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Wizard Union: Phantom Fury

May 17, 2017

Appearing like an apparition out of thick hazy pot smoke is Wizard Union and toting with them from the depths of the Netherworld is their newest release Phantom Fury. With six tracks to its title, Phantom Fury provides you with a buzzing in your face listen that is wholly infectious and memorable. Each track is that of the stoner metal variety with touches of doom and sludge here and there to provide you with variety as well as an extra dose of heavy. Once Wizard Union gets rolling they keep on keeping on filling your ears with sludgy goodness and blowing your speakers out with heavy rumbling tunes.

Phantom Fury begins with Harsh Tokes Off The Wizard’s Pipe. This track kicks everything off with discordant guitar screeches only for them to melt into thick, smoke filled riffs only to be coupled with pounding drumming seconds later. This song gallops along at a steady pace providing you with a head banging beginning for your trek through this sludgy swamp of stoner metal that is Phantom Fury. From the first track on, Wizard Union keeps everything rolling at a brisk pace providing you with heavy mid tempo tunes that get your head nodding whether you want to or not. Each of the six tracks mix it up quite a bit however as each one implements something new that you didn’t hear in a previous song. With that being said, Wizard Union does a good job of balancing sludge, stoner metal and doom to create a murky, dense and sinister listen.

This new release from these Ann Arbor natives is an incredibly fun record to listen to. There isn’t a song on Phantom Fury that you don’t want to listen to or come back to a couple of times. Each song is solid, well executed and crafted to provide you with a solid and cohesive listen. With song titles such as: Harsh Tokes Off The Wizard’s Pipe, Ancient Evil Bong and Burn Snitches, Not Witches how could you not like want to at least listen right off the bat? More than the song titles though is the music itself, and it is solid. You are provided with six heavy, stoned, buzzing and murky songs for your head banging enjoyment. The instrumentation is on point and the vocals are harsh and screamed at you from what seems like right in front of your face adding a little more intensity to the music.

This doomed stoner metal just begs for you to load up your bong and take rips while listening, just don’t take rips from an evil bong, I hear that that won’t end up well for you. Phantom Fury is sinister, dense, and more importantly it is just an overall good record and a very fun overall listen.

You can check this record out right on Wizard Union’s Bandcamp.

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