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Ohtar: Euthanasia of Existence

June 27, 2017

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There are albums that are terrorizing or haunting or just down right pummeling, and Euthanasia of Existence is all of the above. Coming from black metal heathens Ohtar, Euthanasia of Existence is a six track atmospheric and hellish album that is devoid of all light and filled with death, disease, hate and more to provide you with a twisted and completely blackened listen. Once you begin listening you become trapped in the hell fire soaked soundscapes that Ohtar present never to escape without relinquishing your soul first. As bombastic and soul tearing as this release is, it still is inviting and enchanting in its own way as it does a great job of sucking you in and keeping your attention all throughout.

Each of the six tracks that make an appearance on this record are expansive with run times over the six minute and seven minute mark, but even so it never feels as though it is a burden to get all the way through the record. Ohtar weave grim tales and orchestrate their blackened assault very well to captivate your mind and have it wander through isolated corridors and bitter soundscapes. Not a single track on this release is lacking in any way, shape or form as each song presents you with a damning and cohesive sound.

Through Euthanasia of Existence, Ohtar present you with blasting and flesh tearing elements that are paired with more mid tempo atmospheric elements to create an expansive and soul sucking listen. However, no matter which sound you are presented with at the time, you can be sure that you are in for a harrowing and ever blackening listen all the same. Euthanasia of Existence is an unforgiving and bitter release that grabs you by the throat from note one only to hold on all throughout.

With its bitter and isolating atmospheres as well as its biting and slashing musicianship and raw production, Euthanasia of Existence is a raw and unfiltered record that won’t soon leave your mind. Once you begin listening, this release festers in your mind for some time to come and before you know it, one listen turns into many. As twisted and harrowing as this record is it is memorable and heavy all the same. In conclusion, Euthanasia of Existence is a black metal record that all black metal fans should be listening to.

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