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Idre: Unforgiving Landscapes

April 18, 2017


When looking at Idre’s page, under genre they put “loud dark atmospheric” and really they couldn’t have said it any better. Idre certainly is loud, dark and atmospheric among many other things however. Idre is a unique and interesting band that hails from Oklahoma City and their newest full length is titled Unforgiving Landscapes. This record contains two tracks that clock in at over twenty minutes a piece which ultimately provides you with over forty minutes of material. That may sound like a bit much, but with the unique and experimental way in which Idre plays, the long run times allow each song to breath and expand at will and turn any direction that it wants to.

Both songs are doomed out and played at a glacial speed that just makes each song that much more heavy. Each song is crushing and bone buckling and sooner or later you feel yourself crumbling under the weight of this record. Unforgiving Landscapes lurches and trudges along providing you with an ever changing and ever twisting sound. Both songs flow freely into whatever avenue and to whichever dark corner of your mind that they want to and that is just one reason why this record is so captivating. These solemn songs bewitch you and hold you in a trance like state until the record has concluded, but even then you feel yourself reaching out for more and more bitter darkness.

Once the first epic-Gold & Crude-has finished and is dying down, Prison Skin begins. Gold & Crude melts right intoPrison Skin. As the first track dies down the second starts up with a buzzing and that slowly builds until you get right into the thick of the second song. It is a nice touch to make it feel as though both songs are not something that are entirely separate from each other, but instead they work together to create and to provide you with a heavy, melancholy and highly intoxicating listen. Both songs by themselves are monolithic dirges of doom, but together they create something that is that much more potent and towering.

With the slow burning guitars, always buzzing bass lines, heavy handed drumming and the spectral vocals that are hidden in the background, you are gifted with a wonderfully dark, twisted and incredibly heavy listen. With each element sewn together very well and with production being raw yet clean, Idre provides you with one intense and skull grinding listen. Not only is the music itself heavy, but the atmosphere that is provided is as well. It surrounds you from the first note, enveloping you in a cold dense fog allowing your mind drift through spacious darkness.

Unforgiving Landscapes is a unique and intriguing record that needs to be listened to more than once to let it all sink in. This is a weighty record that seems to work its way easily into your mind and manifest itself there for some time. Overall, these doom dealers from Oklahoma City hit the nail on the head with this record.

You can pre-order this record right here and you can watch the teaser trailer for this upcoming record here.

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