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Hands Of Thieves: Feasting On Dark Intentions

June 21, 2017

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Whatever it is that keeps Portland spawning such great metal bands needs to keep it up. Whether it be that someone signed a deal with the Devil or what have you, Portland needs to keep it up. With that being said, Hands Of Thieves hails from Portland, Oregon and their brand of metal is a mixture of death, doom and black metal to create an unholy concoction of despair and destruction. Their debut release is titled Feasting On Dark Intentions and man is that title appropriate. This release is nothing but some of the most dark, twisted, sinister and haunting music that will invade your ears and shred your soul to pieces.

Feasting On Dark Intentions begins with an ominous intro at the beginning of the opening track Wrath Weaver, and from then on you are subjected to nothing but grim and blood thirsty blackened metal for over thirty minutes. As mentioned above, Hands Of Thieves mix together death metal, black metal and doom, not just in Wrath Weaver of course but all throughout their release, and they do it expertly. They don’t lurch from death metal to black metal to doom at all. Instead, each genre is woven into each track carefully and expertly as Hands Of Thieves transitions from one to the other to the next seamlessly without skipping a beat at all. Neither of the three genres that are most prominent all throughout this record overshadow each other what so ever as they work in sickening harmony to present to you a powerful, raw, unfiltered and completely damning sound.

With riffs that carve into your flesh, pounding drumming and ravenous vocals that shriek from the bowels of hell, you are provided with four tracks of nothing but pure blackened blasphemy that tears you apart limb from limb without hesitation. Each track is just as sickening and twisted as the last and once you hit that play button you become trapped in a vortex of doom and misery. Feasting On Dark Intentions is completely devoid of light and is riddled with disease and death for you to revel in. The overall sound is massive, raw and undeniable and one listen ultimately turns into many as you just can’t seem to help yourself to more and more of this blackened assault.

All three of the genres that are at the forefront of Hands Of Thieves’ sound create a suffocating and damning sound that truly is terrifying. This onslaught is something that truly is memorable and unique and it will be exciting to see what Hands Of Thieves brings to us next. Overall, Feasting On Dark Intentions is an absolute monster and is one of the finest black metal releases to date.

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