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Horrid: Beyond the Dark Border

April 11, 2017

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Just like new and up and coming death metal bands are the life blood of the genre, bands that have been around for a while and been around the block a couple of times are also the life blood of the genre and with Horrid, the latter is where they would land. Ever since forming in 1989, Horrid have released numerous demos, EPs and up until now four full lengths. Horrid is the longest standing Italian death metal machine, and with their newest incarnation of death Beyond the Dark Border they don’t seem to be slowing down any either.

This new record by these death metal masters is filled with nine blood curdling and brutalizing tracks that are very reminiscent-of course-of the raw and punishing old-school death metal but with a little modern death metal twist. Horrid keeps this record firmly planted in the nineties keeping their death metal roots never compromising that particular sound. Beyond the Dark Border is a raw, savage and incredibly dark, twisting and brutal to provide you with one hell of a head stomping and flesh ripping listen.

Horrid kicks things off with The Black March which is a chest caving tune that kicks you in the teeth with galloping drums, murky distorted riffs and blood soaked vocals. Now, all of that doesn’t just apply to The Black March as each of those elements follows through to each song making each and every song an intense, sinister and bloodied listen. Horrid cuts through each song with ease rolling on to the next tune that is just as terrifying and skull grinding as the last.

There is nothing in this record that points to any filler at all as Horrid presents you with strictly death metal and that is all. No interludes, intros-save for the final song-or anything of that nature as you get bombarded by pure and sinister death metal from song to song. Horrid doesn’t give you any time to breathe what so ever as they pack this release tightly with fetid, rotten and gangrenous death for you to revel in.

Beyond the Dark Border is a sickening and incredibly heavy record that provides you with some damning tracks. In the closing track Beyond the Black Border, the vocalist growls, “I will stomp your skulls, I will bathe in your blood”, and Horrid along with this record really seems to aim to do just that. Overall, this is a solid head caving record that death metal heads certainly will enjoy.

Beyond the Dark Border will  be out June 1, 2017 through Dunkelheit Produktionen.

And you can pre-order the record right here.

Take a listen to the advanced track off of this upcoming release titled The Black March.

You can find and throw a like to Horrid right on Facebook. And you can find them and their other releases on Bandcamp. You can catch Dunkelheit Produktionen on Facebook.

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