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Circadian Ritual: S/T

May 9, 2017

Circadian Ritual - S-T - cover.png

Since their formation in 2016, it hasn’t taken Circadian Ritual long to release their debut and now we have it just one year later. This self titled release from these Minnesota doom merchants provides you with four sludge filled doom tracks that rake your soul over the burning embers of hell. Each track trudges along at a slow burning pace only to kick the tempo up a notch when needed only to bring it back down to a bone rattling hum. All five songs on this release are a wall of deadly doomed out noise that buzz and lurch along steamrolling over everything and anything that dares stand in their way.

This self titled release begins with Chalice I, which starts off with a glacial slow intro complete with ominous riffs that are coupled with an eerie bell tolling in the background that is paired with spectral voices swirling and oozing from your speakers as well. Once the intro is over, Circadian Ritual get right into the fetid meat of the record providing you with heaps and heaps of infected doom. Right from the get go, Circadian Ritual hit you with mountainous riffs coupled with rumbling bass lines and dissonant vocals that seem to be called out from beyond the grave.

Circadian Ritual give off a spectral and haunting sound that not only is hair raising but it sticks with you as well. Each song is riddled with a deadly atmosphere that closes in on you with each passing second. This five track self titled release provides you with a dense and murky atmosphere that makes you  feel as though you are the one that is under one of the headstones on the cover art. Through four songs, Circadian Ritual provides you with a soul trampling, twisting and sinister listen that you ultimately have a hard time shaking.

Each song on this release plays together very well making the entire release flow well and feel like a cohesive listen. With the passing of each song you can feel yourself buckling under the sheer weight and once the record is over you are buried six feet under the cold damp earth. This release is undeniably heavy and an undeniably great listen as well. There is a lot that is packed into this release and even though the run times are on the lengthier side, it never feels like a burden to listen all the way through and listen numerous times as well. Overall, this release is a good listen, one that provides you with plenty of heavy and damning doom for you to bruise your brain to.

You can find this record right on Bandcamp.

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