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Darkreverie: Isis-Lupus-Brigit

June 1, 2017


Swiss blackened death metal act Darkreverie begin their brand new EP Isis-Lupus-Brigit with an ominous three an a half minute intro that is complete with a somewhat unsettling ritualistic sound. This intro is titled Reverie II and it is filled with non traditional metal wind and percussion instruments that are backed by a low yet jarring hum in the background. As mentioned, this lasts for about three minutes but soon subsides only to make way for the blasting and startling track titled Isis. Within Isis you are greeted with diseased, cutting riffs coupled with pounding drumming and hellish gravel filled vocals that soon get stuck in your head.

Each of the tracks after Isis-save for the closing track-follow in its footsteps providing you with a whirlwind of blackened death metal that swallows you whole only to spit your rotting corpse back out the other end. Each track on this EP is sinister, chaotic and unsettling putting you in a state of unrest and yet you still cannot stop listening. Isis-Lupus-Brigit is a down pour of scalding blackened death metal that traps you in its abyssal vortex for five straight songs never to let you go and only to drag you closer and closer to hell.

Darkreverie craft and execute each song very well providing you with damning and soul swallowing tunes. Combining swarms of riffs with howling vocals and an abysmal atmosphere you are greeted at every turn by death and despair. Darkreverie does a great job of sucking you into this release by grabbing you by the throat and keeping your attention all throughout. There isn’t a song on this release that is lacking in any way and there certainly isn’t one that you would want to turn away from as each song is just as potent and deadly as the rest.

Overall, Isis-Lupus-Brigit is a damning, interesting and unique listen that catches your attention immediately. If you are looking for something different, dark, dismal and ultimately heavy, then this EP is what you should look for.

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