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Onryō: Mūto

May 28, 2017


In complete mind bending fashion, Italian mathcore/deathgrinders Onryo are on the verge of releasing their brand new EP Muto. Four tracks of spine severing and brain melting tracks is what Onryo provides for you within their brand new EP, and from the drop of the first note you know that you are in for one hell of a ride. Once your finger has lifted from the play button the pure madness and chaos begins in the form of a song titled Oni. Onryo doesn’t hold anything back with Oni or with any other track on this release for that matter as they all come blasting right out of your speaker aimed right at your jugular. Each of the four tracks within this release are pure chaos and will have your head spinning withing seconds. You cannot escape the maelstrom of sharp, calculated and twisted grind even if you tried.

Each track on this release is so sharp and on point it’s dizzying and it leaves your brain in a constant state of dysfunction until your listen is over. As chaotic as Muto is and as discordant as it seems, this release is put together very well and each song is executed excellently providing you with a cohesive and bone grinding listen. Being an EP, Muto is a short listen but within its short time it packs one fuck of a massive punch. Muto just doesn’t stop coming at you with mind boggling riffs, inhuman drumming and monstrous vocals until you look as though you have been ten rounds in the ring. This release from these death mongers is a brain bending, chest caving and down right pummeling release that twists your neck and gets you head banging whether you feel like it or not.

Overall, this EP is a release to behold. It is crafted excellently and performed expertly providing you with one hell of a great listen. If you are into death metal, grind or mathcore, you really should not skip out on listening to Onryo and their upcoming release Muto.

Muto will  be released through Everlasting Spew June 20, 2017.

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