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Post Pulse: Halls of The Damned

May 15, 2017


With plenty of groove, melody and adrenaline, Finland’s own Post Pulse is on the verge of releasing their brand new debut full length titled Halls of The Damned. According to the band, Halls of The Damned is a concept record about a “man’s struggle with life given a unique set of personal circumstances”. The band then states that in this concept album we begin by hearing about the main character of this release at the doors of an asylum and so the album progresses from there. Halls of The Damned is a harrowing, dark, twisting and compelling listen that tends to grab you right from the beginning keeping your focus all throughout.

Halls of The Damned begins with the track The Gates which is where we find the character of this concept album at the doors of the asylum. This first track is a blistering number that sets the tone for the rest of the record which is a blasting and face melting pace. Once Post Pulse gets rolling they steamroll through each song with ease and a great fluidity getting you involved and head banging early and often. Each song is tight, technical and well executed providing you with and entertaining and heavy listen all the way through.

This debut record from these death merchants is a powerful one that is in your face for the entire listen. Never once does it seem as though Post Pulse take a second off to take a break or give you a breather for that matter as they roll through song after song. Halls of The Damned is an intense listen that grabs you by the jaw never to let go until you have finished the album completely. Halls of The Damned is an unrelenting record that comes barreling out at you full force from the very first note never pulling any punches or taking its foot off of the gas.

Filled with plenty of unique rhythms, plenty of groove, a compelling story, great musicianship, production and gritty vocals, Halls of The Damned is a great debut full length effort. This is a record that is well worth numerous listens and well worth leaving it on repeat for those numerous listens. Halls of The Damned is a well orchestrated and performed record, one that should be on your radar, and if it isn’t, then it certainly should be.

Check Post Pulse out on their own website as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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