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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Deathcult: Tyrant Of All Tyrants

May 31, 2017

Final Cover

Bubbling up from underneath the streets of Chicago comes Deathcult and dragging along with them is their newest full length Tyrant Of All Tyrants, an eight track death and disease riddled release. These death metal heathens provide you with nothing but the deadly goods all throughout this release as they pack it full with nothing but death. You won’t find any filler or fluff within this record as Deathcult rumbles along rolling out track after track of filthy grime filled death metal. Tyrant Of All Tyrants begins with Revenge of the Trashman, a solid three minute opener telling the tale of the trashman that is quite frankly sick of everyone leaving their shit everywhere ultimately telling everyone that “you can stick your sorries right up your ass”.

Once Revenge of the Trashman has concluded, Nectar of the Gods begins which is another entertaining track that is drug and booze filled this time. “I can’t help it but when I wake up, I just want to get really fucked up”, is the opening line to this track and from then on the rest of the track is just as booze and drug filled. These are just two examples from the opening two tracks, but you can get the gist that Deathcult don’t really take themselves all too seriously which ultimately makes for one hell of a fun listen. Each track on this release is just as  entertaining and head banging as the last and you won’t have any problem putting this record on repeat to listen over and over again head banging away until your head rolls off of your shoulders.

As fun and entertaining as this record is, it still is death metal and Deathcult does provide you with a deadly and diseased sound. Each track is raw and unfiltered providing you a sound that seems as though it was dug up from a damp and dark grave. Throughout Tyrant Of All Tyrants you are gifted with buzzing sharp riffs that are coupled by grizzly blood thirsty vocals as well as solid drumming providing you with a brain bruising listen. Each of the eight songs on this release rumble on shoveling as much filth and grime as they can on top of you until you are completely covered up.

You can’t go wrong with listening to this record as it not only provides you with eight deadly songs, but it provides you with eight tracks that are purely entertaining as well. So, you can get your fix of death metal but also have a humorous time doing so as well. Overall, Tyrant Of All Tyrants is a great listen.

Tyrant Of All Tyrants will be out through Do Or Die Records June 8, 2017.

Do Or Die Records’ Bandcamp.

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