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Draghkar: World Unraveled

June 11, 2017

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Hailing from California which is known for being sunny, warm and inviting is Draghkar and with their new demo World Unraveled they bring some darkness and sickness to an otherwise sunny and happy place. World Unraveled sports three total tracks, and within each track you can expect an old-school death metal assault. Draghkar bring a raw, unrelenting and sickening sound to this demo providing you with nothing but pure rotten, fetid and twisted death metal. Since there are only three tracks on this demo there isn’t any filler at all, so what you get when listening is an unrelenting assault of buzzing and brain damaging death metal.

Draghkar begin their demo with Wings Over Malkier, a three minute opener that greets you with bombast and plenty of blood thirst right off the bat. Draghkar waste no time at all getting right into the thick of things as they begin Wings Over Malkier right away without hesitation. For over three minutes this track rumbles on trying its best to take your head off with buzz saw riffs and an overall malicious and malignant sound. From Wings Over Malkier on, Draghkar doesn’t let their knife off of your throat for one second as they transition from song too song pretty quick providing you with neck snapping tune one right after another.

Each of the three tracks on this release are just as fetid and disgusting as the last and each one rumbles along hacking and slashing their way through anyone and everything leaving nothing but headless cadavers and coagulated blood in their wake. Each of the three songs on World Unraveled are incredibly raw and unfiltered gifting you a sound that is that of old and yet never ripping off the death metal forefathers. While firmly rooted in the vein of old-school death metal, Draghkar create their own dismal and decapitating sound providing you with a depraved and ultimately deadly listen.

With this demo being as short as it is, it certainly doesn’t skip out on the brutality or content. Within this three track demo you are provided with three solid songs that get your head banging right off the bat and hopefully this is a precursor of bigger things to come. Overall, this demo is a solid release and a solid listen as it provides you with a head banging good time and it leaves you wanting more rotting death.

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