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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

New Category Obscurity Obtained

June 17, 2017

A new category for Cadaver Garden has been added titled Obscurity Obtained. This new category is for heavy music that strays from the beaten path and blazes a trail all its own. This is for heavy music that isn’t death metal, black metal, doom, thrash or any of the normal heavy genres.  To send music for review for this new category, you can send it to with the subject line Obscurity Obtained. Hope to hear from you soon, keep it metal!

Ars Magna Umbrae: Through Lunar Gateways

June 17, 2017

Ars Magna Umbrae - Through Lunar Gateways [cover art].jpg

Through howling vocals, serpentine riffs, chaotic drumming and an overall sinister atmosphere, Ars Magna Umbrae present their brand new EP Through Lunar Gateways. This new malevolent EP is riddled with seven poisonous tracks that emanate evil and spew forth malicious and diseased black metal. The darkness that lurks within this EP certainly is palpable as Ars Magna Umbrae put forth a truly damning and soul tearing release. These hellions don’t seem to hold anything back within this EP as they lay it all out on the altar of sacrifice to provide you with a wonderfully grim and sinister listen.

Ars Magna Umbrae begin their brand new EP with Into The Inescapable Madness, a two minute intro that is complete with blasting drums and howling vocals to prepare you for the real madness that lurks within. Once the intro fades into abyssal darkness, Ars Magna Umbrae presents you with six more songs that are even more abysmal and blasphemous. Each track is that of swirling chaos and hell fire presenting you with nothing but relentless black metal that does its best to drag you asunder.

There is quite a bit of diversity within Through Lunar Gateways as each track sounds unlike any of the others. Ars Magna Umbrae does a great job of mixing up their sound and tempos to create a varied, unique and diverse listen. Throughout this EP you are provided with plenty of typical skin shredding and blasting black metal, but you are also provided with tracks that are more brooding and haunting. With more blasting elements you are presented with razor sharp riffs, rib cracking drumming and howling vocals that sound as though they are coming from the void. On the other side of things with the more ominous and haunting sounds you are presented with great yet haunting cleans that are coupled with more melodic and catchy riffs. These two different styles are sewn together nicely by Ars Magna Umbrae to provide you with a unique, terrifying and varied listen that you can listen to over and over again without getting tired.

No matter whether you are getting the more haunting and melodic sounds or the blasting flesh tearing ones, there is no denying that this EP is great. Each track is solid and executed well gifting to you the sound of utter skin crawling darkness. Overall, you just can’t go wrong with this EP if you are a fan of black metal, and from here on it will be exciting to see what Ars Magna Umbrae has to offer next.

Through Lunar Gateways will be out June 23, 2017 on CD through Hellthrasher Productions.

Prezir: Contempt

June 16, 2017

Prezir - Contempt - cover.png

Concocted in a swirling cauldron of hate is blackened death metal fusion Prezir and bubbling up from the scalding sludge is their debut EP aptly titled Contempt. This demonic and purely bestial slab of metal contains six total tracks of nothing but flesh burning and soul searing metal. Contempt begins with How God Loves which is a two minute acoustic track that is also a monologue of how a priest rapes a little girl. If that doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the release, I don’t know what else will.

After How God Loves”has concluded, Prezir kick it up a notch with the following five tracks to provide you with a head spinning, raw and visceral aural assault. Contempt is a damning, visceral, feral and unfiltered listen that is entirely relentless and unforgiving in its attack. Prezir gives you no time to breathe between tracks as they begin the next one just as quickly as the one before has finished. Contempt is a suffocating malevolent vortex of malignancy and malice gifting you six hell fire doused tracks for you to bleed dry to.

Contempt rolls along at a feverish speed, ripping and tearing at your flesh and soul as it moves along. There really isn’t any bullshit or filler within this release as what you get is-save for the intro-five blasphemous and twisting songs that are completely devoid of light but filled with suffering and resentment. There isn’t a song on this EP that offers you a helping hand out of the scalding darkness as each and every track pushes you further and further down into a well of abysmal despair and hopelessness.

Each track is complete with razor sharp riffs that are only to be aided by tumultuous drumming and hellish shrieking vocals that just add to the already hellish onslaught. The musicianship is on point and the vocal performance is just the carrion on top to make this EP that much more dismal and grim. Overall, “Contempt” is a solid and enjoyable listen. Through six songs Prezir puts you through the wringer only to spit you out into and early grave once your listen has concluded.

Prezir Bandcamp

Prezir Facebook

Blooming Carrions: Sparkling Rotten Dreams

June 15, 2017


Creating a wholly dark, twisted and malevolent sound is Blooming Carrions and their debut tape is titled Sparkling Rotten Dreams. This tape is split up into three tracks, each of them just as vile and devoid of light as the others. Through these three tracks you are gifted with some rotting and fetid death metal for you to destroy your brain to. Blooming Carrions doesn’t waste any time getting you adjusted to their brand of hellish death metal as they shoot right out of hell with Crystalized Disembowelment. The drums kick in immediately to start this track and sooner rather than later everything else follows. Buzz saw riffs rip your flesh as the drums cascade down upon you like sledgehammers and the vocals ooze up from the metallic death to present you with even more ghoulish and gruesome noise.

The fun doesn’t stop there however, as Blooming Carrions carries on supplying you with heaps upon heaps of nothing but death. Before even playing this tape you get a tepid whiff of decomposing cadavers and after you press play you feel as though you are right in the middle of a pile of rotted cadavers. Sparkling Rotten Dreams seems to be fueled by nightmares and the ever quickening darkness to provide you with a terrorizing and flesh crawling listen. Each of the three tracks that are present on this release are brutalizing, bestial and completely raw presenting you with nothing but a darkened vortex of shredded flesh and stagnant blood.

Once Blooming Carrions begins they don’t stop as they roll out track after track of lobotomizing death. Sparkling Rotten Dreams is a decapitating listen in just three tracks. Now, three songs doesn’t seem like a lot, but the run times of each track is pretty substantial for death metal providing you with a nice and long and torturous listen. More than just being vile though, Sparkling Rotten Dreams does a great job of getting you involved early as it has you head banging non stop from the first note until the final one has been played. Each track is constructed well creating three blood thirsty tracks for you to enjoy and revel in all of their disgusting glory.

Overall, Sparkling Rotten Dreams is a great listen as it keeps you coming back for more and makes you want even more. This demo seems like a sign of even more malignant and malevolent tunes to come, but for now, Sparkling Rotten Dreams is what Blooming Carrions has put forth, and it is an overall great tape.

Sparkling Rotten Dreams will be out August 4, 2017 through Iron Bonehead Productions.

Check out the first track from the upcoming tape below

Torso Murder: S/T

June 14, 2017

Image may contain: indoor

Since hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, it makes sense that Torso Murder is possibly named after an infamous and unknown serial killer back in the 1930’s that stalked Cleveland leaving only the torsos of his victims behind at the scene of the murder. Since this seems to be the case, you would expect that Torso Murder would be strictly a death metal or brutal death metal band, but that certainly is not the case. Torso Murder combine the likes of death metal, elements of djent and deathcore to create a heavy, crushing and face shredding sound. Torso Murder begins their brand new self titled full length with Suspended In Mind. This opening track begins with a low hum that is coupled with orchestral music until finally Torso Murder cut in with their brand of djent infused death metal providing you with a heavy and head banging sound.

From Suspended Mind on you are provided with seven more tracks that are just as heavy, ferocious and head bang worthy. Within each track you are greeted with elements from djent, death metal and deathcore that are all sewn together well creating a cohesive and whole sound. Never once does one genre get in the way of the others and it doesn’t feel as though Torso Murder forces them either as they are all blended nicely together creating a concoction of ultimately heavy and neck snapping tunes. After Suspended Mind-and even during-Torso Murder lay the heavy on thick as each track is just as relentless and heavy as the last.

Even though for the majority of the album Torso Murder lay the heavy on thick and never let their knife from your throat they do take somewhat of a different approach on two of the shorter tracks on this release. In Lady of the Lake less than halfway through Torso Murder take time out to gift you with a more mellow, serene and melodic sound before making that all crumble just one minute later by shoving you head first right back into their skull cracking sound. The other track that takes more of a frantic approach than others is the shortest track on this release titled Life Takes Life. This tune is only fifty seconds long and within those fifty seconds Torso Murder takes on a frantic and head spinning approach to death metal as they play a full tilt, no holds barred approach to their style. Other than those two tracks you can expect more of the same djent and death metal fusion that the other six tracks offered.

This self titled release is tight, technical and heavy and Torso Murder doesn’t let off even for one second. Each track is well constructed and well executed providing you with a heavy and entertaining listen. Overall, this is a solid debut full length.

Torso Murder Facebook

Torso Murder Instagram


Draghkar: World Unraveled

June 11, 2017

Draghkar - World Unraveled - cover.png

Hailing from California which is known for being sunny, warm and inviting is Draghkar and with their new demo World Unraveled they bring some darkness and sickness to an otherwise sunny and happy place. World Unraveled sports three total tracks, and within each track you can expect an old-school death metal assault. Draghkar bring a raw, unrelenting and sickening sound to this demo providing you with nothing but pure rotten, fetid and twisted death metal. Since there are only three tracks on this demo there isn’t any filler at all, so what you get when listening is an unrelenting assault of buzzing and brain damaging death metal.

Draghkar begin their demo with Wings Over Malkier, a three minute opener that greets you with bombast and plenty of blood thirst right off the bat. Draghkar waste no time at all getting right into the thick of things as they begin Wings Over Malkier right away without hesitation. For over three minutes this track rumbles on trying its best to take your head off with buzz saw riffs and an overall malicious and malignant sound. From Wings Over Malkier on, Draghkar doesn’t let their knife off of your throat for one second as they transition from song too song pretty quick providing you with neck snapping tune one right after another.

Each of the three tracks on this release are just as fetid and disgusting as the last and each one rumbles along hacking and slashing their way through anyone and everything leaving nothing but headless cadavers and coagulated blood in their wake. Each of the three songs on World Unraveled are incredibly raw and unfiltered gifting you a sound that is that of old and yet never ripping off the death metal forefathers. While firmly rooted in the vein of old-school death metal, Draghkar create their own dismal and decapitating sound providing you with a depraved and ultimately deadly listen.

With this demo being as short as it is, it certainly doesn’t skip out on the brutality or content. Within this three track demo you are provided with three solid songs that get your head banging right off the bat and hopefully this is a precursor of bigger things to come. Overall, this demo is a solid release and a solid listen as it provides you with a head banging good time and it leaves you wanting more rotting death.

Draghkar Bandcamp

Draghkar Facebook

Cenotaph: Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions

June 10, 2017


Emerging from mountains of festering corpses and putrid rot is Cenotaph to present their brand new sixth full length titled Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions. This release is more of what you would come to expect from these brutal death monsters. Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions is an eight track effort that is filled with nothing but gore, fetid blood, and rotting entrails providing you with a sickening and purely nauseating listen. Cenotaph begins their new decapitating release with Rancid Gluttonous Morbid Obesity where the vocalist begins with a quick inhale of breath before bringing the hammer down. Once you begin this record and Rancid Gluttonous Morbid Obesity begins, you become trapped in a tomb decorated by rancid flesh and decapitated corpses with no way out.

From beginning to end, Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions pummels you relentlessly and effortlessly to near death with blood thirsty track after blood thirsty track. There aren’t any fillers within this record and there aren’t any interludes to save you either as what you get is eight devastating songs right in a row that do their best to steal your life. Cenotaph rumbles along from one track to the next eviscerating and consuming anyone and anything that dares get in their way. Each track is just as putrid and flesh consuming as the last and once you begin listening Cenotaph never lets up for one second. Each minute and every second of this release is filled with nothing but some of the most brutalizing and terrorizing brutal death metal for you spin in to a frenzy and bash your brains in to.

With sharp blood letting riffs coupled with rumbling bass lines, bone breaking drumming and unearthly and blood thirsty growls you are presented with eight flesh splaying tracks for your twisted enjoyment. Cenotaph doesn’t skip out on the brutality on this record, so if you were thinking that they might have for whichever reason, you can think again. Each track is a chaotic mess of blood spatter, fetid innards and diseased brains and each track comes at you butcher knives at the ready to take your head clean off. While clearly brutalizing and devastating, each track is technical as well and tightly knit. Each track is well constructed and well performed leaving you with a great head banging and life threatening listen overall.

Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions is a solid record, one that any brutal death fan should keep an eye out for. This is pure brutal death metal with no fillers, no fluff, no bullshit, just one hundred percent pure brutality that would like to hand you your own head on a spike.

Check out the full album stream through Slam Worldwide below!

Cenotaph Bandcamp Cenotaph Facebook

Livid/No Funeral: Split LP

June 9, 2017


Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota are doom bringers and misery merchants No Funeral and Livid. Above is the cover art for their brand new split that contains three songs, two by No Funeral and one by Livd. Both bands play a similar style of sludge infused doom and both styles are incredibly heavy, dismal, abyssal and murky. These two bands bring a sound that is undeniably heavy and skull grinding and within three songs No Funeral and Livid bring the misery and pain in heaps.

This brand new split begins with Infection by No Funeral, an over eight minute slab of some of the most dismal and destructive doom you can get your hands on. The song begins with a low ominous hum of a guitar which spans across a minute and a half before the pounding drums and tolling bells appear providing you with a sound that makes you feel as though your life may just come to an abrupt end. Once you get deeper into Infection the song begins to breath and take off gifting you with slow dirges of bleak and completely hellish doom. No Funeral keeps Infection rolling at a slow burning pace making sure to drag you across the burning fields of the abyss as slow as possible. The guitars rumble and the vocalist roars blood thirsty growls all the way through until the track fades away into obscurity just for Disease Brought By Depression to begin.

This second track by No Funeral is more of the same and more of what you would come to expect from these doom bringers. Disease Brought By Depression is introduced by another ominous intro that is followed by slow mind melting riffs that are combined with once again pounding and bone cracking drums only to be supplemented by grizzly unearthly growls. This track much like the first by No Funeral is just as dismal and bleak providing you with even more anguished and torturous doom for you to buckle under. Not to mention, whether No Funeral meant to or not, within each song is a dense and twisting atmosphere that does its best to asphyxiate you. Once you press play a cold and horrid fog washes over you through both tracks leaving you feel as though death is lurking.

On the B-Side of things and to finish things off Livid presents False Hope. False Hope is an eighteen minute slab dragging track that presents you with a dark and mystifying tune for you to get lost in. Armed with fuzz lined riffs, rumbling bass lines and hypnotizing vocals, Livid takes you straight in to the darkness devoid of all light never for you to be seen again. False Hope paints a bleak and disparaging picture as it takes you through the dark and deep corners of your mind. False Hope is a memorable song even at the length that it is. Once you begin listening it is a song that is hard to forget and once you begin listening you become trapped in its vortex of doom. False Hope is a hypnotic dirge of doom that leads you right into a bottomless pit of despair and isolation. This track does a great job of leaving you feeling alone and bitter. This murky offering is a slow and somber march toward death and while listening you have no issues marching along. And even at this song’s length you never feel as though it is a burden to keep listening and you never want to stop listening. False Hope is a great closing track to this split with No Funeral as it makes you feel as though you are finally being laid to rest in the fetid dirt.

This split between these two abyss dwellers is something to behold. This split is monolithic, heavy and an overall great listen. Both bands have tracks on this release that are great and pure doom misery at its finest and if you are a fan of doom it really cannot get any better than this.

No Funeral Facebook

Livid Facebook

Check out Live Fast Die Recordings’ Bandcamp

Far Beyond: A Frozen Flame Of Ice

June 7, 2017

Far Beyond.jpg

After forming in 2001, Far Beyond released one demo, a full length and an EP before taking a break in 2009 with departure of main man Eugene Dodenhoeft so he could focus on other projects at the time. Years later Eugene returned to Far Beyond and so in 2016 came the next installment for the band in the form of a full length titled A Frozen Flame Of Ice. This brand new record sports six songs that are a cross between death metal, black metal and symphonic metal as well as some goth sprinkled in for good measure. A Frozen Flame Of Ice is an album of epic proportions being that it only packs six songs but each song-save for one-passes the seven and eight minute marks by quite a bit.

A Frozen Flame Of Ice begins with the epic Evernight Part 1 which is an eleven minute track that provides you with everything that Far Beyond has to offer. Far Beyond combine black metal with symphonic and death metal elements seamlessly to create a cohesive, atmospheric and overall heavy sound that you get to head bang to until your hearts content. From Evernight Part 1 on, Far Beyond keeps the metallic ball rolling providing you with five more heavily symphonic and atmospheric songs that you eventually get lost in. A Frozen Flame Of Ice does a great job sucking you in to its world and keeping you occupied and listening all throughout, and even though the run times of each of the six songs are substantial it never really feels too burdensome to listen all the way through.

More than the combination of numerous genres, Far Beyond also does a great job of mixing and matching tempos providing you with different sounds and atmospheres minute to minute. At one point you will be receiving a galloping storm of metallic fury and the next you will be getting a down tempo atmospheric and melodic sound that ultimately mystifies. No matter which you will be getting whether it be an up tempo style or a more down tempo and serene sound, each song is as melodic as it can get. Each song is a smooth, well executed piece of metal that keeps you entertained and head banging along all throughout.

Through each of the six songs you are greeted with great musicianship that is pin point as well as keyboards that provide you with great atmosphere that runs all the way through the record. And to top it all off you are provided with a great vocal delivery that transitions between deadly growls to enchanting cleans all the way back again. Far Beyond combines all of these elements together very well to create a cohesive and whole sound that ultimately provides you with an entertaining and consuming listen. This is a record that fans of numerous genres can get behind and enjoy, and with that, A Frozen Flame Of Ice is a great listen.

Gravewards: Subconscious Lobotomy

June 7, 2017


Frothing up from the underground is Gravewards and dragging along with them is their brand new slab of death titled Subconscious Lobotomy. This release is four tracks long but don’t let the amount of songs on this demo fool you as it packs quite a bit of content within just four songs. Each track reaches above four minutes in length providing you with a substantial run time and providing Gravewards enough time to shred your face clean off and tear the flesh from your bones. Gravewards begins their new demo with Casket Entrapment, a ripping and deadly track that barrels straight out of your speakers aimed directly at your throat. From then on, Gravewards adds to the death toll as they roll out diseased and fetid track after diseased and fetid track.

Even though there are only four tracks within this release, Gravewards doesn’t skip out on quality and content. Each track on this demo is just as barbaric, deadly and blood draining as you would like them to be. These four songs aren’t your typical brain bashing blitzkrieg either as Gravewards supplies you with a more mid tempo, technical stomping. Once you press play Gravewards shovels fetid rotting death upon you in heaps until you are completely submerged in utter filth, just the way it should be.

Subconscious Lobotomy is riddled with neck slashing riffs, solid drumming, rumbling bass work and vocals that are hellish and as blood thirsty as they get. Each track is tight and well executed providing you with nothing but brutalizing, technical and completely sinister death metal. There isn’t a track on Subconscious Lobotomy that is lacking in any way from great musicianship, to the raw production and everything else in between gifting you with four tracks of pure slaughtering death metal.

This is an impressive demo from these death dealers and it will be exciting to see what they have to offer next when new music is available. But, until then we are left with four unforgiving, unrelenting, fetid and rotting tracks to bash your brains in to.

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