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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Hexen Holocaust: Heretical Dreadful Orgies

May 4, 2017

If the cover art didn’t tip you off, Hexen Holocaust plays a blasphemous style of death tinged black metal that is inspired by bands that came before. Heretical Dreadful Orgies is their newest mini album to come out just a few days ago and it comes with four brand new sinful tracks as well as one cover of Sarcofago’s The Black Vomit. The four new tracks that you find on this record are delightfully sinful and twisted and they all come barreling out of your speakers with a raw intensity save for the intro which is just a precursor to your demise.

The eerie and ominous intro Coven Whores In Rapture bleeds straight into the following song Syzygial Deathmass which burns and blasts straight away. Once the intro is out of the way, Hexen Holocaust waste no time at all bringing you their malicious and malignant style of metal as they blast fourth through song after song. Each song rolls on with a ripping and unfiltered ferocity that gets your head moving and nodding all throughout. This new mini album is an inferno of hate, sin and down right soul rattling music that paints pictures death, Satan and everything else that is sinister in the world, and what more could you ask for?

All four new tracks on this record are well put together buzz saws of blistering death that aim to slash you open on an altar of sacrifice. This is the type of music that you burn bibles to and call upon Satan to and really Hexen Holocaust does a great job of capturing that all within this release. Heretical Dreadful Orgies is a miasmal debut outing for these heathens and not only that but it is a solid one as well. As mentioned above, each song is crafted well and executed well and with the raw production of this release it all comes together to create a well done skull blasting listen.

Overall this is a solid record by these mad men that you can listen to numerous times front to back without wanting to skip songs or stop listening all together. Listen at your own dismay and get your bibles ready to burn while listening to Heretical Dreadful Orgies.

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