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Torso Murder: S/T

June 14, 2017

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Since hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, it makes sense that Torso Murder is possibly named after an infamous and unknown serial killer back in the 1930’s that stalked Cleveland leaving only the torsos of his victims behind at the scene of the murder. Since this seems to be the case, you would expect that Torso Murder would be strictly a death metal or brutal death metal band, but that certainly is not the case. Torso Murder combine the likes of death metal, elements of djent and deathcore to create a heavy, crushing and face shredding sound. Torso Murder begins their brand new self titled full length with Suspended In Mind. This opening track begins with a low hum that is coupled with orchestral music until finally Torso Murder cut in with their brand of djent infused death metal providing you with a heavy and head banging sound.

From Suspended Mind on you are provided with seven more tracks that are just as heavy, ferocious and head bang worthy. Within each track you are greeted with elements from djent, death metal and deathcore that are all sewn together well creating a cohesive and whole sound. Never once does one genre get in the way of the others and it doesn’t feel as though Torso Murder forces them either as they are all blended nicely together creating a concoction of ultimately heavy and neck snapping tunes. After Suspended Mind-and even during-Torso Murder lay the heavy on thick as each track is just as relentless and heavy as the last.

Even though for the majority of the album Torso Murder lay the heavy on thick and never let their knife from your throat they do take somewhat of a different approach on two of the shorter tracks on this release. In Lady of the Lake less than halfway through Torso Murder take time out to gift you with a more mellow, serene and melodic sound before making that all crumble just one minute later by shoving you head first right back into their skull cracking sound. The other track that takes more of a frantic approach than others is the shortest track on this release titled Life Takes Life. This tune is only fifty seconds long and within those fifty seconds Torso Murder takes on a frantic and head spinning approach to death metal as they play a full tilt, no holds barred approach to their style. Other than those two tracks you can expect more of the same djent and death metal fusion that the other six tracks offered.

This self titled release is tight, technical and heavy and Torso Murder doesn’t let off even for one second. Each track is well constructed and well executed providing you with a heavy and entertaining listen. Overall, this is a solid debut full length.

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