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Eli van Pike: Welcome to My Darkside

April 22, 2017


Eli van Pike is an international band with members hailing from both Germany and the United States and Welcome To My Dark Side is their newest release. This record packs in ten songs that are filled with a mixture of industrial metal, gothic metal and traditional metal on occasion to provide you with a diverse and unique listen. Eli van Pike sews together each genre that they dabble in very well creating a cohesive and well balanced sound. Neither genre that makes an appearance on this record takes any one song over as they all work together to provide you with an eclectic and memorable sound.

The majority of the songs on this record are that of the industrial metal genre, but every now and then Eli van Pike mixes it up with a more traditional metal sound such as on the song World on Fire, but when the next song rolls around it is head first into the metallic wall of industrial metal. Even though World on Fire is one of the few songs that is nearly a full traditional metal song, each of the other songs that make an appearance on this record has a touch of traditional metal as well. Eli van Pike does a great job of mixing up their sound quite often to provide you with a varied and diverse listen. Never do they stick to one genre too long as they weave in and out of different genres with ease.

Not only does Eli van Pike bend genres with ease, but they mix their tempo-and for lack of better words-aggression as well. At times you will be bombarded with a fully industrial metal assault and the next moment you will be getting an earful of a sound that is more reserved and melodic, and they even throw in an acoustic track for the closer. Eli van Pike introduces a lot of different elements within this record and it keeps you listening and keeps you coming back to spot things you may have missed when you previously listened as well.

Overall, this record is a solid one that provides you with plenty of material to listen to and plenty of different elements to listen for, which ultimately makes you feel inclined to listen numerous times.

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