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Godhead Machinery: Ouroboros

July 8, 2017

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Heavy metal in general is no stranger to taking on political and religious on goings and there certainly is no deviation from that on Godhead Machinery’s newest offering Ouroboros. This album-as well as the band as a whole-take on political and religious corruption head on, analyzing what political and religious greed does to the earth and spreads that message through the power that is heavy metal. With all of that aside however, Ouroboros is a seven track onslaught that twists black metal and death metal together to create a chaotic, heavy and neck snapping sound. Godhead Machinery begins their new release with the title track, which is a three minute ominous and atmospheric opening that prepares you for what lays in wait inside the rest of the record.

After the intro concludes, Godhead Machinery kicks everything into high gear providing you with six more ripping and flesh searing tracks for your enjoyment. From the second track-titled The Plague-on, Godhead Machinery provides you with a blasting, forceful and powerful sound that leaves your head spinning. Each track is a relentless onslaught of pure blackened death misery that grabs you by the jaw from the very first note never to let you go until the entire album has concluded. The only real reprieve that you are gifted is the intro and somewhat  of an interlude titled Revelation at the end of the album, but other than that you are pelted with scalding hate filled metal from beginning to end.

With tight guitar work and pummeling drumming, Godhead Machinery bear down upon you from the start of the record providing you with nothing but monstrous metal. The musicianship on this record  is not only heavy and devastating, but technical and melodic as well. Godhead Machinery does a great job of sewing the chaotic with the melodic to create a whole and cohesive sound that is pummeling and yet easy to digest and listen to. There isn’t a song on this record that completely flies off the rails to provide you with an overbearing sound. Each track on this record is executed very well and each track plays well with the others gifting you a nice and cohesive listen.

Not only does the musicianship shine through on this release, but the sinister atmosphere does as well. The atmosphere throughout Ouroboros isn’t like the atmosphere you would expect from a straight up black metal record or that of an atmospheric band of course, but it is very present all throughout this release. The atmosphere that is provided hovers over you like a diseased fog that is tempted to swallow anyone and everything that stands in its path. The ever present atmosphere drives this record even further and makes it for an even more compelling and complete listen.

Overall, Ouroboros is a solid listen. This record provides extreme metal fans with something they can all get behind. The combination of black metal and death metal is seamless and devastating and the atmosphere that is provided is purely sinister. This is a complete flesh ripping release, and certainly one to keep an eye out for.

Ouroboros will be out through Inverse Records September 29, 2017

Check out the brand new lyric video for Praise the Flesh below!

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