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Chronomancy: Age of Chivalry

June 2, 2017


After forming in 2010, Greek epic metallers Chronomancy have been busy putting out a demo the same year they formed, then releasing their debut full length just four years later. And now this year Chronomancy is back with another release this time in the form of an EP titled Age of Chivalry. This new six track release begins with the intro Emperor of the Fading Suns, which is a one minute track that makes you feel as though you are preparing for battle. Once Emperor of the Fading Suns concludes you get right into the meat of this release as Chronomancy provides you with five more epic, melodic, heavy and memorable tunes for you to take in.

It is very hard not to get into this record as it is just so damn memorable and in no time Chronomancy will have you singing along with them as you march forth to battle. Each song is fixed with excellent guitar work that includes soaring solos and to back those riffs up you are greeted with solid drumming, wonderful atmospheric synths and soaring vocals that are incredibly infectious. From the musicianship to the vocals to the synths all the way to the production on this release, everything is done very well to provide you with a cohesive and memorable listen. Each track is crafted very well and executed very well gifting you six tracks of pure epic metal at its finest.

While Chronomancy does provide you with heavy galloping tracks for you to head bang to, they also provide you with a fair amount of atmosphere as well that ultimately sucks you in further into Age of Chivalry. The synths in this release are spot on and really make you feel as though you are back in medieval times wielding a sword and marching your way towards battle. Once you press play, Chronomancy really does a great job inviting you into their world that they have constructed within the six songs that are present within this release. Once you begin listening you are immediately hit with wondrous and intoxicating atmosphere that takes you back in time where knights once ruled the land. With great atmosphere coupled with the great instrumentation you are treated to a highly memorable and entertaining listen.

Age of Chivalry is a great listen and within just six songs Chronomancy does a great job of capturing your attention and keeping it all throughout. Each song is heavy, memorable, enchanting and most of all just a lot of fun to listen to.

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