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Black Blood Invocation: S/T

June 22, 2017

black blood invocation

Black Blood Invocation joins the likes of black metal and death metal to create an unholy, bestial and dissonant sound, and all of that and more is what get and what you can expect within their four track self titled release. Black Blood Invocation begin their new release with an ominous and haunting two minute intro that invites you into the dark and twisted world that awaits within. Complete with a low vibrating hum and what seems to be clanking metal as though it were coming from cemetery gates, this intro provides you with the first abyssal look into this release that is completely devoid of light.

From the intro on, Black Blood Invocation roll on providing you with three five minute tracks that are nothing but barbaric blackened death metal assaults on the listener. The intro fades and melts straight into the next track Black Blood Invocation that also greets you with somewhat of an intro before completely submerging you in utter darkness. The intro that Black Blood Invocation provides is that of a buzzing guitar until around the one minute mark where the band kicks things up a notch or five providing you with buzz saw riffs, blasting drums and unearthly and blood curdling vocals.

The following two tracks on this self titled release provide you with more of the same bestial and raw assault that snaps your head back and tears at your flesh until you have been picked clean. Each track-save for the intro-is savage, pointed, poisonous and blood thirsty. These three tracks that follow the intro rumble on in murderous fashion providing you with gut ripping sounds for you to soak up and revel in. Each track is just as raw and twisted as the ones that came before it, and once you press play you should prepare yourself for the unholy bestial assault that ensues.

If this release is a sign of things to come from Black Blood Invocation, then we should be looking forward to more no bullshit bestial blackened death metal. Through four tracks, Black Blood Invocation provides you with a raw, unfiltered, haunting, bestial and overall heavy sound that you just want to keep listening to.

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  1. First issue was on pro tape from von frost Records

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