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Taphos Nomos/Urdun: RIP

April 9, 2017

In a disgusting display of death both Taphos Nomos and Urdun make it known that death metal is alive and well, or undead and well. RIP is their newest split and for both bands that acronym means a couple of things. For Taphos Nomos it stands for Rarely Investigated Phenomena and for Urdun it stands for Rigorously Intensified Putrefaction. No matter what the meaning is, this split is riddled with disease ridden death that is out for nothing more than blood and guts and as soon as you press play each band shoots out of your speakers with blood curdling intensity.

Taphos Nomos owns the first half of this disgusting release with three putrid songs of their own. With their doomed out style of death metal they provide you with a healthy dosing of damned and diseased death. Taphos Nomos begins this split with Arboreal Entombment which leads you in with a little intro and once that is over with they push you head first into the death metal buzz saw. As a matter of fact, each of their songs on this split lead you in with an ominous and haunting intro right before they tear your tender flesh right off of your cracked bones. However, after these intros conclude Taphos Nomos doesn’t waste any more time to provide you with sickening and brain melting death metal tunes. Each song seems to be soaked in enough viscera and blood to drown you if you let it. Taphos Nomos holds nothing back with these songs as they lay it all of their gore filled goodness out on the sacrificial altar for your tortuous enjoyment.

The latter half of this split belongs to Urdun who hails from Iceland and plays an equally vile brand of death metal. With four fresh songs and one cover of Autopsy’s Charred Remains, Urdun wastes little time getting you acquainted with their plague ridden tunes. Each song is just as raw and punishing as the last and provides you with heaps and heaps of sickness. Just like Taphos Nomos, Urdun plays a raw and unfiltered brand of death metal with absolutely no frills or filler as what you get is just straight up death metal for five terrifying songs. With complete disregard for human life, Urdun blasts forth with sinister riffs, blasting drums and blood curdling vocals until nothing around them is left alive.

Both sides of the split are incredibly disgusting, flesh searing, neck snapping and as raw as they possibly can be. Both Taphos Nomos and Urdun hit the nail right on the head with each of their songs providing you with pure and raw death metal for your sickening pleasure. RIP is a great listen that will surely please the ears of all death metal fans.

RIP is now available through Caligari Records.

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