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Demimonde: Cygnus Oddyssey

April 8, 2017

It has been a full sixteen years since Demimonde has been around the heavy metal scene and now they are back in full swing with their newest record titled Cygnus Oddyssey. This record follows in the footsteps of their debut and critically acclaimed record in 2000 titled Mutant Star as in the same type of odd and intriguing sound. Cygnus Oddyssey as well as Demimonde push the experimental boundaries providing you with music that is heavy, unsettling, atmospheric and more. These guys aren’t easily identifiable at all and don’t belong or exist in any specific genre what so ever as they bounce around and sew many influences and genres together.

While they incorporate so many different elements into their music it certainly can be overwhelming or schizophrenic at first, but the more that you listen the more that it all comes together nicely. With so much crammed into each song all at one time such as: experimental metal, death metal, progressive metal, sci-fi metal and more, Demimonde makes it all work providing you with a very unique and cohesive sound. Cygnus Oddyssey certainly is a record that you will have to let grow on you and you will have to let it all sink in.

With the incorporation of electronic elements, Demimonde gives off a very dark, twisted and space like atmosphere. Each song is dark, forever changing and certainly twisting and turning with each passing second so you really never know what you are about to hear next and you never know what type of atmosphere you will be getting next. However, the majority of the atmosphere that is presented in this record is very cosmic and alien which of course helps progress each song but it also gives you a sound that is very dynamic and unique.

Each song that is present within this release tends to jump around a lot careening into different sounds, styles and genres without hesitation. Gygnus Oddyssey is a schizophrenic record that you have to follow closely to pick things up. Demimonde switches from harsh and lightning quick tempos, to mid tempos, to slower and all the way to eerie atmospheric sounds that make you feel as though you are boarding a spaceship. As mentioned before, even with all of this happening relatively at the same time, some how Demimonde makes it all work and brings it all home to create a cohesive, heavy and mind boggling listen.

You can catch Demimonde right on Facebook and you can check them out on their Big Cartel as well.

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