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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Hellripper: Coagulating Darkness

April 14, 2017

Hellripper - Coagulating Darkness Album Art.jpg

Combining the likes of speed metal with black metal to create something that is wholly chaotic, neck breaking and brain bashing is Hellripper. Coagulating Darkness is the title of their newest release that contains eight brand new songs for you to crank your neck to and perhaps sacrifice an animal or two to as well. Hellripper doesn’t like waiting around what so ever as they shove you head first into their controlled chaos without so much as a warning. Coagulating Darkness is played at mach five speeds and Hellripper doesn’t let up all throughout providing you with eight hellish, twisting, dark and unfiltered tunes that get your neck twisting and your head banging in no time.

Coagulating Darkness is filled with no bullshit, filler, or fluff as Hellripper keep the blasphemous tunes coming one right after another. With this release, this hellion doesn’t give you much time to breath what so ever as each song pours into the next creating a vortex of complete blackened thrashing hellish metal. Each song is chaotic and comes screaming out of your speakers like a bat out of hell and you can try to fight it all you want, but before you know it you are head banging like mad to these sinister tunes.

Each song on this release is riddled with excellent musicianship all across the board from the skin searing riffs that are coupled with soaring solos, spastic drumming and rumbling bass lines. Not only is the musicianship on point, but the vocals are as well providing each song with more intensity and grit than they had before.  And mind you, this band is a one man show, so everything that you hear on this record is done by him and everything is done very well.

This new record by this one man blackened speed metal band is a listen to behold as it is raw and punishing and even so it is incredibly fun and entertaining to listen to. Each song is tightly knit and very well crafted to provide you with a sinister and brain bashing good time. Coagulating Darkness is a record that you can sit and listen to over and over again without tiring of it, and really, overall, this is one solid record.

Coagulating Darkness will be out April 14, 2017.

You can find Hellripper right on Facebook as well as Bandcamp and Youtube.


Horrid: Beyond the Dark Border

April 11, 2017

horrid cover web.jpg

Just like new and up and coming death metal bands are the life blood of the genre, bands that have been around for a while and been around the block a couple of times are also the life blood of the genre and with Horrid, the latter is where they would land. Ever since forming in 1989, Horrid have released numerous demos, EPs and up until now four full lengths. Horrid is the longest standing Italian death metal machine, and with their newest incarnation of death Beyond the Dark Border they don’t seem to be slowing down any either.

This new record by these death metal masters is filled with nine blood curdling and brutalizing tracks that are very reminiscent-of course-of the raw and punishing old-school death metal but with a little modern death metal twist. Horrid keeps this record firmly planted in the nineties keeping their death metal roots never compromising that particular sound. Beyond the Dark Border is a raw, savage and incredibly dark, twisting and brutal to provide you with one hell of a head stomping and flesh ripping listen.

Horrid kicks things off with The Black March which is a chest caving tune that kicks you in the teeth with galloping drums, murky distorted riffs and blood soaked vocals. Now, all of that doesn’t just apply to The Black March as each of those elements follows through to each song making each and every song an intense, sinister and bloodied listen. Horrid cuts through each song with ease rolling on to the next tune that is just as terrifying and skull grinding as the last.

There is nothing in this record that points to any filler at all as Horrid presents you with strictly death metal and that is all. No interludes, intros-save for the final song-or anything of that nature as you get bombarded by pure and sinister death metal from song to song. Horrid doesn’t give you any time to breathe what so ever as they pack this release tightly with fetid, rotten and gangrenous death for you to revel in.

Beyond the Dark Border is a sickening and incredibly heavy record that provides you with some damning tracks. In the closing track Beyond the Black Border, the vocalist growls, “I will stomp your skulls, I will bathe in your blood”, and Horrid along with this record really seems to aim to do just that. Overall, this is a solid head caving record that death metal heads certainly will enjoy.

Beyond the Dark Border will  be out June 1, 2017 through Dunkelheit Produktionen.

And you can pre-order the record right here.

Take a listen to the advanced track off of this upcoming release titled The Black March.

You can find and throw a like to Horrid right on Facebook. And you can find them and their other releases on Bandcamp. You can catch Dunkelheit Produktionen on Facebook.

Contaminated: Final Man

April 11, 2017


Rotten to the core, drenched in fetid remains and stagnant blood, Contaminated comes shredding out of Melbourne to deliver Final Man. Final Man is Contaminated’s debut full length record that is filled to the bursting point with nine sickening, and utterly disgusting death metal tracks for your twisted pleasure. Contaminated seem to have set out to create a sound that is nothing but death; no bullshit, no filler, no fluff, what you get is pure, unfiltered and flesh consuming death metal in heaping portions. Contaminated rockets out of the gate with this record and keep rolling their brand of black, sludge filled and cadaver stuffed death metal until everyone and everything is lifeless.

Final Man seems to have been coated in a pure blackened hell fire and baptized in the parasite infested blood of many victims to create such a punishing, raw, unfiltered and completely head caving sound. Through this record you get subjected to much more than just a beating as Contaminated rains their brand of blistering death down upon you for nine straight songs. After listening you will be lucky to have you life completely in tact as Contaminated hits you with barrage after barrage of sickening, life threatening and throat slashing tunes.

Contaminated seem to possess what their death metal forefathers possess as far as approach and unrelenting sound goes. Final Man truly is devastating, blood letting and bulldozing as they don’t pull any punches and they surely don’t skip out on the brutality. Each song is a relentless blood thirsty death metal anthem that aims straight for the neck only to hack at it minutes into the listen and only to discard your body in a ditch somewhere. Final Man is unapologetic and ceaseless in its approach as it rumbles out of your speakers providing you with some of the murkiest and most deadly death metal that you can get your hands on.

Save for somewhat of an interlude titled Starved, Contaminated roll through song after song with ease. Each song melts into the next providing you with a completely new and different barrage of metallic fury that you haven’t heard before. Even though each song is just as punishing and blistering as the last, they all have a distinct and unmistakable sound. For this being their debut full length it sure doesn’t come off that way what so ever. Each song is well executed, produced and put together only to provide you with horrifying and blood curdling death metal tunes.

This gurgling mass of tangled flesh and bones is a force to be reckoned with to say the least and Contaminated is a band to be looking out for. Final Man is barbaric, savage, raw and punishing and really what more could you want from a death metal record? Overall, Final Man is a record that every death metal fan should have on their radar and if you don’t, you really should keep you eyes peeled as wide as they can be.

Final Man will be out through Blood Harvest Records July 7, 2017.

You can pre-order and check out a couple of tunes off of this upcoming record right on the Blood Harvest Records Bandcamp.

You can find Contaminated and throw them a like right on Facebook and you can find everything Blood Harvest right on their own website and Bandcamp home page. Blood Harvest can also be found on Facebook.

Taphos Nomos/Urdun: RIP

April 9, 2017

In a disgusting display of death both Taphos Nomos and Urdun make it known that death metal is alive and well, or undead and well. RIP is their newest split and for both bands that acronym means a couple of things. For Taphos Nomos it stands for Rarely Investigated Phenomena and for Urdun it stands for Rigorously Intensified Putrefaction. No matter what the meaning is, this split is riddled with disease ridden death that is out for nothing more than blood and guts and as soon as you press play each band shoots out of your speakers with blood curdling intensity.

Taphos Nomos owns the first half of this disgusting release with three putrid songs of their own. With their doomed out style of death metal they provide you with a healthy dosing of damned and diseased death. Taphos Nomos begins this split with Arboreal Entombment which leads you in with a little intro and once that is over with they push you head first into the death metal buzz saw. As a matter of fact, each of their songs on this split lead you in with an ominous and haunting intro right before they tear your tender flesh right off of your cracked bones. However, after these intros conclude Taphos Nomos doesn’t waste any more time to provide you with sickening and brain melting death metal tunes. Each song seems to be soaked in enough viscera and blood to drown you if you let it. Taphos Nomos holds nothing back with these songs as they lay it all of their gore filled goodness out on the sacrificial altar for your tortuous enjoyment.

The latter half of this split belongs to Urdun who hails from Iceland and plays an equally vile brand of death metal. With four fresh songs and one cover of Autopsy’s Charred Remains, Urdun wastes little time getting you acquainted with their plague ridden tunes. Each song is just as raw and punishing as the last and provides you with heaps and heaps of sickness. Just like Taphos Nomos, Urdun plays a raw and unfiltered brand of death metal with absolutely no frills or filler as what you get is just straight up death metal for five terrifying songs. With complete disregard for human life, Urdun blasts forth with sinister riffs, blasting drums and blood curdling vocals until nothing around them is left alive.

Both sides of the split are incredibly disgusting, flesh searing, neck snapping and as raw as they possibly can be. Both Taphos Nomos and Urdun hit the nail right on the head with each of their songs providing you with pure and raw death metal for your sickening pleasure. RIP is a great listen that will surely please the ears of all death metal fans.

RIP is now available through Caligari Records.

Demimonde: Cygnus Oddyssey

April 8, 2017

It has been a full sixteen years since Demimonde has been around the heavy metal scene and now they are back in full swing with their newest record titled Cygnus Oddyssey. This record follows in the footsteps of their debut and critically acclaimed record in 2000 titled Mutant Star as in the same type of odd and intriguing sound. Cygnus Oddyssey as well as Demimonde push the experimental boundaries providing you with music that is heavy, unsettling, atmospheric and more. These guys aren’t easily identifiable at all and don’t belong or exist in any specific genre what so ever as they bounce around and sew many influences and genres together.

While they incorporate so many different elements into their music it certainly can be overwhelming or schizophrenic at first, but the more that you listen the more that it all comes together nicely. With so much crammed into each song all at one time such as: experimental metal, death metal, progressive metal, sci-fi metal and more, Demimonde makes it all work providing you with a very unique and cohesive sound. Cygnus Oddyssey certainly is a record that you will have to let grow on you and you will have to let it all sink in.

With the incorporation of electronic elements, Demimonde gives off a very dark, twisted and space like atmosphere. Each song is dark, forever changing and certainly twisting and turning with each passing second so you really never know what you are about to hear next and you never know what type of atmosphere you will be getting next. However, the majority of the atmosphere that is presented in this record is very cosmic and alien which of course helps progress each song but it also gives you a sound that is very dynamic and unique.

Each song that is present within this release tends to jump around a lot careening into different sounds, styles and genres without hesitation. Gygnus Oddyssey is a schizophrenic record that you have to follow closely to pick things up. Demimonde switches from harsh and lightning quick tempos, to mid tempos, to slower and all the way to eerie atmospheric sounds that make you feel as though you are boarding a spaceship. As mentioned before, even with all of this happening relatively at the same time, some how Demimonde makes it all work and brings it all home to create a cohesive, heavy and mind boggling listen.

You can catch Demimonde right on Facebook and you can check them out on their Big Cartel as well.

Palehorse/Palerider: Burial Songs

April 6, 2017

Categorized as doomgaze, Palehorse/Palerider storms out of your speakers with Burial Songs. This release is four tracks long that all sport substantial run times which provides  Palehorse/Palerider enough time to captivate you and send your mind on an atmospheric spiral. Burial Songs is a slow burning release that trudges through each song at a glacial speed most of the time, but even so you never seem to mind. Even with their longer run times it never makes you feel as though it is a burden to listen or continue listening. Instead,  Palehorse/Palerider wraps you up in their wondrous tunes and vast atmospheres and takes you on an interesting ride.

Burial Songs is a wonderfully psychedelic record that puts you in a trance like state. Throughout this release you will realize that you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from your speakers or take your headphones out of your ears. There is something about this record that is dream like and it’s so damn captivating.  Palehorse/Palerider have their very own way about going on about music-especially doom in particular-and all of that is very evident on Burial Songs. They stand in a class all their own in a genre that’s pretty much all their own as well and they knock Burial Songs out of the park.

With each passing minute of this record you sink further and further in and before you know it you just can’t seem to climb out and escape the cinematic and wondrous sounds of  Palehorse/Palerider. There is so much that is pumped into this record and into each song and  Palehorse/Palerider make it all happen so well as they sew everything together in such a beautiful way. Each song is crafted excellently and each instrument is on point and the haunting vocals give you chills each time they appear out of the mist and grace your ears with haunting whispers.

Palehorse/Palerider allows each song to expand in your mind filling it with nothing but vivid atmospheres and soundscapes and before you know it you have lost your mind to the music. Each song is enchanting and easy to listen to over and over again and before you can realize it you have spun the record countless times. Burial Songs seems to be a record that is a diamond in the rough, but boy does this diamond stand out among the rest.

With each listen you just feel as though you can’t get enough.  Palehorse/Palerider has hit the nail right on the head with Burial Songs, and all I have left to say is, well done  Palehorse/Palerider.

Carnal Garden: Where They Are Silent

April 5, 2017


Beginning with a skin crawling rendition of “Ring Around the Rosie” that ends with “we all fall dead” instead of “we all fall down”, Carnal Garden kicks off their upcoming record Where They Are Silent. That just sets the tone for the terror and destruction that awaits you within this new release. After their debut EP On The Final Day in 2015, Carnal Garden has been terrorizing everyone with their brand of sickening and bleeding raw style of death metal. Carnal Garden doesn’t take a song off in this record as they blast you with molten death metal from song one all the way to song ten.

With a massive and purely rotten sound, Carnal Garden hit you right in the chest right from the get go. After that wonderfully grim intro to kick off the record, Carnal Garden roll song after song of head stomping and grave digging fury. With an old-school style of play with some new age death metal peppered in, these heathens provide you with a wonderfully sick and corpse riddled release that gets you right in the thick of things right away. Carnal Garden doesn’t wait for you to prepare for the onslaught as they begin straight after their into and keep on bulldozing from then on out.

As gnarled riffs, punchy blasts and rumbling bass lines hit your scarred ear drums you can’t help but to head bang a little, or a lot. On top of the musicianship are the vocals that are heavily rooted in the old-school style of vocal that seems to spew over everything as it leaks forth from your speakers. The vocals are just as raw, blood soaked and disgusting as everything else is in this release and it makes the entire listen just that much more ruinous.

Each of the ten songs that make an appearance on this record are crafted and sewn together very well providing you with a non stop death machine of an album. Carnal Garden rolls through each song with ease, slashing and hacking their way through the record gifting you only some of the most grimy and filth covered death metal tunes that they could provide for you. There is absolutely no filler or fluff within this record as what you get through ten songs is nothing but disgusting and twisted death.

When They Are Silent is a bulldozing and brutish death metal record that could reduce you to nothing but a stain if it wanted to. Each song is powerful, gritty and grime filled and when you listen more and more, the more that you get covered in all of the sickness yourself. Overall, this record is a solid one that gets your neck snapping and your head banging with ease.

Check out the premiere of Carnal Garden’s new song from their forthcoming record titled Gasping For Last Breath.

Disincarnation: By the Old Gods and the New

April 3, 2017

Disincarnation - By the Old Gods and the New - cover.png

Hailing from Northern California is Disincarnation and with them they bring death, dread and doom along with their new demo By the Old Gods and the New. This demo features four purely death riddled songs that are raw, punishing and neck stomping. Disincarnation doesn’t just bulldoze you with nothing but death metal as they add a touch of doom to their sound as well to provide you with a slower bone churning sound every now and then.

Disincarnation doesn’t waste any time with this demo because as soon as you press play you are greeted by nothing but sickening death metal. As soon as the first note hits your ears you get a tepid whiff of death and that stench just doesn’t leave until you are finished listening. Each song is rotten, grime filled, and packed with as much entrails and rotting cadavers as they could have possibly fit. Disincarnation doesn’t pull any punches with this demo as they come straight for your jugular the second that your finger lifts off of the play button.

These death merchants roll out twisted and sickening song after twisted and sickening song without any regard for human life. Each song is treated with raw and buzzing riffs, rumbling bass lines, solid drumming and demonic and throat shredding vocals to provide you with some seriously sinister tunes. Each of the four songs on this demo seems to have been soaked in fetid remains as it just reeks of death and decay.

Overall, By the Old Gods and the New is a great demo and great starting point for Disincarnation. Their sound is solid now and one can only imagine that when an EP or a full length appears it will sound even better, and one can hope that they keep the raw just emerging from the crypts production as well. My final word is that this release is a solid one and should please the gnarled ear drums of most death metal fans.

Enragement: Burned, Barren, Bloodstained

April 2, 2017


Mashing up several sub-genres of death metal including technical death metal, brutal death metal and straight forward death metal among others, Enragement creates and provides you with a complete and utter flesh melting listen. Burned, Barren, Bloodstained is the title of their upcoming release and it is packed with eleven life taking tracks for you to snap your neck and bruise your brain to. From beginning to end, Burned, Barren, Bloodstained pummels you repeatedly with nothing but sickening and twisted death metal. There is absolutely no filler in this record as what you get is eleven straight tracks of devastating and life expunging death metal.

The mixing of numerous death metal sub-genres is interesting and provides you with an interesting and seemingly chaotic sound. However, Enragement does a great job of weaving in each sub-genre of death metal to create a wholly cohesive and comprehensive sound that is very sound and well constructed. Enragement balances each genre of death metal very well so that nothing sounds too chaotic or out of control and instead it sounds whole and incredibly devastating.

Burned, Barren, Bloodstained is a sickening release filled with entrails, fetid blood and rotting corpses so much so that you feel as though you have been buried under it all after listening. From beginning to end you get nothing but sickening and twisting sounds that get your head banging and your brain smashing against your skull for the entirety of the record. Enragement does a good job of wasting absolutely no time at all to get you involved in the listen often and early as they roll out sickening track after sickening track until you are six feet under the earth.

Through blood draining riffs, slashing bass lines, blasting drumming and throat straining vocals that transition between guttural lows to screeching gravel filled mids, you are provided with one blood curdling and mutilating listen. Burned, Barren, Bloodstained is an unrelenting record that doesn’t stop until the heads of all of its victims are rolling in the street. This release is undeniably heavy and face melting and overall it just is one hell of a solid death  metal release.

Burned, Barren, Bloodstained will be released through Inverse Records June 9, 2017.

Woodhawk: Beyond the Sun

April 1, 2017

woodhawk - beyond the sun album cover.jpg

There are certain albums that you just can’t be in a bad mood while listening to them and Beyond the Sun certainly is one of those records. There is no way that you can be in a funk while listening to this record as all it provides for you are nine heavy and rocking tunes. Beyond the Sun is incredibly infectious and memorable and right from the get go, you know that you are in for a ride. Even if for whatever reason you are in a bad mood, this record will straighten that out in a hurry as it has you nodding your head and belting the lyrics out with the vocalist in no time.

This new record by Woodhawk is incredibly undeniable. You can try to not enjoy it all that you want to but you end up enjoying it anyway. As mentioned before, this record is very infectious and it latches on to your brain and gets stuck there for some time to come. There isn’t a song on this record where you feel as though it doesn’t belong or you feel that it is lacking as each of the nine songs on this record are executed very well and written very well. It doesn’t take Woodhawk any time at all to suck you into this record and keep you listening for numerous spins and beyond.

With sludge filled riffs, thick bass lines, a solid drumming performance and vocals that are oh so fucking smooth, you are provided with a performance that truly is incredibly enjoyable. There are no frills and no filler within this record as what you get is nine straight songs of pure heavy rock and stoner goodness to fill your ears with. Woodhawk builds off of their sound and their previous effort from 2014 to provide you with a cleaner yet still intensely infectious sound.

Beyond the Sun is one of those records where you don’t mine spending a countless amount of time listening. This record holds strong after many rotations and beyond even as each and every song on this release is as solid as it can get. There isn’t a song on this record that is lacking in any area and there isn’t a song on this record that is boring at all as you can play this all the way through over and over again without tiring of it at all.

Beyond the Sun is a release that is easy to listen to and get into but isn’t easy to put down by any means. Once you begin listening you have a hard time tearing yourself away from your speakers. Overall, in my opinion, this release is great and you should keep your eyes wide the hell open for it.

Beyond the Sun will be released April 7, 2017.

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