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Pulvis Et Umbra: Atmosfear

June 28, 2017


Pulvis Et Umbra describe themselves and their particular genre as “100% No Poser Italian Metal”, and I have to say that that is completely appropriate. Pulvis Et Umbra aren’t posers nor do they mess around with any fluff, frills or anything of that nature. Atmosfear is the name of their brand new release that was launched February of this year and this release holds ten tracks to its name. Atmosfear isn’t a release that you can pigeonhole in to a single genre either as they fuse numerous genres together to create an organic and unique sound that is hard to shake once you are done listening.

Pulvis Et Umbra does a great job of combining progressive, death and technical death metal-among others-to create their sound. It would seem as though with all of these different genres that they incorporate into their music their overall sound would be clouded, but that certainly is not the case. These metal heathens combine each of these genres together seamlessly to gift you a cohesive, heavy and overall enjoyable listen. Each of these genres work hand in hand to provide you with a unique listening experience that keeps you coming back for more metallic madness.

From the very beginning of this record, Pulvis Et Umbra hits you with twisted and gnarled riffs that are coupled with pin point drumming and rumbling bass lines. Over top of the precise musicianship are the hellish vocals that transition between monstrous growls to high pitched banshee screeches that make your hair stand on end and curdle your blood. Each element, from the guitars to the vocals and beyond are executed very well providing you with a technical madhouse of melted metal. As each song runs along you can’t help but to bang your head into oblivion and beyond.

Not only does Pulvis Et Umbra provide you with some sickening neck snapping tunes, but they also incorporate synths into their music as well providing you with dark and twisted atmosphere for you to get lost in. There is an overall tone that this record has already and that tone is a dark and grim one, but with the addition of the synths in the majority of the tracks on this record, that dark and grim tone gets pushed further into an area that is devoid of light.

Overall, Atmosfear is a great record and one that is certainly well worth numerous listens. Each element in this record is executed very well including the raw and unfiltered production. In conclusion, Atmosfear is a damn good record.

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