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Woodhawk: Beyond the Sun

April 1, 2017

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There are certain albums that you just can’t be in a bad mood while listening to them and Beyond the Sun certainly is one of those records. There is no way that you can be in a funk while listening to this record as all it provides for you are nine heavy and rocking tunes. Beyond the Sun is incredibly infectious and memorable and right from the get go, you know that you are in for a ride. Even if for whatever reason you are in a bad mood, this record will straighten that out in a hurry as it has you nodding your head and belting the lyrics out with the vocalist in no time.

This new record by Woodhawk is incredibly undeniable. You can try to not enjoy it all that you want to but you end up enjoying it anyway. As mentioned before, this record is very infectious and it latches on to your brain and gets stuck there for some time to come. There isn’t a song on this record where you feel as though it doesn’t belong or you feel that it is lacking as each of the nine songs on this record are executed very well and written very well. It doesn’t take Woodhawk any time at all to suck you into this record and keep you listening for numerous spins and beyond.

With sludge filled riffs, thick bass lines, a solid drumming performance and vocals that are oh so fucking smooth, you are provided with a performance that truly is incredibly enjoyable. There are no frills and no filler within this record as what you get is nine straight songs of pure heavy rock and stoner goodness to fill your ears with. Woodhawk builds off of their sound and their previous effort from 2014 to provide you with a cleaner yet still intensely infectious sound.

Beyond the Sun is one of those records where you don’t mine spending a countless amount of time listening. This record holds strong after many rotations and beyond even as each and every song on this release is as solid as it can get. There isn’t a song on this record that is lacking in any area and there isn’t a song on this record that is boring at all as you can play this all the way through over and over again without tiring of it at all.

Beyond the Sun is a release that is easy to listen to and get into but isn’t easy to put down by any means. Once you begin listening you have a hard time tearing yourself away from your speakers. Overall, in my opinion, this release is great and you should keep your eyes wide the hell open for it.

Beyond the Sun will be released April 7, 2017.

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