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Von Justice: Bret Hart EP

June 3, 2017

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If you couldn’t tell from the cover art, Von Justice are wrestling fans and within their brand new EP titled Bret Hart what you get is three punk tracks that are covers but with a twist. Instead of covering the original songs completely, Von Justice add their own lyrics to them themed around wrestling and specific wrestlers of course with tracks such as Bret Hart, Ric Flair Is A Bloody Wanker and I Saw Hogan With Jimmy Hart. Each track clocks in at about a minute and a half or just over and within that short amount of time Von Justice create a fun listen.

That is really what this is, is a fun listen. If you are a fan of punk and if you are a fan of wrestling, then Von Justice is a band that you would  find entertaining, and if not, they are entertaining anyway. It should go without mentioning that the original songs that Von Justice cover are more full bodied but the covers are fairly well done none the less. The vocals are muffled quite a bit and the instrumentation isn’t quite as tight as one would expect, but with that being said, Von Justice does a good job of getting you to thrash about and maybe suplex a person or two.

While this EP isn’t something that is ground breaking or anything like that, it certainly is entertaining. And in the sea of satanic, morbid and twisted bands, something like this is somewhat a breath of fresh air as it provides you with something that is more light hearted for you to thrash around to. Overall, Bret Hart is an okay EP if you are looking for something to listen to that is just overall entertaining or if you are a punk and wrestling fan.

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