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Skognatt: Stargazer

May 6, 2017

Hailing from Augsburg, Germany is Skognatt and just about six months ago they released a brand new EP titled Stargazer. Skognatt is a dark ambient project that utilizes synths to create an isolating, dark and cold sound that you ultimately end up getting lost in. Since there are no vocals that make an appearance within this release to break that hypnotic and eerie sound, you get sucked in to the music even more and eventually you just let Stargazer take you mind on a harrowing cosmic journey.

Stargazer is a release that is wondrous, dark, twisting, melancholic and more all at one time to put you through an emotional wringer. Throughout the course of this release and throughout the course of each song you are subject to the descriptions above and more to provide you with a captivating and enchanting listen. It is hard to take yourself away from Stargazer once you start listening as you get pulled in deeper and deeper into the black hole.

Another nice thing-among many-about this EP is that Skognatt never hits you with the same sounds over and over again. Even though each song is filled with synths, Skognatt does a great job of providing you with diversity and variation among each song. Stargazer is the type of EP that you can sit, zone out to and listen to over and over again and just let your mind wander and be free among the stars.

The overall sound of Stargazer is mysterious and dark leading to an atmosphere that makes you feel cold and isolated but also makes you feel as though there are other beings in the atmosphere with you. Stargazer is enchanting, cryptic and at times purely sinister. Skognatt does a great job of capturing a vast and expansive atmosphere leaving you feeling as though you are trapped among the stars.

Overall, Stargazer is a unique an interesting listen that certainly is for anyone that is looking to be a little more adventurous and it is for someone that is looking for something that provides great sinister ambient tunes.

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