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Marche Funebre: Into The Arms Of Darkness

May 30, 2017


Into the Arms of Darkness is the title of the newest record by blackened doom metalers Marche Funebre and this new release is fit with six sinister, dark, twisting and melancholic tracks for your mind to sink into. Marche Funebre begin this record with Deprived (Into Darkness) which begins as a melancholic doom laden track that incorporates black metal elements around the three minute mark breaking up the slow burning trudging doom.  The main focus of Marche Funebre is doom however, as they quickly switch back to dirges of abysmal gloom dragging you asunder into the utter darkness, not just in Deprived (Into Darkness) but all throughout the release as well.

Marche Funebre does a good job of mixing both black metal and doom together to create a diverse and interesting sound. As mentioned above, their main focus seems to be doom as the majority of the songs are played at a slower crawling tempo. But, with that being said, Marche Funebre shows that they can pick the tempo up when needed to provide you with damning black metal as well. Throughout Into the Arms of Darkness, Marche Funebre does a great job of sewing both of these wicked genres together creating a cohesive and full sound without lurching back and forth between black metal and doom. Instead of two completely separate sounds, Marche Funebre combine the two very well providing you with a complete, organic and abyssal sound that pulls you closer and closer to the ever darkening abyss.

With Into the Arms of Darkness, Marche Funebre provides you with a soul sucking and melancholic listening experience. And even so, you become sucked in unwilling to leave the listen as the hypnotizing dirges of doom capture your attention while the black metal elements do their best to shred your soul when they appear. And with lengthy run times, Marche Funebre has all the time in the world between the six songs that are present on this record to make you sink and recede into the darkest reaches of your mind. Into the Arms of Darkness is devoid of light and the further that you get into the record, all light disappears and what you are left with is harrowing, twisting and dismal obscurity.

Overall, Into the Arms of Darkness is a solid listen that provides you with plenty of content. Through this release you are treated to six solid blackened doom tracks that get your head banging and capture your mind only to plunge it into the bitter and cold darkness. Into the Arms of Darkness is an all around solid listen.

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