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Funeralium: Of Throes And Blight

July 11, 2017

This review is going to begin by me stating that if you are a funeral doom lover and you have not yet heard Funeralium’s Of Throes And Blight, then you really need to get on it. Of Throes And Blight is unlike any other record that I have heard to date. It is massive, depressive, pained, tortured and more only providing you with a twisting and utterly devastating heaping pile of doom. This release is less of an album and more of a march toward your very own rotted grave. Of Throes And Blight is a double album that clocks in at over ninety total minutes with two tracks that reach over twenty, and one that reaches over thirty. For perspective, the shortest track on this release is only nine minutes long, and that seems to be a welcome sight once you have already endured fifty plus minutes of unbelievably murky and soul ripping doom.

The only issue is that even when that nine minute track appears from the abyss, it still doesn’t grant you any reprieve. Each of the four tracks on this release are just as tortured and tormented as the last gifting to you one hell of a nasty listen. Of Throes And Blight drags on at a glacial speed providing you with sleepy and buzzing riffs that are supplemented by tortured screams and unearthly growls. Behind the slumbering riffs are the ever rumbling bass lines and the hammering drums that drag along with everything else to present to you a very slow and anguished death.

Of Throes And Blight isn’t meant for the light hearted and definitely should not be taken lightly. This release walks you through utter depressive darkness only for you to come out the other side a changed person and or a complete shell of your former self. The way in which Funeralium approaches each song is simple yet so mesmerizing and enchanting in a twisted sort of way. Once you begin listening you just can’t seem to pull yourself out of the darkness that you are staring in to. Even with its daunting run times, Of Throes And Blight never makes it feel as though it is a chore to listen to if you take the time out and have the stamina to listen to it through and through.

This bleak masterpiece of a funeral doom album certainly is something to behold. It is pained, anguished, tortured, challenging, heavy and more. Of Throes And Blight is an undeniable album, one that is monstrous and captivating from beginning to end. It pulls you in to the darkness with it, has you stare in to the abyss as it stares back at you. If you can withstand this bleak onslaught of darkened dementia and if funeral doom is what you are into, Of Throes And Blight is the record for you. This release is one of the finest funeral doom releases this year, if not one of the finest we will see all year.

You can order this release right on the Caligari Records webstore.

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