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No Funeral: Misanthrope

May 9, 2017

No Funeral

After forming in 2011 Minneapolis’ own No Funeral has been busy releasing a handful of EPs and singles, but in September 2016 their debut full length Misanthrope came bubbling up to the surface. Misanthrope is a four track release that is pumped full of sludge filled doom that is noisy, malignant and down right filthy as fuck. No Funeral pulls no punches on this release as it is just as grimy, gritty and as twisted as you can imagine. Each track is pumped full of hate, discontent, torment and more to provide you with an incredibly sickening listen.

While this record is a doom record the run times are not entirely staggering for all four songs, but with that being said, the amount of visceral hatred, and blackened discharge that is shoved into this record is astounding. Through four songs you are greeted with an incredibly harsh and flesh flaying tone that buries you under the massive amount of sewage that this record spews forth. Misanthrope begins with Narcotic Hex which opens with an audio sample of someone trying to push drugs, and at about the one minute mark the grimy sludge kicks in and kicks your teeth in all at the same time. Once No Funeral begins they don’t stop as the roll out rumbling track after rumbling track of malevolent and malignant doom.

No Funeral combines unbelievably weighty bone breaking riffs with buzzing bass lines and throat ripping vocals to provide you with a listen that is as in your face and terrifying as it possibly can be. Misanthrope as a whole is a monster of terrifying proportions that rumbles and steamrolls over everyone and everything leaving no trace of life behind. No Funeral does a great job of rolling out song after song gifting you with a listen that is entirely suffocating and punishing. Once you begin listening there is no escape from the skull grinding onslaught that is No Funeral.

Misanthrope is undeniable, plain and simple. This record is a force of metallic nature that bears down upon you from the first note on only to bury you in the gutter once everything is all said and done. This is one of those records where you just can’t get enough sickness no matter how disgusting and fetid it is. You just keep coming back for more and more of the stuff and quite frankly I don’t blame you as that is exactly what I did. Misanthrope is a behemoth and one hell of a great listen and with that, I say well done No Funeral for creating something so disgusting and just so god damned heavy and memorable.

You can check out No Funeral right on Bandcamp and you can find them and throw these heathens a like on Facebook!

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