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NYN: Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt

July 12, 2017

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There is progressive/technical death metal and then there is progressive/technical death metal wizardry, and NYN certainly belongs to the latter category. Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is the new metallic tour de force from NYN and this new record unleashes nine brand new tracks of some of the most fine and technical death metal to date. Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is a mind bending and altering release that will have you hooked from the very first second on, but be sure to buckle up before pressing play. The style of play here just seems chaotic and seems as though it is on the verge of flying off the rails at any moment, but that definitely is not the case. Each track on this release is refined, controlled, tight and unbelievably technical, so much so that it sends your mind in to a tail spin before turning it to complete mush.

The opening track to Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is titled The Mind Inverted, which is incredibly appropriate. This track is a short fifty-four seconds long that ultimately gets you acquainted with the record as it shows you just a little of what NYN is capable of. The Inverted Mind is a blasting and forceful track that snaps your head back immediately and that style continues all throughout the rest of the record. Each track on this release chips away at your brain ultimately scrambling it well before the entire record is over. Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is definitely a controlled chaos, one that provides you with incredibly tight, technical and schizophrenic riffs, seizing synths, swirling bass lines and vocals that jump all over the place. The vocals that are provided within this record transition from unearthly death metal growls, to more traditional heavy metal cleans, to a more prog fueled style of vocal that almost seems alien.

The talent and musical wizardry that is on display on this release is something to behold. I really don’t think that these guys are human. Each track is just another mind bending metallic assault for you to absorb and to try to wrap your brain around. Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is an amalgamation of numerous genres and they all work together so fucking well creating a cohesive and whole sound. With everything that NYN pumps into their music it would seem that the overall sound would be something that is too chaotic, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. NYN weave everything together expertly to create a unique and memorable sound that you will never forget.

Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is utter madness in the best possible way. From beginning to end you are presented with some of the best, mind altering progressive/technical death metal out there. The tracks on this release are longer reaching over the seven minute mark often with the epic Maelstrom reaching over fourteen total minutes long, but even so it never feels like it at all. Never do you get the feeling that the songs are dragging and never do you get the feeling that you want the record to end, in fact it is quite the opposite. Once you begin listening, you just can’t seem to get your fill of progressive/technical death metal madness. Overall, Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is one killer record. My final word is that you just cannot go wrong with this record what so ever.

Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt will be unleashed upon the masses August 11, 2017.


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