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Rope Sect: Personae Ingratae

June 5, 2017

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You can categorize Rope Sect as post punk, death rock, gothic or whatever you see fit, but no matter what the categorization is for these guys the fact remains that their debut EP Personae Ingratae is a killer one. Seemingly out of nowhere these rockers provide you with six dismal punk influenced tracks for you to revel and get lost in. There is something about each of the six songs that make an appearance on this EP that is mesmerizing as well as incredibly memorable. There is not a track on this release that isn’t nearly as strong as the rest as each track is just as solid and intoxicating as the rest.

Personae Ingratae begins with Fallen Nation followed by Tarantist, two up tempo tracks that get the gloom filled ball rolling. From there Personae Ingratae hits Pretty Life which gives off more of a doom inspired vibe as it rolls along at a slower tempo providing you with slow burning dirges of despair. King of the Night picks the pace right back up where the first two tracks left off gifting you a smooth yet rocking tune for you to nod your head to. After the two minute instrumental track appropriately titled Recess, Rope Sect finishes their EP off with Ochlesis, a five minute track that takes everything from each song that came before it and sews it together very well. At the beginning of the track Rope Sect provides you with more up tempo rocking tunes until about half way through where they slow it down once more for more slow burning dirges of doom inspired music. Ochlesis is a great track to end the EP as it leaves you wanting more and more.

From the first note on you can tell that it will be a somber, dark and harrowing listen. Each track is bathed in darkness, obscurity and an abyssal gloom. The overall feeling of this release is that of looming darkness and that overall sound and atmosphere pulls you in further and further until you completely get lost within the record. No matter how dark and sinister this release gets you will find yourself struggling mightily to take yourself away from your speakers for a break and if you do, you will find yourself coming back for more.

Personae Ingratae is filled with sharp riffs, low humming bass lines, solid drumming and haunting vocals providing you with a dark and memorable listen. Overall, Personae Ingratae is a great listen, one that is unique, highly intoxicating and it is a release that you can leave on repeat without ever tiring of it.

Personae Ingratae will be out through Iron Bonehead Productions on 12″ vinyl August 4, 2017.

Personae Ingratae was released earlier this year on April 14 through Caligari Records on tape format only.

Rope Sect Bandcamp

Iron Bonehead Productions’ website

Iron Bonehead Productions’ Facebook


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