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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Ius Talionis: Saligia

May 14, 2017


With malicious intent, raw energy and a purely blackened outlook, Ius Talionis comes storming out of hell with their debut full length titled Saligia. These black metal heathens hail from Germany and after their 2014 demo titled Eleutheromania they return three years later with seven scornful and face melting tracks for your tortuous enjoyment. Saligia is a blasting, dismal and flesh melting listen, but even so Ius Talionis work in some melody as well providing you with well balanced and well put together tunes that get your head nodding right away.

With the incorporation of the melodious moments in each of the seven songs you get more of a comprehensive and cohesive listen instead of being bombarded by nothing but blistering noise for over a half an hour. While each song is still as soul shredding and damning as they should be, Ius Talionis works melodious breaks into each one of the seven songs to provide you with plenty of variation as well as a break in the otherwise suffocating and soul piercing onslaught.

That being said, the melodic moments take nothing away from the overall blasphemous and torturous sound. Each of the seven songs pick up where the last one left off blasting you into oblivion and dragging you down to hell with them every chance that they get. Each song is a force of blackened misery to be reckoned with and when your listen is over you feel beat to bloody hell. Each song is a ripping, raw and punishing tune that don’t throw too many breaks your way even when the melodic moments do pop up.

Saligia is a towering wall of blackened fury that aims right for your throat and aims to kill as soon as you press play. This seven track release is a scornful one that provides you with nothing but poisonous and whiplash inducing tracks for you to snap your neck to. There is no filler and there isn’t any fluff within this record either as what you get treated to is exactly what is described above; seven malignant, filthy and raw black metal tracks that seem to have been baptized in hell fire and put all on one disc to torture whoever comes across it.

Overall, this release is a good listen. Saligia is played more in the traditional vein of black metal with some new school black metal added in the mix to provide you with a tight, clean yet still raw and uncompromised sound. This is a strong debut full length by these hellions that provides you with plenty of solid, well put together content.

You can find Ius Talionis and throw them a like right on Facebook. And you can find them right on their own website as well.

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