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Scalpel: Methods To Delusion

May 27, 2017


If pure madness and chaos could be captured and put on to a record, then Scalpel certainly has done so. With their fourth deadly full length installment Methods To Delusion, Scalpel provides you with ten organ rupturing and face melting death metal tracks for you to lose your fucking mind to. From the first note on Scalpel pushes twisted and disgusting track after track upon you until you have been completely run over. It doesn’t seem as though Scalpel knows how to play at a slower tempo as each song is played at a flesh flaying and neck breaking speed, and quite frankly if they slowed anything down it just wouldn’t be the same. Scalpel blast out of your speakers with The Cleaner to start things off and set the chaotic tone for the rest of the record. The Cleaner-much like the other nine songs on this release-is a jarring and brain mashing tune that gets you twisting and bending your neck immediately.

From The Cleaner on, Scalpel doesn’t let their foot off of the gas as they push more and more schizophrenic death metal upon you until you are no longer. Methods To Delusion is a record that just does not sit still as it jumps all over the place at warp speed providing you with a detrimental and completely head spinning listen. Scalpel gives you no time at all to prepare for the all out assault that they have packaged up nice and neat in their new record, and as soon as the first note drops your head snaps back and you are forced back into your seat. The only reprieve that you get is from a track that is titled Interlude, and even that is pure madness in a less abrasive but more psychedelic and mental way. Other than that little break you are on your own for the remainder of the record as Scalpel suffocates you beneath all of the razor sharp riffs and blasting drums.

Methods To Delusion is utter madness and discord and much more captured all within ten songs. This cyclone of death does a great job of steamrolling anyone that dares to defy or stand in its way as it leaves you beaten and bloodied after listening. There is something about this release that is filled with such an incredible intensity that you just have no choice but to be sucked in to the record completely, and you will find yourself coming back for more and more punishment. Even though this record does a great job of turning your brain in to soup and completely rupturing your organs, you still feel more than inclined to press play over and over again.

This new release by Scalpel is something to behold. It is grizzly, grim, disgusting, twisted, heavy and just a straight up great listen. The only thing left to be said is that, you simply cannot go wrong with Methods To Delusion.

Methods To Delusion will be out July 25, 2017.

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