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Featured Interview: Lectern

April 27, 2017

In their eighteen year career, Lectern has been on a tear releasing a handful of EPs and two full lengths with their most recent full length popping up last year titled Precept of Delator. Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Lectern some questions I had for them and they were awesome enough to answer them. Below you will find the interview with Lectern, enjoy!


For those who may not have heard of Lectern before or for those who are just now finding Lectern, can you tell a little bit about the history of the band and how it became to be?

Fabio: Ya! Lectern is a death metal band active since the end of the Nineties, which had a long stop for ten years, after the first demo made in 1999, we recorded another couple of extended plays before the first full length was released.  The band has been left behind for a long time, so, when I decided to take it back, I cannot realize as well, that all the years were passed by! Beginning to have our space in the underground, we grew opening for big acts like Sepultura, Angra and Incantation and playing a bit through Europe. Good reviews and responses made Lectern known more than well, we also have a  respectful number of followers on Internet, and we used channels like YouTube and official video clips maybe more than in the old school way.

Can you tell me about the writing and recording process of this new record and how it was different from past albums?

FabioFor this record we worked at six hands instead of two only. Enrico was the only responsible of all Fratricidal Concelebration songs. For Precept Of Delator Pietro wrote all the stuff, and me and Marco added some arrangements. We used also things like effects in the songs to improve them, as the reversed voices in the intro of the title track.
Important choices were also things like the layout and photographs all made by Francesco Tacconi. We recorded at The Outer  Sound Studios produced by Giuseppe Orlando, with the wise help of Alfonso Corace. Step by step we made it finally.

Marco: The first album, was the result of the rush and our wish to show our abilities with the instruments and let the world  know about our existence. It was fast, nervous and raging. The second has been recorded with much more feelings and patience,
leaving nothing to the case. I personally took care of the effects, voices and sounds you hear in the middle of the songs. We focused on a more atmospherical feel for this one.

What are some themes that run through your new record?

FabioThe title, means to spy as a coercive deed the Christian Lord! There is a new rebellion in Hell, and Satan sent all  his demons to capture the secret of God’s divination to restore the evil order. To be against God, the lack of  reason, being controversial towards all the established things, there is a new order coming from below. I think the
front cover illustration explains that quite clearly, even if it is very difficult to be expressed in words. You can see Lucifer in throne, that is loosing the aspect of God, the angel wing is turning into a demonic one!

Marco: There is a deep study of the sacred books behind the themes of our songs. Everything from our interpretation of the Apocalypse, the demons’ behaviors, but also the attack against the Church and the priests, like the song Palpation Of
Sacramentarian. Track and video are about pedophile priests and their victims.

How has the reception of your new album been so far?

FabioVery exciting, but many reviewers don’t realize at all some archaic words and sentences, taken directly from theological concepts and lexicon of the lyrics. Even Piotr, the boss at Via Nocturna, criticized me asking for short and more simple syntax! It’s funny, days ago I discovered on Facebook, as a famous death metal band, whose name I won’t mention, copycatted some verses of Lectern lyrics! Unbelievable! We are already an influence!

Marco: Pretty good standings to the sells, but a lot of people still find hard to understand our use of archaic words in our lyrics and titles, simply labeling them as stupid, or senseless.

FabioIt’s a sort of hallmark and brand! You will never have stupid song titles or foolish Satanic lyrics from Lectern! Why should we?

Since being around for eighteen years, how have you seen the genre of death metal change, and do you think it has changed in a positive way?

FabioFirst of all let me say, how it has been a fortune being there as Lectern after all this time, and that I had the opportunity of seeing the best things of the heavy metal years, end of the Eighties and all the Nineties! Unfortunately, today it’s very complicated to be part of a tour, even as an opening band. Times of new sensations, incredible outfits, festival and gigs are over: the quality was over the top in many cases from 1983 to 1994! Marco was asking himself in Gabriele’s car, going back from Lectern rehearsals, if we will live again some classics someday again! How much the scene misses a band like Death for example? Will we have another Painkiller from Judas Priest or whoever? The answer is: not! Or better, I don’t know! And more: do we need this again? Living in the past for being in the present? And the future? Now opportunities come and go, and you have to be smart to catch all of those! Also labels, are not so close to the artists like before. Twenty years ago, they worried about promotion, merchandise and gigs. Why? Because the market was more interested to the new ones, and money was not a problem! Now, you’re lucky if they fit you into the first aspect I have just listed! That’s why, people don’t buy records anymore. Now you have your computer and you can surf anywhere, hear everything and buy nothing! The only aspect you cannot change is a concert! You have to be physically part of the audience before the stage, but if you waste your time with your mobile camera, you are gonna miss the essence! It’s not everything a social media, even if we live in a technological world!

What up and coming death metal bands have impressed you so far and why?

FabioObituary and Cannibal Corpse are always the same more or less! Now it’s time for Morbid Angel again! Italian death metal bands are also impressive and under the eyes of the critics, as the more interesting around!

Do you have plans in the future to tour?

Fabio: We will play next week in Finland, at Helsinki Death Fest in a two days of total death metal bands on stage in the Finnish capital, with gods like Interment, Cruciamentum and Lantern. Many people are expected to partake, even from abroad! May of the next year, we will be in Wales, meanwhile we hope to manage other shows to conclude the promotion of our last record.

Your album came out not too long ago, but are you planning on writing new material in the near future?

FabioOur average timing is a new record every two years, or people gonna forget us forever! In practice, we have another album ready and only to be recorded in 2018. We are still writing the last songs, and we hope to record and release them very soon through Via Nocturna! We are at a good point for that!

Marco: We never stopped composing, also after our first record. At least, the embryo of six new songs are ready. We need time to improve them and to add something. Then we will go straight to the studio!

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

FabioCheck your calendars, maybe Lectern will come to your cities!

MarcoThanks for your support and your interest in our music. Keep supporting the underground scene!

18198012_10211196658585392_849656538_n.jpgPrecept of Delator is out right now through Via Nocturna.


You can find Lectern right on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. And you can check their official video for Precept of Delator right here!


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