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Sacrificial Slaughter: Generation of Terror

April 24, 2017


Hailing from the Golden State is Sacrificial Slaughter, and after their formation some fifteen years ago they have been on a tear. Over the years they have released three full lengths, one split and now this year they will be releasing their new EP Generation of Terror. This new EP comes stacked with five brand new songs and one cover of Carnivore’s Race War. If you have been listening to Sacrificial Slaughter over the years you will come to expect more of the same face melting and flesh tearing tunes from these maniacs, and that is exactly what you will be getting.

Right off the bat, Sacrificial Slaughter comes barreling out the gate with Systematic Genocide and from then on they never look back. Generation of Terror is six tracks of nothing but blistering thrash infused death metal that does its best to tear your head off and make an ornament out of it. From track one to track six you get pummeled with nothing but sickening, twisting and completely chaotic metal for you to twist your neck to. With razor sharp riffs, blasting drumming and vicious vocals you are provided with ripping and defleshing tracks for your sickening enjoyment.

Generation of Terror doesn’t stop coming at you until you are left broken and bloodied. Each song is a blitzkrieg of metal as each of the six songs are played at a mach ten pace and are entirely unrelenting. Sacrificial Slaughter’s approach to this EP seems to be slaughter first and ask questions never, and really that style of play really suites these monsters. If this EP was anything but a relentless assault it just wouldn’t seem right. But thankfully that isn’t the case as this EP comes at you guns blazing aiming to set fire to everything in its path.

Each of the songs that are present on this EP roll right into the next providing you with an air tight listen that gives you no room to breathe what so ever. Generation of Terror does a great job of steamrolling you straight into the ground leaving you to rot in your shallow ditch. Overall, this EP is a solid one from these death dealing veterans and with shorter run times and as fast as these guys play, this EP has plenty of replay value.

Check Sacrificial Slaughter out right on Facebook. And you can also find Horror Pain Gore Death Productions right on Facebook as well as their own website.

Generation of Terror will be out through Horror Pain Gore Death on May 12, 2017.

You can pre-order this release right here.

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