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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Uerberos: Tormented By Faith

July 9, 2017


A vast majority of Poland believes that there is a God with only a small amount of the population that does not believe that there is a God, and Uerberos belongs to the latter category of Polish fiends it seems. These death metal heathens not only defy what the vast majority of their country believes in general, but they do so in the form of neck breaking death metal as well. Tormented By Faith is Uerberos’ newest full length release that is chock-full of devastating and bone crushing death metal. There are ten tracks total on this release and each one is a rumbling, decapitating force of death.

Tormented By Faith begins with an intro and that intro begins with bells tolling and perhaps a priest as well as a choir reciting hymns until about half way through where a devilish being takes the life of the priest so it seems. The intro makes a statement itself just as the title of the album does, but from then on Uerberos is nothing but business. Once the intro concludes, Uerberos begins their malignant onslaught and their slaughter with ease. Each track rumbles along in devastating fashion providing you with nothing but seriously sinister and stagnant blood soaked death metal.

Throughout this release you are provided with life expunging riffs that are only to be coupled with hammering drums and bone rattling bass lines. The musicianship is on point and deadly all throughout this release rumbling along like a horde of demons headed for any and every church ready to burn them to the ground and slaughter any divine prophet that gets in the way. To top everything off are the blackened vocals that spew forth like hell fire through all of the blood tinged metallic madness. These vocals are savage and throat ripping adding even more blood lust to the music than there already was.

On top of all of the metallic fury is the malevolent atmosphere that runs through the veins of this record. Whether Uerberos meant for it to be there or not, there certainly is a deadly quality to the atmosphere that they provide. The overall atmosphere is evil and purely sinister and feels as though it itself has stolen the lives of many religious leaders. With the soul burning atmosphere coupled with the devastating metallic death, Uerberos creates something that is entirely deadly and venomous and incredibly enjoyable to listen to.

Tormented By Faith is one hell of a great listen and one great record overall. Uerberos pummels you in to an early grave with twisted track after twisted track. These heathens gift you a neck breaking listen and that is just what death metal should be about.

Tormented By Faith can be found on Bandcamp.

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