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Inanimate Existence: Underneath A Melting Sky

July 17, 2017

Underneath A Melting Sky album artwork

Over the years, I feel  that Inanimate Existence has been a household name for technical death metal and just straight up death metal fans, for good reason. Over the seven years that this band has been in existence, they have pumped out three solid albums to this point, providing you with nothing but some of the most top notch technical death metal out there, and Underneath A Melting Sky certainly is no exception to that statement. This brand new record from these technical death metal aficianados head back to their roots while adding some twists and a new look as to what their original sound was to begin with. Underneath A Melting Sky provides you with eight brand new tracks that are just as head spinning and brain melting as you would wish them to be, and once you press play, there certainly is no stopping the death dealing juggernaut that is Inanimate Existence.

The overall sound is technical-of course-heavy and atmospheric, ultimately providing you with an ethereal and yet an undeniably neck snapping sound. Once you press play you have no choice but to head bang into oblivion and it seems as though Inanimate Existence won’t let go without doing so. Each track is riddled with an onslaught of savage riffs that descend in to wonderful and captivating clean sections. On top of the relentless riffs are the barreling drums and technical and intricate bass work that are forces to be reckoned with themselves. The mangled cherry on top of everything are the unrelenting unearthly dual vocal style from Cameron Porras and Scott Bradley. Backing up all of the swirling metallic madness are the intricate and swirling synths that provide you with a dark and twisting yet dream like atmosphere that sucks you in even further into the listen never to let you go.

Underneath A Melting Sky does a great job of grabbing you by the throat and keeping your attention all the way through. I mean, you shouldn’t have an issue with that anyway, but still. There isn’t a track on this release that you would think of skipping and there isn’t a track where you would want even more out of Inanimate Existence. Each of the eight tracks on this release are as solid as they can be, and the execution is great. As technical and blistering as certain parts of Underneath A Melting Sky can be, it never is chaotic or way over the top. Everything seems to flow seamlessly and effortlessly presenting you with a great and highly intoxicating listen. Once your first listen is over you feel the need to curb your fix as you wear out the play button on whatever device it is that you happen to be listening to this record on.

From the technical precision that these guys display, to the dark and sinister atmosphere, to the clean production and more, this record is one solid fucking release. There is only one issue that I have found with it however, and that is that is just simply is not long enough. That is it. Other than that, this release is great, and you should keep your eyes peeled for it when it is released.

Underneath A Melting Sky will be released through The Artisan Era August 25, 2017.

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