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Hellripper: Coagulating Darkness

April 14, 2017

Hellripper - Coagulating Darkness Album Art.jpg

Combining the likes of speed metal with black metal to create something that is wholly chaotic, neck breaking and brain bashing is Hellripper. Coagulating Darkness is the title of their newest release that contains eight brand new songs for you to crank your neck to and perhaps sacrifice an animal or two to as well. Hellripper doesn’t like waiting around what so ever as they shove you head first into their controlled chaos without so much as a warning. Coagulating Darkness is played at mach five speeds and Hellripper doesn’t let up all throughout providing you with eight hellish, twisting, dark and unfiltered tunes that get your neck twisting and your head banging in no time.

Coagulating Darkness is filled with no bullshit, filler, or fluff as Hellripper keep the blasphemous tunes coming one right after another. With this release, this hellion doesn’t give you much time to breath what so ever as each song pours into the next creating a vortex of complete blackened thrashing hellish metal. Each song is chaotic and comes screaming out of your speakers like a bat out of hell and you can try to fight it all you want, but before you know it you are head banging like mad to these sinister tunes.

Each song on this release is riddled with excellent musicianship all across the board from the skin searing riffs that are coupled with soaring solos, spastic drumming and rumbling bass lines. Not only is the musicianship on point, but the vocals are as well providing each song with more intensity and grit than they had before.  And mind you, this band is a one man show, so everything that you hear on this record is done by him and everything is done very well.

This new record by this one man blackened speed metal band is a listen to behold as it is raw and punishing and even so it is incredibly fun and entertaining to listen to. Each song is tightly knit and very well crafted to provide you with a sinister and brain bashing good time. Coagulating Darkness is a record that you can sit and listen to over and over again without tiring of it, and really, overall, this is one solid record.

Coagulating Darkness will be out April 14, 2017.

You can find Hellripper right on Facebook as well as Bandcamp and Youtube.


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