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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Mortuary Science: 3 Song Sampler

June 30, 2017

Mortuary Science.jpg

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma is Mortuary Science and with their three track sampler off of Meathook Records they probably hope to bring you gore, destruction, evisceration and ultimately a heavy and skull grinding sound, and that is just what they do. Within this three track sampler you are provided with nothing but pure viscera and disgusting brutal death metal. Of course it is only three tracks, but Mortuary Science provide you with no bullshit and no filler brutal death that tries its best to cull the weak and hack anyone down to bite size chunks.

Mortuary Science begins this sampler blasting away almost immediately. They begin this release with Screams In The Crematorium which begins with a little ominous intro before it pile drives you with blasting drums and heavy gutting riffs. From here on out these gore fiends provide you with nothing but gut ripping and brutalizing death for you to revel in. Each of the three tracks on this release are just as sick and perverse as the others and once you press play you become entombed in eviscerated corpses and stagnant blood.

This sampler chugs on and on with vile vocals that spew out of your speakers as well as the aforementioned heavy gutting riffs that are only to be coupled by bone breaking blasting drums. Each track seems to aim for the jugular and if your jugular isn’t cut by the end of the listen, Mortuary Science doesn’t seem to mind for settling with breaking your neck instead. Each of these three tracks induce whiplash as they get you to headbang until you are brain dead. There certainly is no denying that these tracks are incredibly heavy and life threatening, and if you come out of the listen alive, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Overall, this is a great sampler that Meathook Records as well as Mortuary Science has put together. It shows what Mortuary Science is capable of, and what they are capable of is providing the listener with an utterly sickening and perverse sound that sticks with you. Through three tracks you are provided with nothing but terrorizing death and malice, and that is what brutal death metal is all about.


Pulvis Et Umbra: Atmosfear

June 28, 2017


Pulvis Et Umbra describe themselves and their particular genre as “100% No Poser Italian Metal”, and I have to say that that is completely appropriate. Pulvis Et Umbra aren’t posers nor do they mess around with any fluff, frills or anything of that nature. Atmosfear is the name of their brand new release that was launched February of this year and this release holds ten tracks to its name. Atmosfear isn’t a release that you can pigeonhole in to a single genre either as they fuse numerous genres together to create an organic and unique sound that is hard to shake once you are done listening.

Pulvis Et Umbra does a great job of combining progressive, death and technical death metal-among others-to create their sound. It would seem as though with all of these different genres that they incorporate into their music their overall sound would be clouded, but that certainly is not the case. These metal heathens combine each of these genres together seamlessly to gift you a cohesive, heavy and overall enjoyable listen. Each of these genres work hand in hand to provide you with a unique listening experience that keeps you coming back for more metallic madness.

From the very beginning of this record, Pulvis Et Umbra hits you with twisted and gnarled riffs that are coupled with pin point drumming and rumbling bass lines. Over top of the precise musicianship are the hellish vocals that transition between monstrous growls to high pitched banshee screeches that make your hair stand on end and curdle your blood. Each element, from the guitars to the vocals and beyond are executed very well providing you with a technical madhouse of melted metal. As each song runs along you can’t help but to bang your head into oblivion and beyond.

Not only does Pulvis Et Umbra provide you with some sickening neck snapping tunes, but they also incorporate synths into their music as well providing you with dark and twisted atmosphere for you to get lost in. There is an overall tone that this record has already and that tone is a dark and grim one, but with the addition of the synths in the majority of the tracks on this record, that dark and grim tone gets pushed further into an area that is devoid of light.

Overall, Atmosfear is a great record and one that is certainly well worth numerous listens. Each element in this record is executed very well including the raw and unfiltered production. In conclusion, Atmosfear is a damn good record.

Ohtar: Euthanasia of Existence

June 27, 2017

Ohtar - Euthanasia Of Existence.jpg

There are albums that are terrorizing or haunting or just down right pummeling, and Euthanasia of Existence is all of the above. Coming from black metal heathens Ohtar, Euthanasia of Existence is a six track atmospheric and hellish album that is devoid of all light and filled with death, disease, hate and more to provide you with a twisted and completely blackened listen. Once you begin listening you become trapped in the hell fire soaked soundscapes that Ohtar present never to escape without relinquishing your soul first. As bombastic and soul tearing as this release is, it still is inviting and enchanting in its own way as it does a great job of sucking you in and keeping your attention all throughout.

Each of the six tracks that make an appearance on this record are expansive with run times over the six minute and seven minute mark, but even so it never feels as though it is a burden to get all the way through the record. Ohtar weave grim tales and orchestrate their blackened assault very well to captivate your mind and have it wander through isolated corridors and bitter soundscapes. Not a single track on this release is lacking in any way, shape or form as each song presents you with a damning and cohesive sound.

Through Euthanasia of Existence, Ohtar present you with blasting and flesh tearing elements that are paired with more mid tempo atmospheric elements to create an expansive and soul sucking listen. However, no matter which sound you are presented with at the time, you can be sure that you are in for a harrowing and ever blackening listen all the same. Euthanasia of Existence is an unforgiving and bitter release that grabs you by the throat from note one only to hold on all throughout.

With its bitter and isolating atmospheres as well as its biting and slashing musicianship and raw production, Euthanasia of Existence is a raw and unfiltered record that won’t soon leave your mind. Once you begin listening, this release festers in your mind for some time to come and before you know it, one listen turns into many. As twisted and harrowing as this record is it is memorable and heavy all the same. In conclusion, Euthanasia of Existence is a black metal record that all black metal fans should be listening to.

Terrorhammer: Under The Unholy Command

June 26, 2017

Terrörhammer cover.jpg

With frantic riffs, chaotic drumming and vocals that sound as though they are being belched from hell itself, Terrorhammer blasts and shreds their way through your speakers to provide you with a flesh ripping and life threatening listen. Under The Unholy Command is the name of Terrorhammer’s newest release and it is filled with nine hellish and demonic tracks that aim to not only get your head banging to rip it right off of your shoulders as well. Terrorhammer begin Under The Unholy Command with an ominous intro that is riddled with sounds that sound as though they have been captured from the bowels of hell to set the tone.

Straight after the two minute intro has concluded, Terrorhammer roll out eight more poisonous and hell fire baptized tracks that do their best to steal your soul. Terrorhammer gives you no time at all to brace yourself for the demonic impact as they push out track after track providing you with a suffocating listen of nothing but blackened speed metal. As a whole, Under The Unholy Command is a violent and ruthless record that has a complete disregard for life as it aims for your throat the second that you lift your finger off of the play button.

Each track is just as twisted, sinister and submerged in pure and utter chaos as the ones that came before it, and once you begin listening you become trapped in Terrorhammer’s own hell that they have created. Under The Unholy Command is a devilish and ripping record that doesn’t let you out of its grasp even if you wanted to be released. Terrorhammer comes at you with their knives branded from the very first note aiming to let the blood of you and anyone and everything else that dares to oppose them, and if you do, an early grave awaits.

This high octane, no bullshit record is something to behold. There aren’t any fillers, no frills, no fluff and no bullshit, just pure, barbaric blackened speed metal to bash your brains in to. Overall, Under The Unholy Command is one hell of a great thrashing record that gets stuck in your head and gets stuck in rotation for some time to come.

Helslave: Divination

June 25, 2017

Divination cover.png

Born from a vomiting crypt of death and disease comes Helslave and dragging up from the depths with them is their newest release Divination. Helslave hails from Rome in actuality and take inspiration from their death metal forefathers yet they make the old-school sound their own. They take what their forefathers have done and twist it just a bit to create a nasty, gnarled and scarred sound that aims to take your head clean off from the drop of the first note. Divination is a relentless, raw and blood thirsty record that charges at you knives wielded from the very beginning aiming to stain the streets with your blood.

Helslave introduces you to their new blasphemous record with a little bit of an intro in the opening track Summoning The Eternal Eclipse before really getting you acquainted with their brand of sickening death. Once that very brief-and I do mean very very brief-ominous intro concludes on the opening track, Helslave doesn’t let up for even a second. From then on you become submerged in sickness and hellish death for four straight tracks. Each of the four tracks that are present on this release are damning, sick, blood thirsty and down right nasty providing you with an intense and overall beheading listen.

Each track on this release provides you with excellent musicianship, production and vocals that get your head banging and your neck snapping within seconds. “Divination” is an undeniable record, one that grabs a hold of your throat never to let go until you have concluded your listen. Every song here is powerful and relentless leaving you with a life threatening listen that is oh so enjoyable. Each track is very well crafted and executed gifting you four tracks of utter death and despair to revel in and soak up.

Once you begin listening to this grizzly slab of death you just can’t seem to stop as you press play over and over again until your head falls right off of your shoulders. Divination is rumbling death madness at its finest and Helslave pull no punches on this release what so ever. What you get here is four great deadly tracks that get you headbanging feverishly for its entirety, and once the record is over you feel compelled for more and more punishment.

Divination is out now through Black Market Metal Label.

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Acedia Mundi: Speculum Humanae Salvationis

June 23, 2017

Acedia Mundi - Speculum Humanae Salvationis.jpg

Seemingly coming from nowhere, but really bubbling out of an abyssal cauldron of hate and malice comes Acedia Mundi. Brewing with them in that aforementioned cauldron is their brand new release titled Speculum Humanae Salvationis, an eight track full length that gifts you with over thirty minutes of head splitting sinister death infused black metal. For being a newer band, Acedia Mundi and their new record sounds incredibly professional and polished. Speculum Humanae Salvationis is a well orchestrated sonic assault that aims to pummel you straight in to an early grave, and an early grave is what you shall receive once you begin listening.

Acedia Mundi begin their new vortex of sin with an intro titled Spreading Venom Into The Hearts Of Children which begins with a child speaking and uttering, “Life is great, without it you’d be dead”. After this reassuring quote, Acedia Mundi greet you with squealing guitars and raspy hellish vocals until it fades into the abyss only for the next track Ab-Jection blast out of your speakers like a demon spawn from hell. For the next seven tracks after the intro you are provided with nothing but sinister, dark, twisted and gnarled metal for you to soak up and revel in. Each track is just as life threatening and dark as the ones that came before it gifting you with nothing but razor sharp and twisting tunes.

Not every track on this record is pure blasting malevolence however as Acedia Mundi do take time out in select tracks to provide you with a slower tempo that is often injected with some spoken word samples that appear quite frequently throughout the record. These spoken word samples when they pop up provide yet another element to this record that makes it that much more sinister and utterly disgusting, and I mean that in the absolute best possible way. Speculum Humanae Salvationis on its own without these little bits of horrifying spoken word is already a disgusting and abyssal release, but with them you get an even more disgusting and skin crawling sound. Not to mention, the way in which Acedia Mundi works them in is great as well as they don’t break the song up at all and instead they add to it propelling each track they appear on to a whole new level of profane.

The overall sound of this record is that of great morbidity and disgust as previously mentioned. Once listening, you can’t escape the dread filled vortex of fiendish death tinged black metal. Speculum Humanae Salvationis is one hell of a solid record for a band that seems to have appeared nearly out of nowhere at all. This is a record to look out for and this certainly is a band to keep an eye on.

Black Blood Invocation: S/T

June 22, 2017

black blood invocation

Black Blood Invocation joins the likes of black metal and death metal to create an unholy, bestial and dissonant sound, and all of that and more is what get and what you can expect within their four track self titled release. Black Blood Invocation begin their new release with an ominous and haunting two minute intro that invites you into the dark and twisted world that awaits within. Complete with a low vibrating hum and what seems to be clanking metal as though it were coming from cemetery gates, this intro provides you with the first abyssal look into this release that is completely devoid of light.

From the intro on, Black Blood Invocation roll on providing you with three five minute tracks that are nothing but barbaric blackened death metal assaults on the listener. The intro fades and melts straight into the next track Black Blood Invocation that also greets you with somewhat of an intro before completely submerging you in utter darkness. The intro that Black Blood Invocation provides is that of a buzzing guitar until around the one minute mark where the band kicks things up a notch or five providing you with buzz saw riffs, blasting drums and unearthly and blood curdling vocals.

The following two tracks on this self titled release provide you with more of the same bestial and raw assault that snaps your head back and tears at your flesh until you have been picked clean. Each track-save for the intro-is savage, pointed, poisonous and blood thirsty. These three tracks that follow the intro rumble on in murderous fashion providing you with gut ripping sounds for you to soak up and revel in. Each track is just as raw and twisted as the ones that came before it, and once you press play you should prepare yourself for the unholy bestial assault that ensues.

If this release is a sign of things to come from Black Blood Invocation, then we should be looking forward to more no bullshit bestial blackened death metal. Through four tracks, Black Blood Invocation provides you with a raw, unfiltered, haunting, bestial and overall heavy sound that you just want to keep listening to.

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