social media, even if we live in a technological world!

What up and coming death metal bands have impressed you so far and why?

FabioObituary and Cannibal Corpse are always the same more or less! Now it’s time for Morbid Angel again! Italian death metal bands are also impressive and under the eyes of the critics, as the more interesting around!

Do you have plans in the future to tour?

Fabio: We will play next week in Finland, at Helsinki Death Fest in a two days of total death metal bands on stage in the Finnish capital, with gods like Interment, Cruciamentum and Lantern. Many people are expected to partake, even from abroad! May of the next year, we will be in Wales, meanwhile we hope to manage other shows to conclude the promotion of our last record.

Your album came out not too long ago, but are you planning on writing new material in the near future?

FabioOur average timing is a new record every two years, or people gonna forget us forever! In practice, we have another album ready and only to be recorded in 2018. We are still writing the last songs, and we hope to record and release them very soon through Via Nocturna! We are at a good point for that!

Marco: We never stopped composing, also after our first record. At least, the embryo of six new songs are ready. We need time to improve them and to add something. Then we will go straight to the studio!

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

FabioCheck your calendars, maybe Lectern will come to your cities!

MarcoThanks for your support and your interest in our music. Keep supporting the underground scene!

18198012_10211196658585392_849656538_n.jpgPrecept of Delator is out right now through Via Nocturna.


You can find Lectern right on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. And you can check their official video for Precept of Delator right here!


Mahakala: The Second Fall

April 26, 2017



The concepts of heaven, hell, angels, God and Lucifer aren’t new to heavy metal by any means, but instead of just making individual songs about all of those topics, Mahakala sew it all together in a concept album titled The Second Fall. This new release from these Greek heavy metal merchants tells the tale of Lucifer and his downfall as well as his rise and revenge all in nine total songs. With clear, concise and heavy song writing, Mahakala provide you with a listen that not only draws you in because it is heavy, but because of the great song writing and story telling ability that Mahakala possess.

Mahakala combine the likes of traditional heavy metal and doom to create an epic and incredibly memorable sound. It is no mystery as to why their debut record Devil’s Music has been critically acclaimed as Mahakala continue to deliver the evil and occult soaked tunes on this new record as well. Their sound is clean and heavy and before you know it you have spun this new release numerous times and you have each song stamped into your brain. The Second Fall is an infectious and intoxicating release that just doesn’t seem to want to vacate your brain even after you have been finished listening for some time.

There isn’t a song on this record where you would consider it to be weak or to be filler or anything of that nature. Mahakala pack in a lot of content into these nine songs to provide you with a well written, vast and cohesive listen and story. Mahakala roll out song after blasphemous song that get your head nodding in no time at all. The Second Fall is undeniable and try as you might, but you just cannot escape the fact that each song is so well written, executed and just so god damn memorable. With this new release being as intoxicating as it is you ultimately end up listening over and over again without realizing it and whether you wanted to sit and listen for hours or not.

Everything on this record is done very well from the production to the musicianship and everything in between, but what really stands out are the powerful vocals that emit from your speakers. Even as the wall of doomed out satanic metal falls down upon you, you can always hear the soaring cleans and all of their hair-standing-on-end glory. The vocalist Jim Kotsis nails this performance and not only does it make you want to belt out every lyric, but it makes this record even more memorable than it already was to begin with. Each performance on this record from the guitars, to the bass to the drum performance is spot on providing you with an excellent listen.

The Second Fall is a great listen that not only provides you with a heavy listen, but provides you with an interesting story to listen to as well. Mahakala hit the nail on the head once again with this new release of theirs.

The Second Fall will be out May 26, 2017 through Supreme Music Creations.
You can find Mahakala right on Facebook as well as Supreme Music.

Skelethal: Of the Depths…

April 25, 2017

skelethal - depths cover.jpg

Hailing from France and comprised of two death metal obsessed maniacs is Skelethal. The fact that they live, breath and pretty much do anything that is in relation to death metal certainly shines through on their new record Of the Depths…. This new pummeling release is just that. It is nine furious tracks of nothing but old-school death metal influenced tracks that grind your bones and empty you of your innards. Of the Depths… is an uncompromising, sordid and completely filthy release that comes at you in waves until you are buried beneath a sea of rotted cadavers.

It only takes Skelethal twenty whole seconds to get straight into the meat of their record. After a very short intro, Skelethal kicks things into high and brain boiling gear to provide you with nine roaring and intense death metal tracks. While their style of death metal is that of the old, Skelethal never recycle sounds or rip any old-school death metal band off what so ever. The sound and style that Skelethal play with worships their death metal forefathers, but the overall sound that you hear on Of the Depths… is a gritty, terrifying and blood draining sound all their own.

Of the Depths… is a monster of a record. Each song is loud, flesh peeling, gritty and entirely bulldozing providing you with a dangerous and skull grinding listen. Skelethal doesn’t really pause between songs at all so you get hammered and pulverized for nine straight songs leaving you as an unrecognizable twist of bone and flesh. Of the Depths… truly is unrelenting as menacing riffs hammer down upon you while the drums blast and chip away at your skull and forcing their way through the wall of deadly noise are the unearthly and throat ripping growls. Everything on this record is executed very well all the way down to the gritty production which ultimately provides you with a great headbanging listen.

With Of the Depths…, Skelethal shows that they are masters of death. This new record of theirs is filled with nine great songs that get under your skin and work their way into your brain. Of the Depths… is undeniably heavy and memorable and fans of new death metal and old will certainly get more than their fair share of listens out of this record.

You can pre-order Of the Depths… right here.

Of the Depths… will be out June 23, 2017 through Hells Headbangers Records.

Sacrificial Slaughter: Generation of Terror

April 24, 2017


Hailing from the Golden State is Sacrificial Slaughter, and after their formation some fifteen years ago they have been on a tear. Over the years they have released three full lengths, one split and now this year they will be releasing their new EP Generation of Terror. This new EP comes stacked with five brand new songs and one cover of Carnivore’s Race War. If you have been listening to Sacrificial Slaughter over the years you will come to expect more of the same face melting and flesh tearing tunes from these maniacs, and that is exactly what you will be getting.

Right off the bat, Sacrificial Slaughter comes barreling out the gate with Systematic Genocide and from then on they never look back. Generation of Terror is six tracks of nothing but blistering thrash infused death metal that does its best to tear your head off and make an ornament out of it. From track one to track six you get pummeled with nothing but sickening, twisting and completely chaotic metal for you to twist your neck to. With razor sharp riffs, blasting drumming and vicious vocals you are provided with ripping and defleshing tracks for your sickening enjoyment.

Generation of Terror doesn’t stop coming at you until you are left broken and bloodied. Each song is a blitzkrieg of metal as each of the six songs are played at a mach ten pace and are entirely unrelenting. Sacrificial Slaughter’s approach to this EP seems to be slaughter first and ask questions never, and really that style of play really suites these monsters. If this EP was anything but a relentless assault it just wouldn’t seem right. But thankfully that isn’t the case as this EP comes at you guns blazing aiming to set fire to everything in its path.

Each of the songs that are present on this EP roll right into the next providing you with an air tight listen that gives you no room to breathe what so ever. Generation of Terror does a great job of steamrolling you straight into the ground leaving you to rot in your shallow ditch. Overall, this EP is a solid one from these death dealing veterans and with shorter run times and as fast as these guys play, this EP has plenty of replay value.

Check Sacrificial Slaughter out right on Facebook. And you can also find Horror Pain Gore Death Productions right on Facebook as well as their own website.

Generation of Terror will be out through Horror Pain Gore Death on May 12, 2017.

You can pre-order this release right here.

Eli van Pike: Welcome to My Darkside

April 22, 2017


Eli van Pike is an international band with members hailing from both Germany and the United States and Welcome To My Dark Side is their newest release. This record packs in ten songs that are filled with a mixture of industrial metal, gothic metal and traditional metal on occasion to provide you with a diverse and unique listen. Eli van Pike sews together each genre that they dabble in very well creating a cohesive and well balanced sound. Neither genre that makes an appearance on this record takes any one song over as they all work together to provide you with an eclectic and memorable sound.

The majority of the songs on this record are that of the industrial metal genre, but every now and then Eli van Pike mixes it up with a more traditional metal sound such as on the song World on Fire, but when the next song rolls around it is head first into the metallic wall of industrial metal. Even though World on Fire is one of the few songs that is nearly a full traditional metal song, each of the other songs that make an appearance on this record has a touch of traditional metal as well. Eli van Pike does a great job of mixing up their sound quite often to provide you with a varied and diverse listen. Never do they stick to one genre too long as they weave in and out of different genres with ease.

Not only does Eli van Pike bend genres with ease, but they mix their tempo-and for lack of better words-aggression as well. At times you will be bombarded with a fully industrial metal assault and the next moment you will be getting an earful of a sound that is more reserved and melodic, and they even throw in an acoustic track for the closer. Eli van Pike introduces a lot of different elements within this record and it keeps you listening and keeps you coming back to spot things you may have missed when you previously listened as well.

Overall, this record is a solid one that provides you with plenty of material to listen to and plenty of different elements to listen for, which ultimately makes you feel inclined to listen numerous times.

Show of Bedlam: Transfiguration

April 21, 2017

Show of Bedlam - Transfiguration - Cover 1500.jpg

There certainly are bands that come up every now and then that defy definition, genre and every notion that you have or had about them before you began listening, and that is the band that you see above. Show of Bedlam hails from Montreal and they get their name after the St. Mary of Bethlehem insane asylum in London. Not only does their name send shivers up your spine, but their music does as well. Transfiguration  is the name of their newest full length release and Show of Bedlam packs in seven horrifying and scarring tracks for you to stew in.

Show of Bedlam doesn’t sound like any other band that is out there right now. These guys and lady are definitely in a class of their own as they may have created a completely separate class from everyone else. Their music isn’t easily describable nor is it easy to pigeonhole these genre benders. Show of Bedlam likes to skip around the spectrum of metal genres quite a bit all throughout this release as they pepper you with walls of noise from doom, sludge, noise metal, punk and certain industrial elements. They weave all of these and more together to create a psychotic, yet intoxicating and wonderful listen.

Transfiguration has a great ability to draw you in with its unique, haunting and incredibly dark sound. Show of Bedlam does a great job of sucking you in and taking you on an incredibly harrowing and mind bending ride. Transfiguration hits you like a truck once you begin listening as it assaults you from all sides with a heavy, bone shattering metallic blitzkrieg. Each song lurches, twist and caves skulls with heavy, sludge filled riffs, solid acrobatic drumming, buzzing bass lines and haunting vocals that switch from spectral cleans to roaring gritty screams.

While the musicianship certainly is heavy the atmosphere is incredibly suffocating and bleak.  Once you begin listening you have nowhere to go as it envelopes you and swallows you whole crushing and crumbling your bones. Not only is the music itself very captivating and incredibly bewitching, but the atmosphere is as well. Each minute of this release is damning and incredibly petrifying and heavy all at the same time which provides you with an incredibly diverse, mind boggling and all around excellent listen.

Transfiguration has to be one of the most memorable and captivating releases so far this year.

This release will be out through Sentient Ruin Laboratories May 12, 2017.

You can pre-order Transfiguration right here and off of Sentient Ruin’s Bandcamp.

Idre: Unforgiving Landscapes

April 18, 2017


When looking at Idre’s page, under genre they put “loud dark atmospheric” and really they couldn’t have said it any better. Idre certainly is loud, dark and atmospheric among many other things however. Idre is a unique and interesting band that hails from Oklahoma City and their newest full length is titled Unforgiving Landscapes. This record contains two tracks that clock in at over twenty minutes a piece which ultimately provides you with over forty minutes of material. That may sound like a bit much, but with the unique and experimental way in which Idre plays, the long run times allow each song to breath and expand at will and turn any direction that it wants to.

Both songs are doomed out and played at a glacial speed that just makes each song that much more heavy. Each song is crushing and bone buckling and sooner or later you feel yourself crumbling under the weight of this record. Unforgiving Landscapes lurches and trudges along providing you with an ever changing and ever twisting sound. Both songs flow freely into whatever avenue and to whichever dark corner of your mind that they want to and that is just one reason why this record is so captivating. These solemn songs bewitch you and hold you in a trance like state until the record has concluded, but even then you feel yourself reaching out for more and more bitter darkness.

Once the first epic-Gold & Crude-has finished and is dying down, Prison Skin begins. Gold & Crude melts right intoPrison Skin. As the first track dies down the second starts up with a buzzing and that slowly builds until you get right into the thick of the second song. It is a nice touch to make it feel as though both songs are not something that are entirely separate from each other, but instead they work together to create and to provide you with a heavy, melancholy and highly intoxicating listen. Both songs by themselves are monolithic dirges of doom, but together they create something that is that much more potent and towering.

With the slow burning guitars, always buzzing bass lines, heavy handed drumming and the spectral vocals that are hidden in the background, you are gifted with a wonderfully dark, twisted and incredibly heavy listen. With each element sewn together very well and with production being raw yet clean, Idre provides you with one intense and skull grinding listen. Not only is the music itself heavy, but the atmosphere that is provided is as well. It surrounds you from the first note, enveloping you in a cold dense fog allowing your mind drift through spacious darkness.

Unforgiving Landscapes is a unique and intriguing record that needs to be listened to more than once to let it all sink in. This is a weighty record that seems to work its way easily into your mind and manifest itself there for some time. Overall, these doom dealers from Oklahoma City hit the nail on the head with this record.

You can pre-order this record right here and you can watch the teaser trailer for this upcoming record here.

Abkehr: In Asche

April 17, 2017


Soaked in negativity, damnation and complete and utter darkness, Abkehr comes barreling out of the shadows to present their debut full length titled In Asche. In Asche is a four track record, and that alone doesn’t sound like a lot, but Abkehr packs a lot of content within each song. Each of the four songs is plenty lengthy as each song clocks in at over six minutes at least with two clocking in at over seven minutes. So, while four songs doesn’t seem to be like a lot, Abkehr packs quite a punch within those lengthy run times providing you with a completely abyssal and torment filled listen.

Abkehr starts their record off with a brief ominous intro and as soon as that is over they barrel right through your speakers hacking and slashing away at what little soul you have left. Abkehr plays in the traditional vein of black metal, so what you get is something that is utterly barbaric, savage and completely raw and unfiltered. The sound is harsh and punishing to say the least and once Abkehr starts rolling they don’t stop until the final note. Each song on this record is filled with fury and a pure disdain for human life as each song aims to rip your soul to shreds and damn it to the blackened abyss.

The two guys that are responsible for this sound have created something that is entirely abysmal and earth scorching from front to back. They don’t compromise in their sound and they don’t seem to be holding anything back either as they come at you full force with a blood curdling intensity. From the slashing dissonant riffs to the acrobatic drumming and the shrill banshee-esque vocals in the background, you are provided with a purely demonic, dissonant and terrifying release that you have a hard time pulling yourself away from.

In Asche is an unrelenting, unfiltered, no bullshit record that takes you to the deepest reaches of hell and the darkest corners that it has to offer as well. This record is a pure blackened assault that accosts you from all angles from note one until the final note has concluded. And not only do the instruments do the accosting, but the damning atmosphere that Abkehr provides does as well. There is a sickeningly twisted and damned atmosphere that surrounds each song as well as the entire album that makes you feel unsettled and unwelcome the entire time that you are listening, but even so you still come back for more torment.

In Asche is a great debut and a great step forward in to the hellish black metal landscape. If you like your black metal raw, unfiltered and uncompromised, then In Asche is the record for you.

Cocyte: The Human Disease

April 16, 2017

Cocyte - The Human Disease Artwork.jpg

Combining deathcore and death metal, Cocyte can’t be pigeonholed into either genre as they never stick to one or the other for very long. They sew each genre together very well to create an incredibly heavy and chest caving sound. The Human Disease is comes complete with ten songs that do their absolute best to knock your teeth right down your throat. In between the intro Ominous and the outro Last Requiem, Cocyte supplies you with eight heavy, neck breaking and devastating tracks for you to damage your brain with. After Ominous concludes, Cocyte kicks everything in to high gear providing you with intense, in your face and unrelenting death metal.

After releasing a demo in 2011, an EP in  2012 and another EP in 2013, The Human Disease is Cocyte’s very first full length to grace your gnarled ears. For this being their debut full length and even though they have released a handful of material already, this release for their debut full length is solid. Each song is just as heavy and powerful as the last hammering you with pummeling drums and spine shattering breakdowns over and over again. One nice thing-among many-is that Cocyte don’t over use breakdowns. I always emphasize this because when they are over done and shoved into every second of each song, it gets very tiring and monotonous. But, for Cocyte that isn’t the case as they spread them out and use them when the song calls for it.

The Human Disease is a tightly knit, technical and pummeling endeavor and Cocyte don’t ever let up. From one song to the next you are being bombarded with precise and blasting drums, heavy dual guitar action that transitions into searing solos every now and then and to top it off unearthly vocals that are demonic, grit filled and purely savage. Each instrument is played very well and the vocals are on point and when it all comes together, Cocyte provides you with some seriously heavy tunes that get your head nodding. Every song-save for the intro and the outro-is a stomping madhouse of twisting death metal that hits you like a truck, but after the punishment it’s easy to go back and listen again.

This debut full length from these death dealers is a solid and well produced and put together record. Cocyte skirts the line of death metal and deathcore well to the point where death metal and deathcore fans can both enjoy this release. Overall, Cocyte has put together a record that is easy to listen to many times as well as one that is very heavy and memorable.

The Human Disease will be out June 2, 2017 as a self released title.

Cemetery Urn: S/T

April 15, 2017

cemetery urn - st album cover.png

If you want barbarity and a purely savage and relentless sound then look no further than Australia’s own Cemetery Urn. It has been seven long years since The Conquered Are Burned, but finally Cemetery Urn is back this year with their third full length. This new self titled release is a ten track death metal juggernaut that does its very best to shred you of all of your skin and drain you of all of your blood. Each track is a skin blistering death metal anthem that rockets off the start never to stop for anyone or anything.

Cemetery Urn start this new record off quick with  The Deepest of Graves and never look back at the total mayhem and destruction that they cause. From note one to the final note in this record, Cemetery Urn blast and bombard you with sickening and stomach churning bestial death metal. Right as soon as you lift your finger off of the play button you realize that you are in for a disgustingly savage death metal treat. After one listen you are left bloodied and broken only to keep crawling back for more and more punishment.

These death dealers have branded themselves as “Australian barbaric death metal” and they certainly continue to deliver the goods and uphold that name. This release is unrelenting as it strikes right for your jugular right off the bat never to relent until your head has been severed from your body. This new record is a twisting madhouse of flesh, bones and stagnant blood and once you enter the deadly inferno that is this record there is absolutely no escaping. Cemetery Urn accost you from all sides for ten straight tracks tearing you limb from limb only to dump you in a shallow ditch.

With demonic, gritty and blood curdling vocals, flesh tearing riffs, chest caving drumming and thunderous bass lines, Cemetery Urn provides you with incredibly raw and potent death metal. Each track is just as savage and beheading as the last and really you can’t go wrong with this record. This is a bulldozing and life threatening release that gets under your skin and ultimately you just can’t get enough of the deadly stuff. After so many years of hearing nothing from Cemetery Urn, they return with this release and man do they nail it.

You can pre-order this new lobotomizing release right here.

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