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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Deathcult: Tyrant Of All Tyrants

May 31, 2017

Final Cover

Bubbling up from underneath the streets of Chicago comes Deathcult and dragging along with them is their newest full length Tyrant Of All Tyrants, an eight track death and disease riddled release. These death metal heathens provide you with nothing but the deadly goods all throughout this release as they pack it full with nothing but death. You won’t find any filler or fluff within this record as Deathcult rumbles along rolling out track after track of filthy grime filled death metal. Tyrant Of All Tyrants begins with Revenge of the Trashman, a solid three minute opener telling the tale of the trashman that is quite frankly sick of everyone leaving their shit everywhere ultimately telling everyone that “you can stick your sorries right up your ass”.

Once Revenge of the Trashman has concluded, Nectar of the Gods begins which is another entertaining track that is drug and booze filled this time. “I can’t help it but when I wake up, I just want to get really fucked up”, is the opening line to this track and from then on the rest of the track is just as booze and drug filled. These are just two examples from the opening two tracks, but you can get the gist that Deathcult don’t really take themselves all too seriously which ultimately makes for one hell of a fun listen. Each track on this release is just as  entertaining and head banging as the last and you won’t have any problem putting this record on repeat to listen over and over again head banging away until your head rolls off of your shoulders.

As fun and entertaining as this record is, it still is death metal and Deathcult does provide you with a deadly and diseased sound. Each track is raw and unfiltered providing you a sound that seems as though it was dug up from a damp and dark grave. Throughout Tyrant Of All Tyrants you are gifted with buzzing sharp riffs that are coupled by grizzly blood thirsty vocals as well as solid drumming providing you with a brain bruising listen. Each of the eight songs on this release rumble on shoveling as much filth and grime as they can on top of you until you are completely covered up.

You can’t go wrong with listening to this record as it not only provides you with eight deadly songs, but it provides you with eight tracks that are purely entertaining as well. So, you can get your fix of death metal but also have a humorous time doing so as well. Overall, Tyrant Of All Tyrants is a great listen.

Tyrant Of All Tyrants will be out through Do Or Die Records June 8, 2017.

Do Or Die Records’ Bandcamp.

Marche Funebre: Into The Arms Of Darkness

May 30, 2017


Into the Arms of Darkness is the title of the newest record by blackened doom metalers Marche Funebre and this new release is fit with six sinister, dark, twisting and melancholic tracks for your mind to sink into. Marche Funebre begin this record with Deprived (Into Darkness) which begins as a melancholic doom laden track that incorporates black metal elements around the three minute mark breaking up the slow burning trudging doom.  The main focus of Marche Funebre is doom however, as they quickly switch back to dirges of abysmal gloom dragging you asunder into the utter darkness, not just in Deprived (Into Darkness) but all throughout the release as well.

Marche Funebre does a good job of mixing both black metal and doom together to create a diverse and interesting sound. As mentioned above, their main focus seems to be doom as the majority of the songs are played at a slower crawling tempo. But, with that being said, Marche Funebre shows that they can pick the tempo up when needed to provide you with damning black metal as well. Throughout Into the Arms of Darkness, Marche Funebre does a great job of sewing both of these wicked genres together creating a cohesive and full sound without lurching back and forth between black metal and doom. Instead of two completely separate sounds, Marche Funebre combine the two very well providing you with a complete, organic and abyssal sound that pulls you closer and closer to the ever darkening abyss.

With Into the Arms of Darkness, Marche Funebre provides you with a soul sucking and melancholic listening experience. And even so, you become sucked in unwilling to leave the listen as the hypnotizing dirges of doom capture your attention while the black metal elements do their best to shred your soul when they appear. And with lengthy run times, Marche Funebre has all the time in the world between the six songs that are present on this record to make you sink and recede into the darkest reaches of your mind. Into the Arms of Darkness is devoid of light and the further that you get into the record, all light disappears and what you are left with is harrowing, twisting and dismal obscurity.

Overall, Into the Arms of Darkness is a solid listen that provides you with plenty of content. Through this release you are treated to six solid blackened doom tracks that get your head banging and capture your mind only to plunge it into the bitter and cold darkness. Into the Arms of Darkness is an all around solid listen.

Onryō: Mūto

May 28, 2017


In complete mind bending fashion, Italian mathcore/deathgrinders Onryo are on the verge of releasing their brand new EP Muto. Four tracks of spine severing and brain melting tracks is what Onryo provides for you within their brand new EP, and from the drop of the first note you know that you are in for one hell of a ride. Once your finger has lifted from the play button the pure madness and chaos begins in the form of a song titled Oni. Onryo doesn’t hold anything back with Oni or with any other track on this release for that matter as they all come blasting right out of your speaker aimed right at your jugular. Each of the four tracks within this release are pure chaos and will have your head spinning withing seconds. You cannot escape the maelstrom of sharp, calculated and twisted grind even if you tried.

Each track on this release is so sharp and on point it’s dizzying and it leaves your brain in a constant state of dysfunction until your listen is over. As chaotic as Muto is and as discordant as it seems, this release is put together very well and each song is executed excellently providing you with a cohesive and bone grinding listen. Being an EP, Muto is a short listen but within its short time it packs one fuck of a massive punch. Muto just doesn’t stop coming at you with mind boggling riffs, inhuman drumming and monstrous vocals until you look as though you have been ten rounds in the ring. This release from these death mongers is a brain bending, chest caving and down right pummeling release that twists your neck and gets you head banging whether you feel like it or not.

Overall, this EP is a release to behold. It is crafted excellently and performed expertly providing you with one hell of a great listen. If you are into death metal, grind or mathcore, you really should not skip out on listening to Onryo and their upcoming release Muto.

Muto will  be released through Everlasting Spew June 20, 2017.

Facebook for Onryo:

Everlasting Spew Website:

Everlasting Spew Facebook:

Scalpel: Methods To Delusion

May 27, 2017


If pure madness and chaos could be captured and put on to a record, then Scalpel certainly has done so. With their fourth deadly full length installment Methods To Delusion, Scalpel provides you with ten organ rupturing and face melting death metal tracks for you to lose your fucking mind to. From the first note on Scalpel pushes twisted and disgusting track after track upon you until you have been completely run over. It doesn’t seem as though Scalpel knows how to play at a slower tempo as each song is played at a flesh flaying and neck breaking speed, and quite frankly if they slowed anything down it just wouldn’t be the same. Scalpel blast out of your speakers with The Cleaner to start things off and set the chaotic tone for the rest of the record. The Cleaner-much like the other nine songs on this release-is a jarring and brain mashing tune that gets you twisting and bending your neck immediately.

From The Cleaner on, Scalpel doesn’t let their foot off of the gas as they push more and more schizophrenic death metal upon you until you are no longer. Methods To Delusion is a record that just does not sit still as it jumps all over the place at warp speed providing you with a detrimental and completely head spinning listen. Scalpel gives you no time at all to prepare for the all out assault that they have packaged up nice and neat in their new record, and as soon as the first note drops your head snaps back and you are forced back into your seat. The only reprieve that you get is from a track that is titled Interlude, and even that is pure madness in a less abrasive but more psychedelic and mental way. Other than that little break you are on your own for the remainder of the record as Scalpel suffocates you beneath all of the razor sharp riffs and blasting drums.

Methods To Delusion is utter madness and discord and much more captured all within ten songs. This cyclone of death does a great job of steamrolling anyone that dares to defy or stand in its way as it leaves you beaten and bloodied after listening. There is something about this release that is filled with such an incredible intensity that you just have no choice but to be sucked in to the record completely, and you will find yourself coming back for more and more punishment. Even though this record does a great job of turning your brain in to soup and completely rupturing your organs, you still feel more than inclined to press play over and over again.

This new release by Scalpel is something to behold. It is grizzly, grim, disgusting, twisted, heavy and just a straight up great listen. The only thing left to be said is that, you simply cannot go wrong with Methods To Delusion.

Methods To Delusion will be out July 25, 2017.

Check Scalpel out on: BandcampFacebook and Instagram.

Pig’s Blood: S/T

May 26, 2017


With song titles such as: Rats(This World Is A Sewer), Taste The Fucking Poison and more, one can imagine that Pig’s Blood is one of those death metal bands that doesn’t loathe the human race right? Within Pig’s Blood’s new full self titled full length you find everything that is the complete opposite of friendly and everything that is brain bashing and flesh ripping. You are provided with ten bestial death metal tunes that come barreling out from your speakers from the first note on never relenting until your throat has been slashed and you have been completely drained of your blood. Pig’s Blood doesn’t start you off easy either as they sand your skull with Misanthrope Absolute to begin with. From the very first note of this opening track you quickly realize what a devastating and incredibly punishing listen you are in for.

Pig’s Blood doesn’t seem to hold anything back on this record as they come out right from the get go ready to behead and bury anyone that gets in their way. This new record of theirs rolls on for ten straight disgusting, twisted, vile and malignant tracks that get your head banging from the first note. Pig’s Blood is exactly as they describe themselves, “bestial death murderers”, and really it can’t be much more spot on than that. Never once does Pig’s Blood let their foot off of your throat for a second on this record as they roll out track after track of fetid blood soaked death metal. There isn’t much time within this release to escape for so much as a breath as Pig’s Blood shovels more and more frothing filth upon you until you suffocate.

This self titled release is an all out assault and it seems to have as complete disregard for human life as it beats you over the head only to leave you bloodied in a shallow ditch. This record is raw and dehumanizing as it provides you with ten bowel bursting tracks. With its unkempt energy, thirst for blood and complete lack of any other emotion other than anger, this release makes for one hell of a detrimental and killer listen. Even as barbaric and abominable as it is, you still feel compelled to come back for more and more of this delightfully slaughtering music. Each component on this record from the musicianship to the gore filled vocals all the way to the raw production and everything else in between, this self titled record is a well put together and great listen.

Overall, this record certainly is death murder metal and that just about sums it up. Pig’s Blood is vile, malevolent and gruesome, and with that combined you are treated to a sickening and very heavy listen.


Neige et Noirceur: Verglapolis

May 24, 2017


Just as bleak, cold and bitter as a Canadian winter comes equally as bleak, cold and bitter band Neige et Noirceur. Verglapolis is the title of the new record by Neige et Noirceur and it sports six atmospheric and bone chilling blackened songs for your torment. Neige et Noirceur is noted as an atmospheric and ambient band and this one man project seems to have taken that to the next level. There isn’t a song on this release that isn’t riddled with bleak and ever twisting atmosphere to provide you with an immense and isolating sound. Verglapolis begins with the opener  Le mone est une foret noire which immediately greets you with a sinister atmosphere right off the bat only to continue building on that atmosphere until around the one minute mark when mysterious and dissonant guitars appear out of the snow. This song creeps along at a glacial speed providing you with a twisting and sinister dirge of pure, raw and devilish black metal.

Each song that comes after the opener continues on in much the same fashion providing you with heaps upon heaps of bleak and damning atmosphere to go along with the raw and unfiltered black metal noise. What really ends up striking you within this record is the atmosphere the most as it is in your face the entire time that you are listening. Through each song, a haunting and bone chilling atmosphere can be felt and is very present all throughout leaving you feeling as though you have been abandoned in dark and dismal woods to die. Through this record a snowy harsh atmosphere oozes out of your speakers inviting you to an arctic tomb. Once you press play you become engulfed in a frosty, haunting and utterly damning ambiance that never lets go of you once it takes control.

More than just the atmosphere though are the biting, dissonant riffs that are paired with even more dissonant blasting drums. Cascading out of the frigid atmosphere are the gravel filled shrieks that sound as though they are coming from a tormented soul. The overall sound of this record with everything put together is raw and unfiltered as it sounds as though it was recorded in a dark and damp crypt. Verglapolis is a damning, sinister and ever twisting record that gifts to you completely haunting, evil and abysmal music for you to lose your soul in. With the intense atmosphere coupled with the slithering musicianship you are treated to an immense listen that captivates you and takes your mind on a harrowing and abyssal journey.

Verglapolis is an interesting and good listen that provides you with heaps of content and plenty to listen to and for when you play it again and again. As mentioned, this record certainly is dismal and bleak but it is also very captivating all at the same time keeping your attention all throughout a listen. Overall, this record is a solid one that will treat atmospheric black metal fans to a good listen.

Bloodphemy: Bloodline

May 23, 2017


Amersfoort is not only home to rich history and wonderful sights to behold, but Amersfoort is also home to death metal behemoth Bloodphemy as well. Last year in January, Bloodphemy had released their mini album Blood Will Tell and now just a little over one year later, Bloodphemy has now released their first full length record titled Bloodline. Bloodline is a nine track release that is filled to the bursting point with nothing but powerful, steamrolling and rumbling death metal. Bloodphemy begins this record with Void, which begins with what sounds like someone trying to tune a radio to the song. As you hear static and high pitched screeching, the blasting of the drums and rumbling of the guitars can be heard through all of it building and building until the song finally hits you full force in the chest. Void then rumbles on providing you with soaring solos, more blasting drums and roaring monstrous vocals providing you with a strong opener to the record.

The songs that follow Void follow the same formula. Each track is a blasting behemoth of death metal that aims to rip the hearts out of anyone who dares to oppose them. The majority of the songs on Bloodline are played at a mid tempo pace but every now and then Bloodphemy kicks it up a notch providing you with a more up tempo beating. One thing of many that is nice about this record is that Bloodphemy doesn’t just stick to one tempo or the other as they tend to mix it up quite a bit within the record as well as within each individual song. They keep you guessing for the most part as to whether you will be hit in the face with a blasting assault of death, or dragged across gravel with a more mid tempo but still flesh tearing approach. No matter what tempo you are given, it remains a fact that each song has as sound that is heavy, disgusting and immense.

Bloodline is a record that seems to try to snap you in half every chance that it gets. Each song is a rumbling force of death that comes at you with everything that it has until your head has been severed. The nine tracks that are present on this record are a deadly mixture of mid tempo dirges and up tempo slaughterings to provide you with a varied and undeniably heavy listen. While Bloodline isn’t a record that is breaking boundaries or straying too far outside of the norm, it still is a solid record that gifts you nine great head bang worthy tracks for all of your death metal enjoyment. There isn’t a track on this release that is weak and there isn’t a track on this release that you wouldn’t mash your brain to either. All in all, Bloodline is a great listen that provides you with no bullshit, no filler death metal.

After forming in the early 2000’s only to stop shortly after releasing their first demo, Bloodphemy returned in 2015 only to release an EP one year later. And now in 2017 they released a strong debut full length record that is exactly that, a strong record. Nine songs of rumbling, destructive and unforgiving death metal, what more could you ask for sometimes?

Bury The Machines: Wicked Covenant

May 22, 2017



Rumbling and buzzing guitars along with haunting and monstrous vocals breathe life into Wicked Covenant the new EP from Bury The Machines. This three track EP is something to behold as it is heavy, rhythmic, melodic, melancholic and more packed tightly and neatly into just three songs. This is a dark release that is packed with tons of emotion and all of that can be felt as the songs roll on providing you with a twisting and harrowing  listen. Wicked Covenant is put together very well and the three songs that appear on this EP melt together nicely providing you with a cohesive and whole listen. Bury The Machines does a great job of sucking you into this listen and making you listen to the entire EP all at one time, and that is how it should be listened to. Wicked Covenant isn’t a record that should be split into different listening sessions as it should be listened to all at once so you feel the full effects and feel the incredible weight that it carries.

The longer run times within this EP provide Bury The Machines with plenty of time to suck you in to their swirling melancholic atmospheres keeping you enchanted and listening all throughout. While the atmosphere of this EP and the emotions are very strong on this release they are never burdensome, instead you feel each emotion through each passing second of each song. Wicked Covenant does a great job of captivating you from the very first note and holding your attention never to let it go until you are completely finished listening.

Through these three doom laden dirges you are treated to heavy riffs, great drumming and vocals that switch between being haunting and aggressive all throughout. Never does Bury The Machines stick to one sound for too very long as this one man army does a great job of mixing and matching sounds providing you with plenty of variety and diversity within this release as well as within each song. Wicked Covenant certainly is a release that you can sink your teeth into and really enjoy coming back to more and more. The mix of aggression and pure and raw emotion is something that is captivating and is a driving force for the entire EP creating an unfiltered sound that is very heavy yet very palatable.

Overall, Wicked Covenant is a great listen, one that provides you with plenty of material to listen to over and over again if you so choose. This is a release that packs plenty of heavy and emotion gifting you with a unique and entirely enjoyable listen.

Wicked Covenant will be released through Midnite Collective June 9, 2017.

You can find more from Bury The Machines right on their own website and Facebook.

You can find this release right on Bandcamp  as well as on the Midnite Collective webstore. You can find more of Midnite Collective on Facebook.

Voids of Vomit: Ritval Expiation

May 21, 2017


Originally released on tape in 2016 through Unholy Domain Records, Ritval Expiation contained two tracks of utter destruction and mayhem. Now this year Ritval Expiation is getting a proper re-release through Everlasting Spew Records complete with four never before released (on CD) tracks from a 2008 split  for you to damage your brain and twist your neck to. If you have been following Voids of Vomit over the years, you know that they are a band without bullshit, filler, fluff or anything of that nature. With the four unreleased tracks that are added on to Ritval Expiation you know that you will be getting more of the same brain scrambling, bone crumbling and blood boiling death metal that Voids of Vomit has been shoveling out over the years. This release is an unrelenting juggernaut of death and doesn’t stop to bury the dead and certainly doesn’t quit until you yourself are left lifeless and rotting.

Ritval Expiation begins with somewhat of an atmospheric and ominous intro that quickly dissolves into punishing death metal. After that brief intro, the only other song on this release that has a similar style of atmospheric intro is the third track but even then that doesn’t last very long either as they dive pretty quickly back into their brutalizing and barbaric style of death metal. Other than the brief intros on only two of their tracks, Voids of Vomit shovel disease ridden track after disease ridden track on top of you until you are completely buried. Each track is a raw and unfiltered assault of nothing but the purest of death metal. While the overall sound is that of old-school death, Voids of Vomit don’t cater to nostalgia, they just simply are a terrifying, rumbling death metal machine that sounds as though they have been dug up from fetid and rotting crypts.

This release is undeniably savage and raw and it keeps coming at you until your head has completely been removed from your body. Ritval Expiation is a barbaric and brutal display of death that gets your head banging from the very first note on. Voids of Vomit does a great job of grabbing you by the throat from the very beginning and keeping you listening to their sickening and flesh shredding brand of death metal all throughout. There isn’t a song on this release that is lacking in any way shape or form as each track is just as solid, heavy and well put together as the last. Voids of Vomit make it known that they are a force of death to be reckoned with by providing you with six twisted, malignant, malevolent and poisonous tracks for you to consume. The two older tracks were already as heavy as they can be,  but with the fine addition of the four new tracks, this release is just that much more punishing and brutalizing gifting you with a deadly and flesh tearing listen.

No matter where you turn to and no matter which track you tune in to you will always be greeting with a savage beating leaving you broken and bloodied. Ritval Expiation is an unrelenting and inhumane listen that twists your neck and breaks your bones, but no matter how unholy the listen is you keep coming back for more and more.

Ritval Expiation will be released through Everlasting Spew on May 25, 2017.

Aposento: Bleed To Death

May 20, 2017

Aposento - Bleed to Death 12x12cm.jpg

Aposento was formed in Spain in 1990, and not long after in 1991 they had their very first demo released and two years later their second demo followed. Aposento toured for quite some time until 1997 when the band dissolved. Many years later in 2012 they returned, and in 2014 they finally released their very first full length album titled Aposento. Now, in 2017, Aposento is on the verge of releasing yet another monster of a full length this time titled Bleed to Death. Bleed to Death is a ten track onslaught of bloody, and corpse mangling proportions cutting anyone and everything down that dare stand in its way. Aposento begins this new twisted record with Bleeding Flesh which rumbles along beating you into a pulp before you get a chance to get in to the raw flesh of the record.

Bleeding Flesh sets the tone for the remainder of the record, pummeling and pulverizing you into a lifeless, bleeding and cold corpse. Each track that comes after the opener is just as slaughter, calculated and cold blooded. There isn’t a second in this record that is wasted as Aposento pumps as much fetid death metal into each track as they possibly can. There is no filler or fluff within this record as you get pelted and skinned by ten destructive flesh ripping tracks one right after the other. Bleed to Death is a twisted, maniacal and savage record that just doesn’t seem to know when to quit as it rolls through song after song grinding your skull against a grind stone until it has completely been sanded into dust.

Aposento rolls through their new record at a blistering pace delivering bone shattering blow after bone shattering blow. Bleed to Death is a maelstrom of death and disease and when it hits you it hits really hard. Aposento hits you with rotted riffs that are only to be coupled with brain vibrating bass lines and pounding drumming to gift to you the horrible sound of death. Bleed to Death is packed to the bloody gills with useless cadavers, stagnant blood and other assorted remains giving off a wonderfully foul stench well before you even touch the play button. Apostento do their very best to bash your skull in before the listen is over, but even if they don’t get a chance during your first listen, they do when you keep coming back for more tortuous death.

Bleed to Death is a solid record and a good follow up to their self titled debut full length in 2014. Each track is solid and damning and the entire record flows together nicely creating an ultimately deadly listen and overall sound. Bleed to Death is a great return for these death dealers from Spain and is sure to get the heads of many death heads banging.

Bleed to Death will be out June 12, 2017 through Xtreem Music.

You can find Aposento right on Facebook and you can find more from Xtreem Music on their very own website.

Other links for Xtreem Music:

Xtreem Music Bandcamp

Xtreem Music Facebook


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