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Aposento: Bleed To Death

May 20, 2017

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Aposento was formed in Spain in 1990, and not long after in 1991 they had their very first demo released and two years later their second demo followed. Aposento toured for quite some time until 1997 when the band dissolved. Many years later in 2012 they returned, and in 2014 they finally released their very first full length album titled Aposento. Now, in 2017, Aposento is on the verge of releasing yet another monster of a full length this time titled Bleed to Death. Bleed to Death is a ten track onslaught of bloody, and corpse mangling proportions cutting anyone and everything down that dare stand in its way. Aposento begins this new twisted record with Bleeding Flesh which rumbles along beating you into a pulp before you get a chance to get in to the raw flesh of the record.

Bleeding Flesh sets the tone for the remainder of the record, pummeling and pulverizing you into a lifeless, bleeding and cold corpse. Each track that comes after the opener is just as slaughter, calculated and cold blooded. There isn’t a second in this record that is wasted as Aposento pumps as much fetid death metal into each track as they possibly can. There is no filler or fluff within this record as you get pelted and skinned by ten destructive flesh ripping tracks one right after the other. Bleed to Death is a twisted, maniacal and savage record that just doesn’t seem to know when to quit as it rolls through song after song grinding your skull against a grind stone until it has completely been sanded into dust.

Aposento rolls through their new record at a blistering pace delivering bone shattering blow after bone shattering blow. Bleed to Death is a maelstrom of death and disease and when it hits you it hits really hard. Aposento hits you with rotted riffs that are only to be coupled with brain vibrating bass lines and pounding drumming to gift to you the horrible sound of death. Bleed to Death is packed to the bloody gills with useless cadavers, stagnant blood and other assorted remains giving off a wonderfully foul stench well before you even touch the play button. Apostento do their very best to bash your skull in before the listen is over, but even if they don’t get a chance during your first listen, they do when you keep coming back for more tortuous death.

Bleed to Death is a solid record and a good follow up to their self titled debut full length in 2014. Each track is solid and damning and the entire record flows together nicely creating an ultimately deadly listen and overall sound. Bleed to Death is a great return for these death dealers from Spain and is sure to get the heads of many death heads banging.

Bleed to Death will be out June 12, 2017 through Xtreem Music.

You can find Aposento right on Facebook and you can find more from Xtreem Music on their very own website.

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Xtreem Music Bandcamp

Xtreem Music Facebook


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