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Bloodphemy: Bloodline

May 23, 2017


Amersfoort is not only home to rich history and wonderful sights to behold, but Amersfoort is also home to death metal behemoth Bloodphemy as well. Last year in January, Bloodphemy had released their mini album Blood Will Tell and now just a little over one year later, Bloodphemy has now released their first full length record titled Bloodline. Bloodline is a nine track release that is filled to the bursting point with nothing but powerful, steamrolling and rumbling death metal. Bloodphemy begins this record with Void, which begins with what sounds like someone trying to tune a radio to the song. As you hear static and high pitched screeching, the blasting of the drums and rumbling of the guitars can be heard through all of it building and building until the song finally hits you full force in the chest. Void then rumbles on providing you with soaring solos, more blasting drums and roaring monstrous vocals providing you with a strong opener to the record.

The songs that follow Void follow the same formula. Each track is a blasting behemoth of death metal that aims to rip the hearts out of anyone who dares to oppose them. The majority of the songs on Bloodline are played at a mid tempo pace but every now and then Bloodphemy kicks it up a notch providing you with a more up tempo beating. One thing of many that is nice about this record is that Bloodphemy doesn’t just stick to one tempo or the other as they tend to mix it up quite a bit within the record as well as within each individual song. They keep you guessing for the most part as to whether you will be hit in the face with a blasting assault of death, or dragged across gravel with a more mid tempo but still flesh tearing approach. No matter what tempo you are given, it remains a fact that each song has as sound that is heavy, disgusting and immense.

Bloodline is a record that seems to try to snap you in half every chance that it gets. Each song is a rumbling force of death that comes at you with everything that it has until your head has been severed. The nine tracks that are present on this record are a deadly mixture of mid tempo dirges and up tempo slaughterings to provide you with a varied and undeniably heavy listen. While Bloodline isn’t a record that is breaking boundaries or straying too far outside of the norm, it still is a solid record that gifts you nine great head bang worthy tracks for all of your death metal enjoyment. There isn’t a track on this release that is weak and there isn’t a track on this release that you wouldn’t mash your brain to either. All in all, Bloodline is a great listen that provides you with no bullshit, no filler death metal.

After forming in the early 2000’s only to stop shortly after releasing their first demo, Bloodphemy returned in 2015 only to release an EP one year later. And now in 2017 they released a strong debut full length record that is exactly that, a strong record. Nine songs of rumbling, destructive and unforgiving death metal, what more could you ask for sometimes?

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