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Orbseven: Cosmos Out Of Chaos

July 2, 2017

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Pumped full of atmosphere and the unknown, Cosmos Out Of Chaos comes belting out of your speakers with five brand new tracks for you to get lost in. Combining the likes of death metal and black metal and of course plenty of atmosphere, Orbseven create a sound that is dark, sinister, forever twisting and yet it is so inviting. As harsh and punishing as Cosmos Out Of Chaos can be, it also invites you in to get lost among the stars with it, and you shall. The mixture of genres with the addition of plenty of ambiance work hand in hand to provide you with a unique and overall interesting listen.

Once you press play you are greeted by a track titled Chaotic Splendor, which carefully walks you into the cosmos with violins among other orchestral instruments. Sooner rather than later the orchestral instruments are met by an ominous hum in the background only for everything to be subdued by sharp guitars and pounding drums about half way into the track. At this time now Chaotic Splendor is in full swing, providing you with rumbling drums and slashing riffs that are only to be supplemented by swirling synths and haunting vocals. Chaotic Splendor is a great opener to Cosmos Out Of Chaos as it properly introduces you to Orbseven and gets you properly prepared for what you are going to hear within the rest of the four tracks.

Each of the four tracks that follow Chaotic Splendor follow in its footsteps providing you with wonderfully atmospheric and damning death tinged black metal. Through Cosmos Out Of Chaos you can expect a great balance of death and black metal with symphonies of atmosphere worked in for good measure. Each track on this release is just as solid and clean as the others, and as a matter of fact each track seems to get better and better as the album runs on. There isn’t a track on this release that is lacking in any way shape or form, and no matter which track it is that you tune in to before listening you know that you are going to be listening to something great.

The musicianship on this record is well done and on point, and mind you all of it-including the vocals-is done by one person. The riffs are striking, the drumming is blasting and the bass lines are solid. The vocals on this record are powerful and memorable as they seem to be growled from the great abyss that is space. The lone person that creates all of this switches vocal styles occasionally transitioning between otherworldly growls and a half sung half spoken word vocal that is also mixed in with ease. These sung/spoken word vocals are hypnotic and also have an other worldly feel to them making you feel as though you are being spoken to by cosmic beings.

Not only is the musicianship and vocals on point on this record, but the atmosphere that is provided is as well. Each of the five tracks are riddled with great soundscapes and atmospheres that take wrap your mind up and have it travel among the stars. The atmospheres that are provided are esoteric, vast and striking ultimately having you get lost within the album for numerous listens.

Cosmos Out Of Chaos does a great job of trapping you and having you listen over and over again. This is a tough record to put down and take out of your rotation of every day listens, and overall, this record is a solid one that keeps you coming back for more and more.

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