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Palehorse/Palerider: Burial Songs

April 6, 2017

Categorized as doomgaze, Palehorse/Palerider storms out of your speakers with Burial Songs. This release is four tracks long that all sport substantial run times which provides  Palehorse/Palerider enough time to captivate you and send your mind on an atmospheric spiral. Burial Songs is a slow burning release that trudges through each song at a glacial speed most of the time, but even so you never seem to mind. Even with their longer run times it never makes you feel as though it is a burden to listen or continue listening. Instead,  Palehorse/Palerider wraps you up in their wondrous tunes and vast atmospheres and takes you on an interesting ride.

Burial Songs is a wonderfully psychedelic record that puts you in a trance like state. Throughout this release you will realize that you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from your speakers or take your headphones out of your ears. There is something about this record that is dream like and it’s so damn captivating.  Palehorse/Palerider have their very own way about going on about music-especially doom in particular-and all of that is very evident on Burial Songs. They stand in a class all their own in a genre that’s pretty much all their own as well and they knock Burial Songs out of the park.

With each passing minute of this record you sink further and further in and before you know it you just can’t seem to climb out and escape the cinematic and wondrous sounds of  Palehorse/Palerider. There is so much that is pumped into this record and into each song and  Palehorse/Palerider make it all happen so well as they sew everything together in such a beautiful way. Each song is crafted excellently and each instrument is on point and the haunting vocals give you chills each time they appear out of the mist and grace your ears with haunting whispers.

Palehorse/Palerider allows each song to expand in your mind filling it with nothing but vivid atmospheres and soundscapes and before you know it you have lost your mind to the music. Each song is enchanting and easy to listen to over and over again and before you can realize it you have spun the record countless times. Burial Songs seems to be a record that is a diamond in the rough, but boy does this diamond stand out among the rest.

With each listen you just feel as though you can’t get enough.  Palehorse/Palerider has hit the nail right on the head with Burial Songs, and all I have left to say is, well done  Palehorse/Palerider.

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