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Riffocity: Under A Mourning Sky

May 2, 2017

Riffocity front cover

Thrashing their way straight out of Greece is Riffocity and this year they unleash their debut full length Under a Mourning Sky. Formed in 2013, Riffocity has kept busy with Disciples of the Storm coming out in 2013 and now four years later they unleash this monster. Under a Mourning Sky is a ten track full length release that is filled with nothing but filthy, flesh melting and skin bubbling thrash metal. While sporting ten tracks and pretty lengthy run times for each song, Riffocity make sure that when you leave the listen you are left with whiplash and plenty of brain damage.

Riffocity begin this new release with Hail Thy Father which begins with a sinister riff that builds and builds into a complete thrash juggernaut. After that minute of building is over, Riffocity kick everything into overdrive to provide you with a neck twisting and head spinning listen right off the bat. However, not every song on this release is a complete barn burner all of the time. Take for example the second song Arnis Oblivion which treats you to a melodious and melancholy piano intro that lasts for about thirty seconds before everything else kicks in. At the one minute mark of this song, Riffocity kick the pace up a notch providing you with a head banging and neck twisting sound once again, only to slow it down to gift you a more melodious sound accompanied by wonderful cleans.

Now, that trend in Arnis Oblivion continues for the rest of the song switching back and forth between face melting thrash and a more melodious sound. Arnis Oblivion isn’t the only song on this record that does this however as the fourth track Fortunes of Decay does the same. Fortunes of Decay is a slower song and possibly the slowest song on this record as it provides you with an even more melodious and serene sound than on Arnis Oblivion. Throughout Fortunes of Decay you get great cleans and great instrumentation, but Riffocity never kicks it up above a blood vessel rupturing tempo until the very last two minutes of the track. I point these songs out in particular because the combination of the slower tempos as well as the mach five tempos is done very well. Instead of being blasted in the face constantly, Riffocity provide you with something new and fresh to listen to without compromising their identity as a thrash band.

That being said, each of the other songs on this record are just as solid and do their very best to rip your head off. Each song is filled with thrashing madness that gets you banging your head almost immediately and when you’re done listening your head may very well be screwed on backwards. From the grit filled vocals to the tight and technical instrumentation to the production, Under a Mourning Sky is one solid record that you can listen to over and over again without getting tired of it.

This new release from these Greek thrashers is chaotic, bombastic, face melting and overall just a good fucking listen. Each song plays well into the next and each song provides you with plenty of content and each song is incredibly heavy in its own way and if you are a fan of thrash then Under a Mourning Sky certainly is a record that you should look for.

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