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Far Beyond: A Frozen Flame Of Ice

June 7, 2017

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After forming in 2001, Far Beyond released one demo, a full length and an EP before taking a break in 2009 with departure of main man Eugene Dodenhoeft so he could focus on other projects at the time. Years later Eugene returned to Far Beyond and so in 2016 came the next installment for the band in the form of a full length titled A Frozen Flame Of Ice. This brand new record sports six songs that are a cross between death metal, black metal and symphonic metal as well as some goth sprinkled in for good measure. A Frozen Flame Of Ice is an album of epic proportions being that it only packs six songs but each song-save for one-passes the seven and eight minute marks by quite a bit.

A Frozen Flame Of Ice begins with the epic Evernight Part 1 which is an eleven minute track that provides you with everything that Far Beyond has to offer. Far Beyond combine black metal with symphonic and death metal elements seamlessly to create a cohesive, atmospheric and overall heavy sound that you get to head bang to until your hearts content. From Evernight Part 1 on, Far Beyond keeps the metallic ball rolling providing you with five more heavily symphonic and atmospheric songs that you eventually get lost in. A Frozen Flame Of Ice does a great job sucking you in to its world and keeping you occupied and listening all throughout, and even though the run times of each of the six songs are substantial it never really feels too burdensome to listen all the way through.

More than the combination of numerous genres, Far Beyond also does a great job of mixing and matching tempos providing you with different sounds and atmospheres minute to minute. At one point you will be receiving a galloping storm of metallic fury and the next you will be getting a down tempo atmospheric and melodic sound that ultimately mystifies. No matter which you will be getting whether it be an up tempo style or a more down tempo and serene sound, each song is as melodic as it can get. Each song is a smooth, well executed piece of metal that keeps you entertained and head banging along all throughout.

Through each of the six songs you are greeted with great musicianship that is pin point as well as keyboards that provide you with great atmosphere that runs all the way through the record. And to top it all off you are provided with a great vocal delivery that transitions between deadly growls to enchanting cleans all the way back again. Far Beyond combines all of these elements together very well to create a cohesive and whole sound that ultimately provides you with an entertaining and consuming listen. This is a record that fans of numerous genres can get behind and enjoy, and with that, A Frozen Flame Of Ice is a great listen.

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